Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Kurds Flee Syria, 'Afraid They're Going To Be Slaughtered' | Meet The Press | NBC News

NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and former Special Envoy Brett McGurk join Meet the Press to discuss Turkey’s push into Northern Syria and its effect on Kurds living in the area.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Kurds Flee Syria, ‘Afraid They’re Going To Be Slaughtered’ | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. The Kurds are being abandoned to be slaughtered… Shame on Turkey, they're committing war crimes on the Kurds and no one does anything…

  2. The president is 100 percent correct by next week it won't be talked about any more just like everything meet the left

  3. This McGurk guy is the one who messed up the situation and he is now upset that Trump and Erdogan are correcting the mess. McGurk used YPG to push out the locals in northern Syria (who became refugees in Europe and Turkey) and settled their families there. How is this financed? By US tax payer money and opium trade. Trump says US did not guarantee to support them for another 200 years. Now the YPG is extremely upset because no more lucrative salaries just for wearing a YPG uniform. ISIS? 30+ countries bombarded the area for 5 years, so let them be dead by now. Genocide, chemical weapons, insets, etc whatever lies they produce wont hold true. Turkish Army hasn't even rolled in yet. All we see is light armored vehicles to transport the militia. They sent the Arabic militia in to go from door to door to push out the YPG thugs. Turkey has been mostly roaring so that terrorists get out of the area and YPG started crying genocide already??? Original owners of the area will be moved in to live in peace.

  4. we the USA have little italy we have Chinatown we have little cuba why hot little syria put them in nevada or near texas closest climat to theyre comfort and be responsible to these ALLIES !!!!

  5. Hey NBC Chuck Todd stop lying everyone knows Joe Biden used the vice president office to benefit his cocaine drug using son to get cushy job on the Board of Directors of Ukraine oil company and $1.5 billion from China for his investment company. Now that’s a quid pro quo. Meet the press with lying bias Chuckie Todd is a joke. He is just another liberal NBC Trump hating so called reporter. Little Chuckie Todd couldn’t fill the shoes of Tim Russet if he tried. President Trump is doing a great job in spite of morons like Chuckie Todd and the biased liberal press bashing Trump daily. Trump has kept his promises and will get re-elected in 2020. Even biased liberal democrat Chuckie Todd at NBC should knows that or he’s dumber than he looks.

  6. Was Brett McGurk about to cry for the terrorists in Syria..this guy is a lost soul. Political expert Michael Doran says: I think it's important that we focus on where we would like all of this to end. How we want to bring this to a solution. And I think it's important to recognize that we were postured for catastrophic failure in northeastern Syria because we entered into an alliance with the PKK and that the YPG, the Kurdish force we worked with on the ground is the PKK. This is a terrorist organization on the State Department's terrorism list that seeks to partition Turkey between Kurds and Turks by aligning with the PKK or aligning with the PKK we set ourselves on a collision course with Turkey. And that was unwise from a humanitarian point of view and the strategic point of view. The strategic prize in this situation is the orientation, the international orientation of Turkey. The Turks have been telling us for years now that they don't like the fact that we are providing a power umbrella under which the PKK can build an autonomous Kurdish statement in northeastern Syria and we have effectively time and time again told them to sit down and shut up. That we re-branded the PKK as the SDS, we brought in Arabs and Yazidis and others as Mary Beth was saying, but the power center of that organization was always the PKK and we should recognize that we lied to ourselves. The Obama administration packaged this as something other than PKK. It successfully propagandized the American people, and this is destroying a relationship with them and we're ignoring it. It's not a question of President Erdogan, by the way. The vast majority of Turks support this operation. If we look at the mess we have there now, we have to recognize we played a major role in creating that, in creating that mess. Getting out of it means we need to reestablish good ties with Ankara, stabilizing that part of the world. If we don't have productive ties with the Turks, which means largely working on their terms, not on ours because we had 1,000 troops there and there — we are leaving. Everyone knows we're leaving sooner or later, Turkey's going to be there forever and the Turks know this as well. So we have to work through them largely on their terms. We can have our humanitarian concerns and we can push them aggressively. We can have differences of opinion. They have to be within a Turkish frame work rather than some framework that we have made up as a result of where all the different little positions we ended up with as a result of a lot of temporary tactical decisions we made without strategic understanding. We started to talk about the Middle East and our policy in the Middle East without reference to States. We have to go back to a traditional understanding of how the world works. States are the main actors and we need to position ourselves accordingly. The strategic prize is Turkey and the strategic goal when all of this settles is that we can contain Iran. If we drive — we are in a position, which makes no strategic sense whatsoever of ditching a major ally, a NATO ally, that sits aboard Europe and Asia and which we have bases, intelligence, platforms and ability to stop the Russia through the Black Sea strategic, strategic posture, an ally that worked with us in Bosnia, in Afghanistan, not to mention the Korean War and others. We're going to ditch that state for a splinter group extremist terrorist organization that doesn't even represent the Kurds. The PKK is not the Kurds. This makes no sense. We now have a bipartisan– We now have a bipartisan consensus in congress to put massive sanctions on Turkey in order to save our relationship with the PKK. How did we get to this position? It makes no sense.

  7. If we ever find out what putin has on the incestuous lunatic,we will finally understand everything completely.

  8. Kurds being slaughtered is kind of like pee being flushed

  9. Our troops are moving to Syria where they can fume and seethe at the horrific betrayal their commander in in chief has perpetrated. If they were to be brought home, they would probably march to DC in a furious protest and camp on the White House lawn.

  10. Turkey is a state sponsor of terrorists and extremists.


    ''Allies'' lol. Arming terrorists to fight against terrorists. Here check the real facts.

    You got your oil so keep sucking their resources

  12. Some things are worth fighting for. America wanted freedom from British oppression. The Kurds want political and cultural autonomy in their historical homeland.

  13. Dudes All media do black propaganda against Turkey. We have at least 15 million Kurdish people. We are fighting against armed terrorists there nothing against to civil people. The YPG terrorists that is created bu Mc Gurk showed as brave people . But They couldnt rezist Turkey and they escaped. Now they cry they say Turkey slaughter kurds. Keep crying.

  14. Wait, Trump said the Kurds were happy with the outcome. I swear this administration is evil reincarnated.

  15. How did you come up with ethnic cleansing. Do you have any credible evidence of that? Stop pushing your own agenda and report the reality. Not that hard.

  16. Yeah, it's one big mess and it's going to get worse. ENDLESS WARS, ENDLESS WARS.

  17. So America wants to set up another ethno state like they did with Israel
    Who does this benefit???
    American taxpayers?

  18. YPG kurds terrorists killed tons of Turks civilians over 30 years. no one spoke about it!!

    Go Turkey!! Protect your border.
    If they were here US, We would for sure do the same thing.

  19. EXACTLY – TRUMP'S announcement of US weakness in one tiny area we SECURED 19 years of blood treasure fought gains with a small force led to immediate INCREASED tensions, Iran attacks on oil tankers, Turk bloodbath ambush invasion of Syria, attack on Saudi energy grid, and THOUSANDS MORE troops to mid east. He's a maniacal grotesque con.

  20. Lies from the media to upset the American people, Don't fall for it.

  21. for love of god, what kind is news out let is this…. there are two reporters both defending YPG.. news should be all about balance and fairness. where is a reporter to tell turkish side of view….

  22. "ethnic cleansing" by having Syrian refugees return to Syria.


  24. Safe place for kurds people is Going to Iraq they have goverment there

  25. Don't believe this war machine propaganda. We are not the Kurds babysitters. If there is a genocide the U.N. needs to step in.

  26. So is this now the standard of a NATO member?

  27. How to tell when DEM is lieing? DEMs are not smart enough to lie. They just repeat lies they hear.🐸

  28. After Saladin/Kurds defeated the Knights Templar. They took over most of the middle east. That's there plan again. Allways has been. Everyone knows that. That's why others hate and fear them. Poor little Kurds. Tried to take over Turkey to fast.

  29. Trump can't do the job. Its too hard for him. He should just watch tv, tweet, and play golf. Plus, he kowtows to Putin. Time to kick him out of office.

  30. In this whole situation, Americans and Europeans are subjected to a complete set of intentional or unintentional lies steams from ignorance of press, lack of quality of journalist, or some special agendas of intelligence services. The western world has a right to know because they’re being lied to. I am not sure if President Trump is right or wrong to want to bring home US troops. But, this is very ill-begotten policy inherited from the previous Obama administration: Arming one terrorist group:the YPG, to fight another, the ISIS.

    Here, SDF (%85 YPG and %15 Arabs from local tribes) is a made-up name mainly for YPG which is the Syrian branch of PKK, which is listed as designated terrorist organization in US and EU, Turkey and many other countries.

    In this video, the area that Turkey is doing its operation is between Tal Abyad and Ras Al Ain ( around %60 Arabs, %30 Kurds and %10 Turkmens). I think that the journalist does a cheap propaganda and McGurk simply hides the details of the story 😉

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