Kudlow: This isn't a good sign

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow provides insight on the current state of inflation and the American economy on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. But Joe stands at the podium and tells us how great he is and how he's going to continue to grind his senile heel into the back of our necks! Biden is a lying worthless pathetic piece of sh*t!

  2. Get leftist out of government

  3. I think we're trying too hard to fix everything too fast..Irish Joe for sure,tried to use the taxes of big tech to cushion inflation, but the Republicans took over and now,Irish joe can't cushion inflation with taxes,or raise the roof..Joseph in the Bible prophesied 7yrs fat and 7yrs lean..I'm going with Joseph's prediction..

  4. The economy must be good. Everybody from arround the world are here in tucson az for the diamond and gem show

  5. With Biden, it should be a “demand,” not a negotiation. First, hit him hard with issues like Hunter laptop contents, Biden family illegal money dealings, classified docs, border invasion, remove Mayorkas, Elon Twitter disclosures, Biden impeachment, etc.

  6. Well LARRY, time for TRUMP ! This guy knows how to GET IT DONE ! no one else will due. He'a been there , done that. Only a FOOL would look in another direction. 😎

  7. Don’t give Biden any more money

  8. McCarthy, take a tape recorder! Expose his lies!

  9. I wish all them had to live on the average american income and see if they think we have a recession I bet they would be complaining after a day without their expensive taste in living.

  10. ya mean hop in '' OUR'' helicopter


  12. Biden is not in charge. He's just Obama's bag man.

  13. "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." –Steve J

  14. Larry, remember how foolish your COVID predictions were? You ate your words. It’s time to expire boomer.

  15. Someone sent a recommendedvideo to my YouTube feed titled "you need treatment" and I wonder if that was "Kratom related" and people are trying test to see if I'm "addicted to it." Well first of all I've proven that it's not addictive, but also when living in my St
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    Proving that nit only did i quit akratom easily, but also proving that Kratom is not addictive – because it is not addictive in any way.
    And if there's scrutiny as to why I've mentioned Kratom its because recently there was a recommended video sent to my YouTube feed that was titled "You need treatment" which is nonsense.

    I have AVN and with my physical condition being so poor I'd feel safer having a small amount of money in my pocket. Even the doctors would back that up for an "AVN patient."

    I'm lucky to be able to walk and I need to feel safe with a bit of money in my pocket.
    And so if this is about "quitting Kratom" and "proving that it's not addictive" well I already have done just that multiple times.
    Again check the surveillance of my St Paul, Mn home from when I lived in the basement.
    I'll remind you that I took Kratom daily for 3 or 4 years and quit cold turkey for almost 2 months. There's nothing in the US Constitution that says that if I sell something in order to get physical cash for safety and security reasons that my right to justice and compensation in a character assassination and extortion situation on social media will be removed.

    My God, I can't even get a job because of it and now you're giving me a hard time about selling a little guitar pedal to get physical money for the sake of safety?

    Let me ask you something, who out of all of you doesn't have some physical currency in your pockets?
    With the danger that the people of YouTube, Denise McNeff and whoever else put me in, I have to be practical about such things.

    I didnt do this, YouTube and my sister Denise McNeff did this.
    If they hadn't have done this to me I'd be a normal part of the daily world and being a part of and walking amongst all of society.

    And just because my sister's false accusations ate "bad accusations" after all of the exposing of her lies that I've done on social media YouTube, I'd say that my word is golden.
    Show me one single thing that I've been caught lying about.

    I'm serious. Show me one single thing that I've been caught lying about.

    But Denise McNeff and the people of YouTube constantly get caught lying about things and they get a free pass.

    So how much of an American citizen do I get to be here?
    People suggest that I should "reveal myself in order to compare sizes."

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    By the way, if this is a matter tgat "can't be settled" then why did people request a photo or video of my gentiles?

    Daniel Sideen

  16. If it was trump.saying he would not sit down with Pelosi the Republicans would be cheering there daddy trump.on

  17. Back in the CCPA, you remember that Beatles song? Oh that was back in the

  18. Whooz the wize guy that said "two political parties operating as one". Show your face you coward ! Show me your stuff ! 😂

  19. A better question would have been, "Joe, what day of the week is it? " LOLOLOL

  20. Heading for a Recession? We already there!

  21. Mc Carthy meeting with a Corrupt Dementia Doofus🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  22. We are heading off a cliff in 2023 no matter what Biden, Speaker McCarthy and the Fed do. It is already too late. Buckle up, this will get worse before it gets better.

  23. public service notice: brainwashing is very very bad for you. watching fox entertainment is a symptom. self diagnose please.

  24. More important, Kudlow has never reported a good sign. His crystal ball only views doom and gloom.

  25. Biden has a huge brain fart! Has as long as he's been alive. An a bigger liar than my ex wife. Huh who knew that was even possible!

  26. Nothing good will happen as long as Biden is in the WH. He has failed the country for two years. He will not change his do-nothing except listen to globalist agenda.

  27. I'd say our government has spent enough money they don't have. Do you really think we could ever repay the debt that our government leaders have spent???🙄

  28. Dig deep, Larry – I'm sure there's some more nonsence you can come up with.

  29. <Consistency is the key to success,despite the financial instability all over the world, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment every 10days…

  30. Unemployment is more than 3.5% , however they figure out that percentage is wrong. And when people are not in the workforce because they have their own company, we don't see it in a percentage,when they don't have any work

  31. Excellent breakdown of the current situation. The slow slide we are going down is deceiving. Most people can’t see it and listen to this Administration’s analysis that all is good.
    But common sense and understanding how to control personal finances is key to knowing you’re correct. Look at your charts, people can maintain a budget or control themselves with their spending. Just like our politicians. And we own it.

  32. Why is this socialist regime still in our White House?

  33. What a joke this man is. Hope all that voted for him are happy..

  34. Things are likely to get worse if you don't keep a check to rectify


  36. 1:00 bread doubled in price awhile back. No one is headed for a recession, you are already in one and it's only going to get worse. I quit listening after that line.

  37. You should add those that make under 30,000$… .. I’m checking out bridges to move under !!!

  38. Biden has McConnell and Lindsey Graham. He'll get what he wants because of these Rinos.

  39. Inflation will not ease until Senile Joe takes a hike!!🙃😆😂😃😛😛😛

  40. When did the President become the holder of the purse strings of the Republic?

  41. Biden does have a plan!
    It's to crash the American economy, do away with the constitution, (or at least water it down so much it's a shadow of it's intended purpose), have No border, so that All of North America is one giant country running from Canada to Argentina.
    This is what the World Economic Forum wants.
    Biden and Administration is working for them, not the American citizens.
    When you look at the job they're doing seeing whom they truly work for, they are doing an excellent job…
    They've sold Americans out…

  42. Brainless Biden. I don’t think he is capable

  43. Crooked Joe Lying BidEn:
    Jack of All Trades and Part of Every Ethnic Group

    If Crooked Joe is speaking in front of a Black audience:
    “Y’all ain’t Black if youse doesn’t vote Joe”
    In Puerto Rico Joe claims “… to have been raised by Puerto Ricans in Delaware!”

    Joey saw a truck and claims to have been a trucker.
    He rode in a train so he’s a train engineer and a conductor as well.
    He saw a field
    of crops and claims to have been a farmer.
    He looked out at the ocean so he’s an oceanographer.
    He was on a boat so he’s been a ship’s captain.
    He lives in a house so he's a home builder.
    He’s been on an airplane so he's a pilot.
    He looked up at the moon
    and he's been a moonwalker …
    and on and on it goes in Joey's Fairy Tale Times.
    He’s only been a career politician but he thinks he’s a Captain of Industry of every kind… but fact is he couldn’t run a successful lemonade stand.
    As a career politician he hasn’t accomplished anything positive but just spent his time concocting lie after lie while collecting checks provided by taxpayer money and peddling influence on the side through his drug-addicted son Hunter which helped Joe to acquire several multimillion dollar mansions and beach properties.

    Joey’s been serving more “Whoppers” than Burger King!
    McDonalds has the “Big Mac” but the Biden’s have the “Big Guy”!
    The only thing Crooked, Lying Joe the “Big Guy” head of the Biden International Crime Family has done is collect 10% or more through his drug-addicted criminal son selling Influence all over the world and jeopardizing the United States National Security, among countless other crimes.
    Wake Up America!
    This Crooked, Stupid, Lying SOB MUST be IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED!