Saturday , December 5 2020
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Kurdish civilians angrily confront US troops leaving Syria

Fox News’ Steve Harrigan discusses the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria.

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  1. Did you feel tired of winning? Is that why you start loosing now?

  2. We pay for these wars with taxes, lives
    These Murdering thugs steal the oil,money..criminal murdering thugs is our fvcking Government.22 soldiers killing themselves every day.

  3. Criminal Murdering Thugs= U.S. GOV

  4. Red, White and Blue: These colors don't run, except under Donald Trump.

  5. we are kurdish
    we dont credit american
    cuss turkey cuss america

  6. Veterans and military demand our disgusting president be tried for treason

  7. US will be driven out of Syrian soil and especially SYRIANS oil fields. One way or another!!

  8. Who among you would commit your family and friends to fight in a foreign land?

  9. There are way too many government officials that are unable to guarantee responsible behavior in their seat . It is the most separated political trash in history!

  10. Horrible news..genocide is coming. Thanks Trump.

  11. The Kurds did some major ethnic cleansing of Armenians and Christians, let us see how they deal with it.
    Stand with Bashar Al Assad to unify 🇸🇾

  12. ….Trump made the US troops to traitors and cowards… why do the citizens of the US accept this????

  13. shame on the US for this. The Kurds had your back through this whole thing and you scrwed them and left them. Shame on you

  14. Dogs of israel trowing stones

  15. Some dumbass: Trusts White House
    White House: Uses them then throws them away like rags
    Dumbass: Surprised Pikachu meme

  16. So Trump says he's trying to "end wars" & in the same breath & sentence, say "we may have to get into wars." LMFAO
    Just like he lied & said he's bring home the troops & did nothing but sent them to Iraq.
    He's the war loving Zealot that you dummies thought he wasn't>>>>> because he said so! 😂😂

  17. Its simple. Instead of throwing vegetables and wanting America to fight their war grow a set of nuts and fight your own war. Next time you won't allow another dictator to run your country.

  18. We will find out tomorrow if the fighting resumes, how much heavier the fighting will be. After the 5 day pause both sides will have reinforced and moved in heavier weapons.

  19. I like how she said, Mr president we are not your prostitutes and you is not our pimp lol..well at least for most of us he's not but for his brainwashed followers he's big pimppin them lol

  20. Donald Trump is more of a danger threat to the country than any terrorist group, they can hit targets in the country but Donald sitting in the seat is causing damage to the whole country

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