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Landmark Study Could Change How Stable Heart Disease Is Treated | NBC Nightly News

Medication and lifestyle changes alone may be more effective than surgery, a global clinical trial found.
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Landmark Study Could Change How Stable Heart Disease Is Treated | NBC Nightly News


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  1. That's awesome you should have surgery if is necessary 😊

  2. most allopathic dr's don't know squat about what the 'right' foods etc are for a persons health….they may give you a hand out sheet..but they jump right for the big pharma drugs….pfft….nor do they understand about natural medicines…

  3. statins are really awful for you…the side effects lead to more big pharma….do your research people….and you make the decisions….tell your dr what you are planning to do as far as changes go…and if they balk about it…find a new dr….gl

  4. The safety health are a bargain..

  5. more fake news from Jose Diaz-Balart

  6. The Pharmaconsern (Manufactures) need Money again at our expence ! Those Statin's cause more bodily harm than Heart Disease ! PAIN in all LIMBS that you can hardly move, slower memory problem's, they are not telling us that ! check other Europien study's before taking that Poision !!🤔

  7. Whole Foods plant based diet and exercise should be encouraged first

  8. Statins are terrible for you. I'd rather have the surgery than take poison everyday.

  9. This study evidently paid for by the manufacturers of statin drugs. Nothing new here.
    Google statin drugs. LOTS of information on how bad they truly are.

  10. what they don't tell you is about the CONSTIPATION from the pain killers after, Or the shoulder pain from the gas they pump into you to have room to tool around in your body.
    There is SO much they don't tell you, when you're lying on a gurney incoherent having to make a life decision.

  11. My pops had hypertension since his late teens, even though he was in good shape, and was treated with prescription medications. When things got really bad for him, about a decade ago, he refused to have surgery. He had a fatal heart attack in his sleep this year, at the age of 76. I inherited hypertension and am on medication. I will have a stent put in place if my health deteriorates and my doctor thinks it's the best avenue to take.

  12. Nobody should have surgery unless it is life threatening. The 💊 & a daily 🚶& 🍎 = Life !

  13. Have had a stent for 12+ years and been on the meds too. Was not done in the US. Old news to me.

  14. Google Dr. Carolyn Dean for more text, too long of an article for the comments section.
    Today's Wellness Tip From the Future…with Dr. Carolyn Dean

    Complex Metabolic Patients

    A Medscape Continuing Medical Education Case Study introduced the topic of Complex Metabolic Patients. What does allopathic medicine recommend to deal with metabolic complexity where patients suffer a dangerous combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease? Their solution is to educate doctors to “improve statin management in patients with complex metabolic disease by using patient-centered strategies to minimize glucose and new-onset diabetes risks as well as statin intolerance.” They also announce that “…we have 9 classes of medications now that have outcomes data to show reduced risk of CVD.”

    How many times have I sounded the death knell of statins? Probably over one hundred times in various articles, blogs, books and radio shows. But statins are still the “go to” drug of allopathetic medicine!

    Here’s a common scenario that I’ve heard from countless patients. You’ve been under even more stress than usual but it’s time for your annual physical. Your blood pressure is high but it’s always a bit high when you go to the doctor. However, the new physician’s assistant (PA) looks at your chart and insists that it’s time you took medication because it was only going to get worse with age. You are scared by what the PA says and take the prescription for a diuretic (that depletes magnesium) and go back for a follow up visit in a month. Your blood pressure is even higher and the PA says “Look, we caught it just in time, but now you need two more drugs.” both of which cause magnesium deficiency. After another two months you go back for blood tests to make sure your liver can handle the drugs and “out of the blue” your cholesterol and blood sugar are both high for the first time. The PA says it’s just part of the disease progression and puts you on another 2-3 drugs. It’s the downward spiral of magnesium-deficiency-induced heart disease. That spiral will keep spinning out of control unless you begin taking therapeutic amounts of magnesium and work with your doctor to slowly wean off these unnecessary medications.

    I, personally define cardiometabolic patients as having Total Body Meltdown and recommend a protocol of stabilized ionic minerals (ReMag, ReMyte, Pico Silver); food-based and methylated B’s, and amino acids that are precursors to glutathione production (ReAline); life force and perfect cell enhancers (RnA ReSet Drops and ReStructure). BAM! Lo and Behold that approach works – people feel better and get better and their lives are restored as they support the structure and function of their body.

    The article laments that “We know that there's a big problem out here in our country today, and it's called Cardiometabolic Disease…Unfortunately, it covers over one-third of the population, and more unfortunately, the older you get (over 60 years of age), the more likely you are to have this metabolic issue that can lead to cardiovascular disease. These components are any 3 of the following: hypertension, impaired glucose and lipid metabolism, excess belly fat, or obesity, and (they can also have) inflammation.”

  15. https://www.amazon.com/Sinatra-Solution-Stephen-T-ebook/dp/B004JZXGQW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514911484&sr=8-1&keywords=metabolic+cardiology+dr+sinatra

    CrystalTop Contributor: Sewing
    5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing way to improve cardiac function
    February 29, 2016
    Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
    I'm not sure why Amazon is carrying this book since it is geared more for the medical community. I am a retired Critical Care RN and I found some of the info to be over my head in spite of my training and education post graduation. That said, I have to say it is one of the most valuable books I've ever read. My husband has non-ischemic cardiomyopathy secondary to a viral infection. He's had some medical issues recently after a 7 yr benign course. All of his MDs have been amazed by his ability to carry on with his daily activities such as building a room on the house, bush-hogging acreage with his 40 HP tractor, taking care of 2 homes and a pecan orchard. He's never needed supplemental oxygen despite an ejection fraction of 20-25. I decided to have a look at what this doctor had to say. Most drugs given for this problem relate to the muscle function as a whole, not to the cellular function of the muscle tissue. This book addresses the cellular function. Those of you who took biology may remember the Krebs cycle as well as ATP and mitochondrial function. That's what this is all about.

    Bottom line is that Dr Sinatra recommends 4 supplements to improve cardiac health: CoEnzyme Q10, l-carnitine, magnesium and d-ribose. My husband had been on CoQ10 since 1991 for oral health (his dentist died. New dentist looked at old chart & thought he was looking at a different patient). He has also been taking magnesium for 15 yrs or so. Both of these contributed, I feel, to the fact that he functions at a higher level than would be expected for his ejection fraction (the % of blood pumped out thru the aorta from the left ventricle of the heart). Normal EF is 55-65%.
    If you know someone who has difficulty functioning because of heart disease, this would be a good book to read and try the supplements. They are all over the counter and do not react with any prescription meds that I have been able to discover. I mentioned this book to one of my husband's MDs (nephrologist) and he wrote down the name of it and asked the nurse to order a copy for the office. There are many references in the book to various studies and the journals they were reported in. I checked some of them and all were exactly as quoted. I bought the Kindle version because it was cheaper but plan on getting a hard copy for other members of my family to read since I'm NOT loaning out my much loved Kindle!

    UPDATE 4/22/16: I just found out from the nephrologist's office RN, a friend of mine, that he really did buy the book; read it and is now recommending the 4 supplements to all his pts who have cardiac disease. Since then I have purchased a complete set of the nutrients and had them sent to a close friend who also has cardiomyopathy from an MI. I will continue to make sure both hubby & friend stay on this combo as long as they are alive. Can't wait to see what Dec. scheduled ECHO will show on hubby.

    UPDATE 12/31/2016: Just got back from Houston where hubby had another ECHO done. Reading by same MD as in Feb 2016 shows an increase of his Ejection Fraction to 30%. Prior ECHOs had all been about the same as listed above. This is the first improvement since 2009 when he was diagnosed. The only real change was the addition of the 4 nutrients. All the rest of his meds have been maintenance for many years. All I can say is that after 52 yrs of marriage, I'm not letting him get out of this marriage if I can help it! LOL

  16. 💙💙💙👍 02-20'-19

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