Saturday , November 28 2020
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Landmark opioid case settled before trial: Report

FOX Business’ Grady Trimble breaks down the opioid case settlement against drug makers marketing opioids, causing epidemic.

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  1. Is anyone else bothered that the ones being punished are the ones whose specific job is to push medication and not the people in charge of safely applying them?

  2. It should have never gone to court. There's this thing called personal responsibility. pathetic victim mentality. Oh the big mean pharmaceutical companies were aggressively advertising….? I have zero sympathy for addicts.

  3. I believe that all people over the age of 65 should be prescribed large doses of opioids. I don't even have the resources to help young people with their various addictions.

  4. Walgreens’s omg !
    They are unreal !
    I am a CPS. 24/7 all it does is makes ur pain, dull, so you have some sort of life !
    Wall- green$ a few years ago, makes it very hard to get, if you don’t “” fit”” their profile.
    Body cast, need to know what & why is wrong with you etc etc ! They treat you, like a “” stray with rabies “”. My Dr. is great ! He has gone to bat several times for his PT’S.
    He follows the rules, No “” early refills,”” blood/ urinalysis tests, PT, eating correctly, etc etc ! I am blessed to have him.
    Not ALL Dr.’s are pill pusher’s !
    Pharmacy personnel need to fill ur script ‘s not know ur life history!!! As long as you the PT, follow ur Dr’s orders, you will be fine ! ! ! ✌️

  5. Pathetic. Needs to be executions.

  6. I want people to go to prison. There's a double standard, And politician, lawyers, and judges, should be ashamed of themselves

  7. Its the whole system thats corrupt. You know doctors getting kick back for perscribing drugs. Its just like polititions getting campiagn contributions for helping lobby groups.

  8. Well this sure isnt going to help lower drug costs. They are going to make up these losses on the backs of consumers………..

  9. When they sue the drug manufacturers for manufacturing a drug that relieves pain and marketing that drug it shows how stupid lawmakers are .
    It is not the drug makers fault that people get addicted – it is the person and the doctors who continue to prescribe a drug even though he suspects his patient is addicted!
    If lawsuits against drug manufacturers continue they will stop manufacturing drugs that relieve pain for people who need it cancer patients postop patients, etc..
    Opioids are prescribed short term – long term for patients with cancer and those with intractable pain . Anyone who has had surgery generally used opioids for 3 -4 days and should not require the opioids after that .
    Drug manufactures have NOT caused the opioid crisis – the people themselves have caused it.
    What is being done about the illegal manufacturing of fentanyl, heroin ,crack cocaine etc ?? NOTHING ! The ones who make the illegal drugs cannot be sued so nothing is being done to stop them .
    That’s the government for you .

  10. Let these pill company’s burn

  11. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) allowed all these bums to get insurance that don’t take care of themselves. Then when they have no self control over pain management we blame others for their actions. Should State Farm be forced to insure someone with multiple DUIs? No because they obviously have a problem. Same applies here. Thanks left wing.


  13. Who is the money going to help? The lawyers?

  14. So these people had never known anyone to take opioids, never turned on a T.V, radio or read a newspaper since the mid nineties and also were prescribed opioids by a doctor who just told em, "Take these! There's no side effects or chance of addiction" ? This is a cash grab like a mother fucker.. How about personal responsibility? I have a bad back, I took em, I got hooked on em. I quit em. No one is to blame but me

  15. Are the U.S tax payers paying for these settlements? Of the PEOPLE always pay right? Again screwing U.S citizens over trillions of dollars….sick and evil people

  16. Sadly the prescription opioid crisis is a lie, so all I see this as is disgraceful. Make sure you research things before cheering it on, that's the same mistake the left is famous for.


    I’m not impressed 🧐

  18. The Sackler family owns part of tel Aviv University..gave nothing back to the host country

  19. It's funny but it's not.. you know out in the streets when they bust a drug Pusher they go to jail. But these pharmaceutical companies they just pay out the money and walk away. But the people that have died and their families suffer the money does not bring them back. And what about China I bet they will never have to stand and face a judge for the drugs that they are sending over here as well. As long as the American people are dying China Iran those countries that cannot stand us are very happy. It's disgusting and Nancy Pelosi and her gang are all for impeachment but she's not fighting the war that's killing the American people what a sloppy old windbag all of the Democrats truly are the worried about taking guns away the worried about overthrowing a president that we the people voted in. But they're not worried about saving American lives they are discussed in this country disgraceful and disgusting. Vote them out.

  20. This opioid epidemic was minuscule, but then we invaded Afghanistan and got to the poppy and it has taken off like a plague. Gods punishment for harming the protectors known as al Qaeda. Uncle sam i am Lucifer is using the poppy for evil.

  21. Yeah bland the company making the product . Not the losers miss using them . They will just go back to crack . Then who will you blame

  22. With the victims and families left in the cold and the Federal Government not reimbursed for all the money thrown at the Opioid crisis, the states are like vultures using the blood money for their own valueless purposes.

  23. Everyone with hand in cookie jar

  24. And it's reciprocal of the exploitors generations of millennials🍰🍼🍯🥧?

    Melania hit the opening bell of the stock market with UN kids. That's union🍌🍒 kid's like millennials🤗

  25. WOW Opioid epidemic under Obama swept under the rug ASAP, what is the first I’ve heard of it in the lawsuit is settled? Main producer declares bankruptcy after off shoring all their money? Seriously?!

  26. Natural selection just working on the gene pool.

  27. TEVA poisoned me with clonazepam.

  28. just settle with a lifetime supply of opioids for these druggies – that will keep them happy

  29. Walgreens needs to take a massive hit! Two separate pharmacies filled the wrong Rx for my anti rejection kidneys meds. When I challenged them on their critical error, they instructed me to call corporate, (lots a good that would do.)

  30. I hate to say I am not surprised. Keep that drug money flowing…

  31. None of these super predators ever go to jail, the game is rigged.
    Young and black to jail you go, old and fat just get fatter
    It is time for a social reset.

  32. SETTELEMENT? oopsie fox's spell checker!!!

  33. People who take these drugs and don't stop are the ones at fault. We have to have pain meds for severe problems. We cannot sue every Pharma for the stupidity of individuals. Yes some Doctors fail to recognize addiction so they should not be allowed to write scripts for these meds.

  34. Vote the DNC Out- Show up Conservatives!

  35. This is like paying a $1 fine for murdering somebody.

  36. The Imported Doctors of the Obama Administration could careless! Another way to dispose of a sales force! 
    Pain! Pill for that! Vote the DSC/DNC OUT! & RINO’s too! So Corporate welfare? GOOD!

  37. Love Fox Business as long as Maria is sailing the ship. Wish they would not use so-called 'Judge' Napolitano's opinion on ANYTHING. He just can't be trusted as a left leaning idealist. Can him.

  38. Big Pharma always wins Vs The People. We are only guinea pigs for them.

  39. Yay! Landmark opioid settlement for peanuts has been reached! Multi-billion dollar drug companies literally got away with thousands of murders. Oh HAPPY DAY!

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