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LAPD: Tiger Woods’ car crash caused by high speed, hit tree

Los Angeles County authorities said speed caused Tiger Woods’ rollover car crash that left the famous golfer seriously injured on Feb. 23. Woods was driving over 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. what caused the stolen votes?

  2. Zero empathy now….he did this to himself

  3. Wait what??? No special treatment. Twice the speed limit but No charges???? Was he drunk????
    I call bull crap

  4. Typically L A cops getting paid to be quite!

  5. That's a lie ,he was drunk!

  6. No blood work to check for drugs because there wasn't any visible containers, no witness but it's proven that he was driving double the speed, and not even a citation? No special treatment, ya right!

  7. These are the same policemen that took pictures of Kobe Bryant’s dead body.

  8. Drugs alcohol and reckless driving don't mix

  9. What a sham. Woods crashes into woods, no ticket for the high and mighty👼🏽

  10. Now he is free to get behind the wheel again, and put the public in danger.

  11. Woods driving was unsafe but not reckless…seriously? 🥴

  12. 88 MPH in a 45 MPH zone and no citation? Looks like this is either black supremacy favoritism or it was because the police didn't want to have their police station burned down by BLM?

  13. It's almost miraculous that he didn't hit anyone during that crash. Assuming that that is normal traffic behind Matt Gutman at 2:30 at least…

  14. G Floyd and T Woods one thing that is consistent is cops are CORRUPTED in both cases. From the top up.

  15. Yeah so tiger sure seems like a wholesome, standup dude all around….😒

  16. Reckless driving excessive speed – no ticket and yet they say no special treatment. BS

  17. Iol. Let’s all of us normal people try this. Let’s see what happens. TW and law enforcement burn in hell

  18. Dude, I can’t drive, I understand the panic. Once I over did it getting out of one fence I crossed the street and hit another fence, panic is blinding.
    Bless you dude! I love you Tiger!

  19. HE needs to be arrested.

  20. There goes the warranty's on that SUV

  21. Speeding but no fine???? Don’t blame the road or he’s suing the city for badly designed road

  22. Hit golf balls with the speed of your stroke…..not trees with the speed of your car.

  23. No witnesses??? How about all of us watching just this video?? Let alone the investigators!! Good grief! Almost sounds like a suicide attempt? God bless your soul and help you to heal in more ways than one. 🙏🤕😔

  24. They gave him special treatment just because he a celebrity wonder wut happen it turn out he if he hit and kill someone

  25. Not even a speeding ticket.

  26. Talk about special treatment. He was speeding and could have killed someone. He is a complete loser.

  27. They should have said it straight.
    Mr Tiger :
    – won this and that tournament,
    – is worth this much,
    – knows this and that guy.
    The verdict could only be INNOCENT

  28. It would appear based on the comments here that everyone other than the cops can see he is obviously getting the special Tiger treatment. 140kmh in a 70 zone. I just hope next time he does not kill innocent people.

    The YouTube court has spoken and we say…. Special treatment 😡

  29. What B.S. They didn't do any drug and alchohol testing on his word? Simply unbelievable. No one else could get away with that.

  30. 100% self-inflicted. So stupid! He should be very grateful that no one else was hurt in his recklessness. The report didn't say if they tested his blood for any substances. Perhaps they did, but just didn't mention in this report. Found it strange the officer only reported not finding anything in the vehicle and never mentioned testing Tiger's blood. Perhaps it doesn't matter as he seems to be cleared.

  31. Way to cover up the the pain meds in his system making him fall asleep at the wheel. Everyone knows that's what happened yet noone wants to speak it.

  32. “No preferential treatment”. I call BS on that one. It’s reckless driving and in most states at minimum you lose your drivers license.

  33. "In other news, an extremely large donation has been made to the Policemen's Benevolent Association…"

  34. think not getting a reckless driving ticket is preferential treatment.

  35. He's a bad driver. That comes from his Asian side.

  36. No charges and no special treatment?

  37. When your judgement is impaired, it's hard to keep it on the fairway…

  38. The fact that he was speeding and Sorry for my judgement but the brand of vehicle has much to do with how bad it turned out including his injuries ! Due to Genesis Hyundai policies I’m sure they’re not allowed to say the vehicle was not well equipped to sustain such an impact …. if he had been in an Escalade or even a Toyota he would’ve been in better shape….

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