Kudlow: This is what Nancy Pelosi needs to do on Taiwan

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow told ‘The Evening Edit’ that now is not the time to give China any concessions, in response to China’s ‘threat’ if Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan.
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  2. Letting any country buy US land is crazy. The land owners that sold to China should be charged with treason.

  3. Between China and Gates Their will be no land left . YOU SAID IT LARRY 👏


  5. and why is china buying land here? no no no no we are doomed lol united states of china has a nice ring to it doesnt it

  6. biden will not get tough on China. China has a big black book full of dirt on bidens.

  7. And still we let China buy property in America?

  8. If you're going to blow up the USA, would you go to Taiwon? They are laughing at you!

  9. Send her now don't wait

  10. The w i t c h Pelosi wants to compete with S a t a n. The US rulers want to bring the world to ruin. They must be annihilated before it is too late.

  11. Hahahhaha they are joking. China might shoot the plane. Fox yes she should go and she is making a good decision…

  12. More tariffs on China would be good.

  13. Joe is criminal in chief and the so called democrats are organized crime…

  14. Yada yada yada all RINO anyway….time for football 😆

  15. is this kudlow guy drunk? why did he speak this way? did america's news reporters always need drunk before they go on tv show?

  16. Neither Taiwan or Ukraine would be worth a worldwide nuclear war. Fact.

  17. This is just a game being Play against the American People … Right before Midterm … Just more DemocRat Corruption

    With the HELP !!! From the Chinese Communist Party & SWAMP

  18. Larry, you call it an invasion. Taiwan cannot win a War with China. Sending our weapons in efforts for support is just temporary.
    It'll be Wlll with China and Russia. Who are you kidding. Better have all Allied Forces support with equal equipment and costs. Then theirs loss of life , this will reach beyond Taiwan and you know it.

  19. Nancy needs to become the next Amelia earhart.

  20. This is a stupid way to start a war , this has nothing to do with the us