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Lady Gaga stuns audience in highly-anticipated movie ‘House of Gucci’ | Nightline

The biopic movie follows the love story between Mauricio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani, who’s tale quickly turns into jealous, revenge and even murder surrounding the Italian luxury label.




Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. im italian and her accent is just like my mother 😭😭 i love her

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  3. Yay for QUEEN gaga
    Have a fun day sweetheart
    Mua ♥️🌨💋

  4. Ok who knew she could act.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

  5. I had no idea that Lady GaGa was/is sooooo beautiful.She is so Talented,Intelligent,Gorgeous.She is Also very aware,modern a great philanthropist,human being=A true ARTIST.

  6. She grew on me over the years. I am still not into her music but her acting is great and Geez he either got a lace lift already or she is going crazy over fillers. Look how her eyes are turning japanese like. Stop the madness lady, we do not need a mother Alien Madonna look alike. Stay true to your natural face please!

  7. I so admire Lady GaGa ❤️🌟🌎🙏

  8. Lady Gaga is so careful with her words and perfect dialogue

  9. Such a fascinating woman. I wish her all the happiness her heart can hold.

  10. You only become more beautiful as you age.

  11. Celebrity & fame looses value every year! Fortunately every now & then nature throws out a elite artist! They will become remembered in history! Gaga, along with Prince are the Mozart & Beethoven if our generation! I don’t think Gaga has even scratched the surface of her many, multiple talents! Watch this space!!!

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  14. The sheep are going to love this dumb movie. No doubt about it. People need to stop watching these dumb Hollywood movies. You'd have to pay me to watch this BS.

  15. She sounds more Slavic then Italian 🤣

  16. Lady Gaga: star in movie about Gucci, look like Donatella Versace

  17. Paris Hilton and Lady gaga and Kim K, Cardi B and Hollywood need to do a day or festival for Momms and single parents or kids play date.

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  20. She's so talented. Loved her performance in "A star is born"

  21. What’s not to love about Gaga???? She’s amazing!!!! Love her!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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