Kudlow: This is lawlessness on a scale we’ve never seen before

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow discusses the consequences of the Biden administration’s open border policies on ‘Kudlow.’ #foxbusiness #kudlow

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  1. Mostly illegals coming are guys, so… they’re looking to impregnate any non brown/black/off white to rid the us of pure white people

  2. Get them ALL OUT before it is too late!

  3. At the border this is an invasion! We need to look up the word invasion Joe Biden should be held accountable what he is doing is in in America is treason is going against the American people and what they want and they could not care less! They are invading our country at the permission Joe Biden in Congress!! Why is he not listening to the American people

  4. Sometimes Trump acts like a petulant child , BUT , his aim is always true.

  5. I like you Larry , BUT , The our side good their side bad argument is a moot point.
    Since BOTH sides refuse to discuss proper border enforcement.
    Our immigration system is NOT broken , it IS un-enforced. I CHOOSE who enters my
    home. Those not welcome can leave, be forced out, or CARRIED out.

  6. wait until they start invading our neighbourhoods and we have to start fighting for our front doors

  7. Send our marines down there now. It is an invasion and these tards are blaming Republicans.😠😠😠

  8. We need to levy an additional income tax on illegal aliens of 30% to help pay for their own healthcare clinics, schools and police. And then tax all Americans that voted for democrats for the additional cost of taking care of the needs of illegal aliens. We tax Americans that voted democrat via their social security number. We do this and illegal will stop coming here and democrats will demand the border be closed. Forcing all Americans to pay for the illegal antics of democrats is wrong. And if we do this, Americans will stop voting for democrats.

  9. @GregCasar is bought and paid for by the cartels. They want to flip Texas people, you better wake up.

  10. Operation Wet back and similar Eisenhower Common Sense initiatives used to be taught in schools. Lower wages, child workers, drains on Public services and Criminals escaping from charges/prison back home was obvious then and never changed. If anything, it has Multiplied today.

  11. If all the shelters, hotels, private housing is already above total capacity, how is more $$ put roofs over heads??? The Medical, Food and other basic needs are also underwater. $$ can't Educate properly, Doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. Or Build Hospitals, Prisons for the worlds criminals freed to help invade the US, expand Agriculture to feed them, etc.
    The only solution is to TAKE these resources FROM deserving American to provide for the new Privileged class in America

  12. ICE agents have been turned in to travel agents!

  13. Joke Biden should get a felony count for every criminal that crosses the border. By the way, what's the point in letting anyone into the country when Trump will just throw these pieces of crap right back out, where they belong. If they cannot respect our country, they certainly don't deserve to stay. (Most of them speak gibberish, anyway.)

  14. Greg Cesar is a dysfunctional psychopath

  15. The Republicans have refused to solve a problem for the Democrats?

  16. FJB and his administration where's the pig Nancy Piglosi and obumfuck

  17. And it’s only going to get worse! This must happen if the government is going to dictate how you live!

  18. Deportation is a good idea

  19. It never fails,to make me laugh,everytime the dimocraps blame republicans for what dimocraps are allowing to happen!!!

  20. They will vote for Biden because he let the border open! No way to let them vote Period!! They aren't American citizens, they are illegal from where ever!! We need Trump now!!!

  21. What a lier that guy is true dem,!

  22. Larry’s former boss, the USA nuclear secrets thief, the one man crime wave with 91 counts of felony is an epitome of lawlessness. Just on TV to gaslight vulnerable audience.

  23. Everyone keeps talking about this is not an immigration this is an invasion it's going to hit the fan real quick and then you already got him in the US our military is not going to be able to stop and Biden put this all in position

  24. This is an invasion. Defend the border!!!

  25. This creep is a liar. He's lying through his teeth about the Republicans. The border crisis is what Joe Biden wants and Joe Biden is getting but unfortunately the American taxpayers are paying for it financially and socially. This is a travesty of justice, and the border must be closed immediately and every single illegal immigrant must be sent back to their home country.🤬

  26. This politician is a typical communist liar. This is on the disgusting invasion

  27. Biden is not doing nothing he keeps cashing the checks from the cartell and Russia and China

  28. no its for dependent voters

  29. We don’t want the emigrant’s in our country. These people are coming here to die. Their not paying attention. China-and they are stealing our food. So much is wrong. Our Country is gone. They are stealing, killing and robbing. American people have had it. This is what Biden and the Democrats want. Than WHAT. God help us. ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  30. Don't vote Biden out, KICK HIM OUT!!!

  31. We dont want Immigrants here, we cannot be overrun by 1 billion people from other parts of the world!!!

  32. They are not asylum seekers. This guy is a corrupt lying phony

  33. Democrats lie about everything. Republicans aren’t responsible for the open order

  34. These people are not asylum seekers.