Monday , January 25 2021
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Kushner speaks before historic first flight from Israel to UAE

State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus on Jared Kushner and Robert O’Brien serving as part of a delegation on the first flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates.

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  1. আমেরিকার প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনাকে ফোন করে বলতে পারতেছে না ছেলেটাকে প্রশাসনকে 24 ঘন্টার ভিতরে আমেরিকা পাঠায় দিতে

  2. What are the chances of those Zionists not spitting down as they flow over Saudi.
    So far peace through strength means anyone who criticises MBZ or the peace deal is imprisoned. Great peace.

  3. Kushner looks very European. 😂😂😂 😱

  4. 911 100% A Mossad Operation Dr Alan Sabrosky (Phd) US Army War College!!!!!!!

  5. Oh where can they be this party of international and domestic terrorism

  6. Conflating this "flight" to the status of the first moon landing.

  7. Ah.?
    Adress from sandy lane burauen leyte philipines.
    Done watch oke.

  8. আমি বারবার এক কথা বলেছি আমার অ্যাকাউন্ট টা আসবে তারপর আমি আমেরিকায় যাবকিন্তু আমার একাউন্টে কোন টাকা আসেনি আমার যাওয়া লাগতেছে না

  9. The media won't give this publicity because it would show that Trump's foreign policy is effective.

  10. May the Lord God Almighty fulfill His plans the way God always intended. May the name of Yah, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit be always praised and honored by those many the Lord chose before the foundation of Earth

  11. What True Christian would support Trump? He is caught lying ALL the time (and yet his followers refuse to acknowledge his lies, and they call everyone who is critical of Trump a "liberal" or "deep state." Do you really believe that John Bolton, Gen Kelly, Mattis, Miles Taylor, Rex Tillerson, and many many more people who called Trump a liar are ALL "liberals? " This is MADNESS. This is NOT Christian behavior. This is Cult like behavior. Trump is the most arrogant president we ever had. The US has become arrogant. God says He DESPISES the arrogant and ALWAYS punishes the arrogant. The prophecy of Obadiah 1:2-8 is truly speaking of the US. And our ally will betray us in a battle. This is how you will know that God is angry with US. Let us humble ourselves before God humiliates us.

  12. uae royal king only puppet of usa …all muslim love palistine

  13. He has a very bright future ahead of him.


  15. The Bible says, first they say peace peace, then comes sudden Destruction!!!

  16. The UN must be abolished

  17. Free palestine👍👍👍👍

  18. You are looking at the Future President of the USA!

  19. Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession

  20. Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession

  21. Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people

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