Sunday , October 24 2021
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Lara Logan: Biden admin 'prepping the battlefield' for an attack on America soil

‘Lara Logan Has No Agenda’ host blasts Biden’s border plan on ‘Kennedy’ #FoxBusiness
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  1. Where’s a crazed lone gunman when you need one?

  2. US is doomed, beginning with the indoctrination of the new generation, telling them that communism is the answer to their poor educated minds, that everything will be better if they renounce and betray their own people, their own families and friends.
    In my opinion there is not place for people like that.
    And this brainless carcass that US has as a president, handing over the entire country to a tyrannical foreign government.
    New generation is going to pay with their lives for their stupidity, well after all it was the plan all along, make them more idiots and not fight for what is right.
    And is not about just USA, no, is about the entire American continent, because Europe has already paying the price, the big example is Australia, where there is not more freedom of any kind.
    So now for the US since we know the true patriots will not surrender, a big civil war is coming in the horizon or something much worse perhaps.

  3. What happened to the 27 thousand Mexican Soldiers ? Oh yeah, Biden told them to stand down….

  4. If this is true, the whitehouse and his cabinet and congress other than the Freedom Caucus should be first casualties…. The citizens should NOT PAY for what Obama, OBiden, and Nasty Nancy Piglosy CAUSED…… THEY SHOULD BE TARGET ONE, NOT CIVILIANS…

  5. Another perpetual "Groundhog Day" day in the once great USA. All this in 9 months?

  6. Sadly, Lara is right. All the charities and veterans groups will be blamed for bringing terrorists here when it is the state department that flooded planes with unvetted people. Conservative and christian organizations will be vilified again.

  7. This is his plan? How ashamed do we have to become before we take matters into our own hands

  8. Why hasn't bin biden been impeached. Because of the terrorists and incompetent democrats and Republicans that's why!!!!!

  9. Pedophiles are winners with all the illigals children being dumped in border! Thank you Biden !

  10. We all know, end of the US, not the world under Mr. Biden.
    Don't you know those people waiting to celebrate Mr Biden birthday….. will cover-up by cnn, msnbc, abc, etc

  11. Legal usa citizens that are legal to do so. Arm up and carry wherever you go. That should be mandatory!

  12. F u Beijing Joe and Dems. U r the enemy within.

  13. Close the border permanently. Remove illegals. Finish the wall. Vote all congress out on both sides that are not on board with Americans first the tax payers

  14. NO. 10,320 Are THERE Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The founding fathers and mothers are rattling their Sabers in the Graves. The fallen during the Civil War are rattling their Sabers to.

  16. This is not immigration this is invasion. Where is our military? Our southern border should have a soldier every three feet. No entry period.

  17. Easy to see what they are doing! What an evil group!!

  18. All this flooding of outsiders has only one purpose behind it, to get 10s of thousands of dem 'voters' in as many red states for one reason, to put themselves (dems) as the only political party in charge.

    This is tandem to an open (secret but out in the open) war on all Americans. The dems have in private decided they want to wipe away all Americans that know their rights and replace them with essentially slaves that will live with no rights and under terrible conditions.

    Mark my words. You kids that think the dems care about you try again. Your future means nothing to them.

  19. It’s irrelevant if the families are well behaved, etc.
    They have no business being here.
    EDIT- All of these people that have come here since January 2021 must be deported.

  20. Democrats are PUBLIC ENEMY #1 Everything they touch TURNS TO SHIZzzzz GoFigR ⚠️☠️‼️ The Entire Biden Administration should RESIGN IN SHAME ⚠️☠️⚠️ pathetic ALL ‼️

  21. Biden and Pelosi should be in jail

  22. Fox is weak. Fox is oppo in disguise. They showed the abandoned babies (probably fake news because those people would have grabbed those babies in a heartbeat to sell or exploit) to help the obiden admin justify over throwing our country.

  23. Stop showing symphathy photos show pictures of the 10k or more invasion border rapist murderers drug carriers

  24. Global reset. Take out Texas and then it's easier for bin biden to give America away

  25. Destroying the country right in front of us.

  26. Amen sister!
    Finally someone is getting it!
    They are prepping a attack on Americans she’s right! Dam I live her clear perspective!!

  27. It is looking more and more that is going to take a civil war to save this nation. Right now our only hope of saving this nation is that the Democrats suffer devastating defeats in the next two elections if that doesn't happen, a civil war is the only hope

  28. Wow still no action on this. Unbelievable. When will this country ever unite to expel this criminal administration?

  29. Yes and they are all spreading covid amongst them!! Being vaccinated is being forced Yukon us or lose your job yet Biden has allowing millions of illegals to enter our country unvaccinated!! So Americans lose their jobs and illegals get free food housing etc on other dime! All people want is for those people to come in legally add it should be!!

  30. Biden is destroying America on behalf of China we are under occupation do you realize yet?

  31. "Well disciplined" = sedated. "Loving, caring" = Trafficked. Fox is as bad as the rest of MSM.

  32. Biden is prepping the battlefield of his own creation.

  33. Please remember, Lara Logan was reprimanded for inaccurate reporting on 60 minutes.

  34. American is being invaded by immigrants armed with babies and drugs! And our government is letting it happen. Don’t wait till it effects you personally to do something because then it’s too late!

  35. This us who those people are!! The jerk president created

  36. The republicans love this cheap labor coming here Lara! You sure are a slow learner, lara?

  37. Biden & his entire cartel needs to be removed immediately

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