Thursday , December 3 2020
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Kudlow touts 'miracle' economic growth

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow discusses President Trump’s pro-growth strategies.

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  1. POTUS Trump , “…pro-growth policy…” Cheers to that ! Contrast to Obama : American Recovery &Reinvestment Act of 2009 > $787 Billion “stimulus” went beyond corruption to ROT. Total waste backed by bunch of Radical, Leftist, socialists as Apollo Alliance> Legacy of Obama.

  2. People who don't have a firm grasp of how the economy Works in total might want to talk to professionals. I'm not saying you're stupid I'm just saying you're uneducated and a micro basis you're probably right the prices are not in your favor. However on a macro basis looking at all of the price decreases especially in the long run this is a very strong position for the USA and this will help all of us in the long run.

  3. This administration knows how to play on people’s ignorance. They make people believe that TEMPORARY bumps in the economy are permanent. Trump’s trade war is dragging down the global economy , and soon it will drag down the American economy. Retail sales are down. Kudlow isn’t talking about that. Business investment is down. Long term trends are not good. The trade war is hurting the USA.

  4. Huh I thought the fake news media was telling us we were on the verge of entering a recession?

  5. More accurately termed "insolvency", lunging at any drop of non-fiat currency left, precious metals & crypto before said balloon fast deflating is gone to be able to pop said balloon.

  6. Being a former social worker turned writer, I like hearing good news like this, but how long will it last, and is it "real" growth?

  7. Trump hires the best drunks

  8. SP500 is up 5% since January 2018.

  9. Sure, let me run up the government's charge card and I could make the economy look better too. But what is Trump and the Republican's plan on paying off their share of the debt that they wrung up? Creating more jobs does not seem to be working concerning paying down the nation's ever growing national debt.

  10. The liberals can't stay they are not getting the money for their pet projects

  11. Obama said the economy is doing great now because of him. Bahaha, I can't stop laughing.

  12. its not a miracle..

    its a business skills, sharp mind, & courage..

  13. Trump found Obama's missing Magic Wand ! All it took was a little effort !

  14. The last economic miracle was in the bill clinton 1990s era when the economy was growing at 4 percents for years trump has 2 percent growth now fox news thinks we are booming the poor is getting poorer and the rich is richer

  15. Imagine trump didn't get any wall street campaign money in 2016 and still won but also hooked them and us up at the same time.

  16. Trump is doing the same economic policies which george w bush did in the 2000s which got us into the worst financial mess that caused the 2000s great recession tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of Wallstreet lets not forget the last recession and the party who was in charge

  17. If this economy is doing so well why are we running a 1 trillion deficit for the next decade

  18. Trump and the gop promised 4 percent growth for the whole year we only got 2 percent like bush and obama did

  19. We all know that the federal reserve own the economy not trump

  20. Where is the 4 percent growth at

  21. THIS & such , presentation should be widespread throughout news media . Cheers !

  22. Candace Owens/ //IVANKA TRUMP / Candace Owens 2024

  23. Trump is timing this
    so that the economy will be collapsing
    at the same time he's getting impeached.

  24. One trillion dollar Deficit.
    Manufacturing jobs tanking.
    Farmers going bankrupt.
    Rich people getting much much much richer.

  25. THIS IS NOT TRUE!’ Please check out other channels. Maybe PBS, or NPR any other channels. This is cherry-picking certain information and not true!!!

  26. More delusional Fux propaganda,we are on the verge of recession because trickle down economics has never worked.

  27. The National Debt is going on 23 trillion dollars up from 20 r=trillion dollars. Deficits are at record levels of 1.2 trillion dollars per year for as far as can be projected.
    This miracle economy is going to bankrupt the US.

  28. It's not a "miracle", it's just good management.

  29. Tariffs have actually bought down consumer prices hate to tell you haters…every time new tariffs are introduced it makes oil drop by 5 points!

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