Friday , September 24 2021
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Kudlow warns Democrats are going to 'wreck' the economy

‘Kudlow’ host says that US can’t tax its way into prosperity. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Our government, Republicans and Democrats have sold us all down the river. They keep us fighting each other with stupid stuff while they themselves are getting filthy rich. Ask yourself one question….. When this implodes (and it will) how many politicians will lose everything? Now think about how many of us will lose everything. WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER TO FIGHT THIS GOVERNMENT. The Fed is the root of all evil and the government and wall street are feeding off of that root. How many of us will pay higher prices without a raise? How many of us can vote for our own pay raises? We need real change and by that I dont mean voting for the same garbage parties that we have now!

  2. CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS must be held to address something that transcends politics and we will never advance until it happens: the 70yr ongoing ET cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  3. Brett Sinclair our Americans our republicans are getting tortured in jail Jan 6th th news see if it's been blocked makes me feel sick

  4. Wrong. The Fed is going to wreck the economy. Inflation is going to crush the foundation of our nation (the working poor and the working middle-class) and make the rich even richer. And guess what happens after that? Answer: “The pitchforks.”
    And BOTH houses (of congress/party’s) will bleed. It’s inevitable. And the sooner we all bring it about, the better and faster we can back to sanity in this country.

  5. Traditional Infrastructure Only. No Green New Deal BS.

  6. We good real American s know all along that these no good piles of 💩 are trying to wreck the hole country an no one is doing nothing about it start by impeaching obiden and knee pads

  7. The solar scientists have said that there will be a mini Ice Age in about twenty years or so!

  8. I'm a Catholic and I am so embarrassed to be catholic, because of pelosi and biden!

  9. Every time a bi-partisan effort has gotten around to getting budgets on a downward deficit trend, and once even a surplus that reduced the debt, the Republicans get elected and increase the budget deficit by doling out tax cuts. Not this time. While they can, the Dems are going to max out the national credit on their programs and let the Republicans explain to their core constituency why they can't cut taxes the next time they get elected.

  10. Tax and spend is better than no tax still spend. Reducing spending would be best.

  11. Blow by blow kudblow

  12. hi Larry. Would you ever mary nancy?

  13. Omg Biden still jogging over to the microphone, in this case to prove he can drive an 18-wheeler. Doesn't he realize how foolish he looks?

  14. Going to? Where have you been?

  15. I can't wait till she loses the majority in house and they kick her to the curb hopefully for her.

  16. Taxing an economy into prosperity is like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up. The last administration unleashed the American economy by removing strangling restrictions and spuring investment through middle class tax relief and pro growth policies that brought jobs back to America instead of incentives to move manufacturing jobs overseas. We became energy independent and created the best economy of our generation. But out of spite and believing in an agenda over people doctrine. These leftist zealots, the liberal supremacists have thrown logic, reason and common sense out the window. The fanatic dose not process a gradual transition as technology evolves to accommodate a natural movement from one energy source (s) to energy sources in their infancy. One would not take a second grader and push them into highschool and expect a successful transition. I don't care how much money is thrown at it. The second grader may very well be the future. But there is still alot to learn. The " Ready, fire ,aim " Let's jump then check for a parachute mindsets are foolish. This green new deal pandering is a teenage festival queen giving a speech wanting world peace and a puppy for everyone and no idea how to take care of either one. Instead of giving billions to countries that hate us. Let's give that to universities and companies to do R&D and help expedite a seamless transition. I'm not against change. Myself and most Americans are for doing it intelligently and not destroying a country and starving millions.

  17. Kudlow's just upset that Biden hasn't given billionaires another tax cut.

    THEN… TRUMP! 2024 🇺🇸 😉

  19. You also haven't explained the part of the infrastructure bill that gives amnesty to all the illegals that cross our border. So they give their blessing to all the drugs, gangs, criminals and terrorists that crossed our borders. Not to mention the Communist China spies that have illegally entered our country. They don't have to deal with these people, normal American Citizen do.

  20. Could have told you this last year.

  21. Kiudlow your full of it know they won’t. Trillions of dollars have been spent over 40 years on black projects and we are still here an the government is still running .. Look people when money is used for people they cry the house burning 🔥 don’t listen to this b.s guy an news what crock .

  22. AHAHAHAHA Biden is gonna kick his voters to da curb ..Rent forgiveness is over muchachos time to hit the road 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. The economy is doing FAR BETTER than it has EVER done irrespective of the damage that Trump and Kudlow did to it while corruptly installed in office

  24. My apologies if I am incorrect. But is it capital gains tax already at 38%? Investing in anything to get a quick return is almost fruitless if that is the case how can I go up anymore

  25. It sounds like a lot of waste and misappropriation to me. By the time you get past all the restrictions, the money will be gone and no actual infrastructure repair will have been made. Another money laundering bill at the expense of the tax payer. May I add, Democrats are really good at finding ways to launder money.

  26. There are no "climate issues". None.

  27. Of course the democrats are gonna wreck the economy, they wreck everything.

  28. democrats are not qualified to manage a mcdonalds much less the US government. get rid of these insane A-holes

  29. This is a continuation of the Obama administration. Going woke and going broke is definitely in our future.

  30. They arent dems..and wrecking is on purpose…

  31. Are they testing for the delta variant i dont thing they are!

  32. I’m wishful with the government in the hopes that they actually have a plan (crypto, etc) after they run the economy into the ground.. keep on printin away lmao

  33. One thing is 100% SURE, DEMOCRATS haven0t only WRECK the economy but before EVERYTHING else they BROKE and WREAK our BALLS!

    We all have ENOUGH of the so CALLED "DEMOCRATIC" policies that are more near the MUSSOLINI era than what are SUPPOSED the AMERICAN WAY of doing policy in the USA!

    It is UNBELIEVABLE how all those USA citizens are allowing that COMMUNIST keep them home and keep them under FEAR!


  34. Everything electric and connected to the internet so in turn everything can be controlled remotely.

  35. Ooh climate change spooky

  36. Coronavirus is not a threat for us. The Dem leadership is

  37. "going to"? Also, I'd like to refute the premise in this piece that we "reward success in this country" – WE DO NOT. Success is its own reward. It has to be, because the only reward you get for success is to be taxed into oblivion. You cannot explain a progressive income tax and claim we reward success in this country. Did you make more money…more taxes, did you buy a better house, a more expensive car…..more taxes. Did you do well in the stock market….more taxes. Did you save up for a rainy-day….inflation/supressed interest rates (secret taxes). The entire system is designed to promote dependency on the government. The only way you can even achieve any success is to some how out-pace the net drag the government places on your efforts. Reward indeed!

  38. Nah. Ignorant Republicans spreading covid delta will wreck economy

  39. Who are you thinking about when you say we all start at the same starting point? What don’t you know! This why you dems and you republicans suck!!

  40. Follow the crypto currency to understand economic equity. The federal government will gain control of people’s finances through financial institutions and the switch to crypto. The federal government will determine the value of everyone’s personal finances via controlling the value of an individuals crypto. It will operate on an exchange basis. Everyone’s crypto will exchange as per government decision. The more equity boxes checked the greater the value of that persons “dollar”. And vice versa. Wake up people. It’s getting late

  41. “In America, we all start at the same starting line”. Ok Kudlow. Why don’t you tell us more about what it’s like flying on Eipstein’s plane? You are a globalist dude.

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