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Laid-Off Steelworkers In Michigan Say Trump Didn't Keep Business Promises | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Heidi Przybyla speaks to steelworkers who were laid off from a plant in Michigan about their views on President Trump and the promises he made their industry in 2016.
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Laid-Off Steelworkers In Michigan Say Trump Didn’t Keep Business Promises | NBC News NOW


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  1. This UNhuman LIES even when he doesn't need to lie .that's who he is.

  2. Of coarse he lied ! Sorry you were sucked into the con ! Over half the population saw threw his lies now we suffer due to the blind sheep that supported him and the republicans party
    4 years later and here we are lies lies and the demise of America. Trump is an economic hired hitman .

  3. The only way to wake these people up is to let them suffer. Seeing minorities struggling wasn't enough because to them those people "deserved" it.

  4. Don't VOTE for first 🍊 orange!

  5. If voting in person and needing transport, find out about people in your community willing to help you. You can do it safely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndty1MHWqSY
    Also, people, please remember to return your ballot in TWO envelopes, and to fill in all the information required on the envelopes, otherwise they are in danger of being thrown out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3zYS10QVjI

  6. That s what happen when the man does not know if he's coming or going. He's only thinking of himself….

  7. My dad worked in the steel industry about 25 years ago…maybe 30 years at this point, and the industry has been on a long slow decline for years. There still is some work in the industry but it is headed toward mini-mills. A large portion of the steel these days is recycled. There just aren't going to be new large mills. Similar thing for coal mines…the industry is in a long, slow decline. There will always be a need for some coal or carbon source but there just won't be new jobs in these industries in any large scale.

  8. Would you go to a Doctor who happens to have 5 lawsuits? Thank you.

  9. Take off that stupid mask!

  10. Donald Trump lies so much and people just don't see that he lies his followers don't see it his followers don't see him vote for Joe Biden Donald Trump we need to get him out of office he has no government skills he never worked for the government he was never a senator he has no skills and others only being a businessman

  11. And whatever happened to lock Hillary up, and Obama going to prison and Mexico paying for the Wall and Trump Healthcare..
    Too many lies.. or so called "promises" broken.

    Maybe trump promised his cult followers a new flavor of the trump koolaid for his next four years.

  12. And the idiots will still vote for him LoL

  13. You should of pay attention to the economy instead of listening to a con man from New York…

  14. You already have jobs and yet you let a man who declared bankruptcy several times made a fool of you it should made THINK HARD why is he still keep his money

  15. 4:22 bankers and Wall street dealers are delighted with Donald …very few if any manufacturing jobs were brought back ..in fact it has got worse.

  16. "Will no one rid me of this turbulent president?"

  17. A con man who has a long and proven record of lying and making empty promises lied and didn't keep his promise?

  18. How do we band together as Americans and force corporate America to bring back those jobs. This is a travesty that we cannot continue to let happen. These companies can choose to buy steel produced in America.

  19. I think all of you people would be happier in china.
    Pee pads and knee pads.
    A vote for Biden is a vote for you know the thing

  20. Good chance these people will still vote for trump. Stupids’ in the water and people be slurpin’ it up!

  21. When a politician said something. And it turned out to be a lie!! 😮😮 Shocking. Shocking.

  22. Btw, where's the wall?sorry, how's the wall doing…?

  23. There's only one thing any patriotic Americans need to do this Nov 3rd, #VoteBidenHarris.
    Who really believes a con man who bankrupted his business 6 times, and refuse to pay his contractors that built his buildings and casinos, can save your jobs?

  24. Ya shouldn't have voted him in Lol

  25. Hes a con man. He feeds off of people's needs then promises things he has no intention on following through with just to win.
    People: we are thirsty
    Trump: vote for me and you'll have bottled water for life.
    People: 💀
    Its sad

  26. 🤣🤣🤣🤣They believed him🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. They chose to believe his lies blame yourself Michigan

  28. And the b.s. continues trump promises kept promises broken oou oou 😞

  29. What else is new. You deserve what you get. Trumpets

  30. This sounds like a smear piece

  31. Ha! Well, try speaking to your fellow Republicans and see if they can help you get another job… Oh wait, they said nobody should get help, you have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps. 😉

  32. More NBC propaganda…. I wish they wouldn't use the term democrat, because most democrats don't support Biden/Harris. The democratic party has been hijacked by extreme left wing fanatics who support antifa, and every other anti american cause that exists….

  33. Sure Trump said he would fix all , and they believed him , Trump would refer to them as suckers , hmm heard that word before

  34. And what's rump doing again. The same bogus promises. So if you still want to believe him vote for him again so he can fool you once more. Unfortunately those people were conned and I feel for them but ask what are you going to do about it. I leave you with this thought. Companies hire and fire you based on need to make money not because a president told them too.

  35. And Gov. Whitless has NO hand is THIS problem ?? Right!?

  36. Its gonna be a landslide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Cheeto is a liar and doesn't know how to speak the truth. WAKE UP AND VOTE.

  38. There's a world wide pandemic. We should all be grateful for what we still have considering our economy is crippled.

  39. By the way, Trumps done more for the black community than obama ever did. Maybe yall should do more research. If it werent for Trump some of our jobs wouldnt have come back. thanks to the NAFTA thing…
    But of course this is nbc news, mostly left leaning. Everyones gonna talk smack about Trump. :/ #WALKAWAY

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