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Labor market 'corrupted' by government, says Ex-McDonald's CEO

Former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi argues federal unemployment benefits have corrupted the labor market, causing employers to turn to automated service options. #FoxBusiness

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  1. TRUMP told us all about "the bubble".

  2. Dude drink some water wtf. What’s up with your voice!?

  3. Biden couldn't run a ice cream shop without going broke .

  4. SOB is pissed because people are waking up and demanding a fair wages and benefits.

  5. No ask this guy how much money that McDonalds gave the Salvation Army ask Salvation Army to give there records on how it is being spent, 6 thousand dollar flower bill it is all a fraud. Society is a scam that's why are leaving the border open the rich do not care including this guy never raised a chicken in his life. The revolution is coming period

  6. KEEP WAGES LOW. It's important to have peasants serve us, the upper class because we worked harder to get where we are.

  7. A McDonalds here has had to offer $8 an hour to get help. Terrible. They can almost afford to eat there after an hour.

  8. So,, c3po with an apron.

  9. 70 percent in corporate labor hiring occurs in service operative industries whereby properties would be depreciating with salaries hikes at a sky rocket level plus Corporate tax top levy at 67 percent. Even offshore American affiliates would have to be scrutinized by the IRS FBI snoops. Incredible automation testing everywhere in US and Canada and UK.

  10. Put many many recent factors together, be prepared for a huge inflation wave.

  11. It is only corrupted because he made his million of the backs of low paid employees with no benefits and poor working conditions. You want workers hire them for long term with GOOD pay!

  12. Why are the only people complaining about lack of workers are the same paying minimum wage?

  13. Immediate cash, big big mistake

  14. (There was a small window) Trump had ut right, Democrats blew it.

  15. When stores start closing because they can't get help, then what !?

  16. We need to stop eat all that garbage anyways.

  17. It's a complete corporate take over and all mid to small business will be gone in 10 years. Kiss the American dream good buy and get comfortable with a cubical.

  18. I went McDonald’s the other day almost 10 for Big Mac meal canceled the order I wo t pay that when u can go diner get better service including tip no way McDonald’s as far as Walmart u have automatic cashiers computers 1 person Incase of trouble shooting maybe one la e open with a human where are the rest Walmart employees I know hiding I. Back wear house if u put em on flooring an better management an top executives do there jobs looking into the stores without notice an get a good look at how horrible management In stores are u can ha e less employees it’s about how use those employees u have better more efficient


  20. For those that need a little more clarity McDonald's going out of business would be a good and healthy thing for the nation

  21. Where I'll tell you what I'm not interested in eating garbage from McDonald's out of a vending machine either so whether somebody serves it to me or not I don't eat that garbage

  22. And if people don't have money …who is going to buy the product….

  23. They are all corrupt, including McDonalds

  24. Sounds like inflation has began!

  25. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  26. Considering McDonalds hates white people, I hope they can never hire another white person.

  27. Any restaurant that uses automated robots I will not use

  28. Can it be trump beat hilary and put a hold on their agenda and thats what created trump hate?

  29. Better start by getting a real drink get rid of that Coca-Cola!

  30. There was a time when boat yards would not take a government contract account to many strings attached.

  31. These big franchises can go out of business and small family franchises who don't follow wage laws can thrive and succeed.

  32. McDonald's can go back to a truck stop service model cut costs in other areas and attract those just getting started in the labor market.

  33. THe PAndemic has shown other values are more important than work your ar@e off and never see your kids..USA is a virus

  34. and on top of that the green energy transformation costs.

  35. McDonald's have been building them things for years you think they just started giving them millions of dollars for these robots

  36. The Beiijing Regime at work using your tax dollars.

  37. That's the biggest bunch of bulshit I've listened to in a while both of them men need to realize the food industry was one of the only Industries in the United States of America that was never forced to pay their employees a minimum wage like every other industry had to

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