Saturday , October 31 2020
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Kudlow: Wealth increase among bottom 50% is a 'booster rocket' for economy

National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow discusses the state of the U.S. economy and President Trump’s trade deals at the World Economic Forum in Davos. #FoxBusiness

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  1. US economy primarily serves the top 1% of high earners. Pres.Trump is working on that, these are his true friends.

  2. I love the president. He lets others take the shine as well. What a great president


  4. This is marketing 1 0 1. State run media !!!!

  5. Soo many people I know are pissed and also laughing at the Demrats. Good Patriots can see it. Stevie wonder can see it. There a bunch of fools. Laughing stock of the country. Only the stupid brainwashed fools cant see what's goin on. Its clear as day!!!!! Demrats keep losing. There all running scared. Trump is on there tails!!!!! There all gonna be exposed for what they been doing for decades. Lyin and stealing our money. GAMES OVER DEMRATS!!!!!

  6. Sometime I wonder how this economy is even possible. Wage growth 4000 dollars per person since 2016, yet the largest gainers are the lower income people!! Spending is up and savings are up!! How is that possible? Trumponomics.

  7. American manufacturing activity contracted last month more than it had in a decade, data released Friday showed, a sign that economic damage from President Trump’s trade war could linger even after the United States and China sign an initial trade deal.

    An index published by the Institute for Supply Management dropped to 47.2 in December, the lowest reading since June 2009 and the fifth straight month of contraction. A reading below 50 indicates the manufacturing sector is contracting.

  8. real Booster for the Economy would be If the lowest incomes are able saving Money for retirement health and get rid of any Credit debth

  9. Go have another line of coke Kudlow, there has been no wealth increase for the bottom 50%.

  10. That 50% increase was $5000 per household over three years, say $1667 increase per household per year. But the federal budget deficit for the year ended Sept 30 2019 was $984 billion, almost $3000 per capita. The increase in national debt far exceeded the increase in wealth Kudlow bragged about. Net worth declined for the bottom 50% once we include the federal budget deficit.

  11. Gotta work to be blue collar………

  12. Amen Amen Thank you President Trump.

  13. Trump behind bars…..Genuine Christians by the millions are praying to the Lord for that rapturous day

  14. Your building the numbers for when the rich sell their stocks and pillage the little man like it has always worked.

  15. President Trump is the right leader for USA. Trump in 2020.

  16. How is the economy better , when resources are depleted & homeless is increasing by the month


  18. man wish I was rich so I could buy stocks and have them go up in value like that, but alas I just make ends meet in this economy, still with the economy booming I still have to work 2 jobs, no paid holidays, no 401k

  19. Trump 2020… thanks for cleaning out the swamp and taking care of the evening working blue collar America citizen

  20. Busnesenkavelvasigonposiblinbetoniternetmarkaniktrumiternetenkanhettrum

  21. So lets shoot our selves in the foot and let the cheating lying dems rail road TRUMP because they cant win fairly!!!!

  22. Mnuchin is Q boss by by beloved president's side and I love it

  23. Oh no…. without welfare cases the Democrats have no reason to exist it's a democratic plan is to keep everybody poor independent on their garbage fire them slave owners Trump 20/20 baby

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