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Lara Trump: 2020 will be a landslide victory

Trump 2020 senior campaign adviser Lara Trump on the two mass shootings, why she feels the president will win reelection and the 2020 Democrats’ policies.

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  1. The alternatives to Trump are Apocalyptic. This is the first President that I can remember who has in his own albeit quirky way, stood up for the West. Not just the U.S. but indirectly for all other countries (particularly in Europe) against the dire aspirations to world domination of the Chinese and to a lesser degree Russia. Just read history for an understanding of all Marxist, Socialist, Totalitarian systems. Nothing must stand in the way of continuing a policy of Fairer Trade, Protection of Borders, Quality immigration and Free Enterprise. The Social Media and Tech giants must also be reigned in so that their excessive power to influence voters which is an existential threat to the continued success of Western Democracy cannot continue. No other politicians on either side of the fence have ever been so consistent in attempting to deliver what they've promised against all odds. He has his faults but no one said you had to invite him over for dinner. Donald Trump in a 2020 Landslide is an absolute necessity!

  2. The Hate Comes From The Demrats,And The Fake News , People Believe The Lies The Demrats Say About The President, But It,s Not The President, It,s The Nasty Jealous, Evil, Demrats, That Don,t Respect The President, America’s Know The Truth, That’s Why We Are Vote For The President, To Stop All This Stupidity And Clean Our Government, And Only The President Can Do That With God Help, And America’s, Who Love This Country, Amen,🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I honestly don’t see how trump can lose especially after recent events and if by some chance he did lose the rest of the world will mock you

  4. Trump make hundreds of thousands of people broke in shutdown He didn’t do anything In his first run why would he now

  5. Oh great! fox biased news

  6. Trump literally says he opposes bigotry and white supremacy, yet the media will probably never comment on that.

  7. does that mean that all it takes for "someone" 's gun to be taken away is "someone" else to complain?

  8. Wtf am I watching?? Delusional women.

  9. After watching YG's Meet The Flockers,I will vote Trump again in 2020

  10. he created the difficult time…. the hell ?

  11. Trump should win by a landslide!!
    I mean really, The Dems are deplorables… Really!!
    I'm worried that they don't care what they do, because their going to fix the election!!! I really think they are so deplorable, that that's the final plan. Steal the election by cheating! Stay Strong America 💪
    The Dems are getting violent!
    Cooler heads will prevail! God Bless Our President 🙏 & God Bless America!

  12. Fox, why are you continuing to blame video games for this? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m a Republican but there’s no empirical data to support that and you ostracize a huge new group of young conservatives that have been picked up in the last few years. It’s not wise, and, it’s just not true. If somebody kills someone else because, “Call of Duty,” there was a problem with them to begin with.

  13. Lara trump you are drinking the same koolaid . Your so delusional . You guys get off the pity party and everyone has to go to bat for trump . He created this sad situation and for you to keep protecting him by ironically blaming Obama for everything can’t you stop pointing your crooked finger at anyone other than yourselves you are mental , within this circus show your enabling a sick individual is he that weak that he can’t defend himself . Listen hear , Lara there’s a problem , your president and his hateful agenda created another deadly result , trump can fake it you can fake it , but we all see what’s happening it’s the performance of a lifetime continuously conning America getting Americans to promote a conman lining his pockets , creating divides while trump family values suck up the oxygen we breathe . Give us a break your unfit your over your head your patronization of American intelligence alarms us to think you can pull off this charade of ineffective leadership all tangled up in lies and cash grabbing misleading public on anything you deem is secret . You’ve decided trump is a dynasty of royal dictators . Liberals are not the problem you are . You will lose even if you allow Russia to rig it again u will lose like no one has lost ever , you’ve lost the women by not being one , you’ve lost the race, by race baiting , you’ve lost Americans by conspiring with countries hostile to democratic government , by putting your hand out for handouts , you’ve left America divided in your hate , you’ve left a huge deficit taxpayers will pay , you’ve proven to be weak in international deal making north Korea a sideshow with nothing to show but embarrassing acts of weakness in ineffective leadership . You embarrassed us internationally , colluded with criminal enterprises and policy wrapped up in rewards not for country but for your own profit , you have escaped consequences for crimes and lies and would do anything to win . You have disgraced American interests caged children cruel treatment of humankind . Your still standing with your hand out begging for money and will grip power til you suck the very life out of us til American dreams die in your each like trump businesses die hollowed out , leaving it emptied of wealth while escaping with all of its greatness by your greed and inability to lead or govern. Your hijacking of America is apparently your plan , but you’ve forgotten while you have been running your con in America that you have few months left to stand in place of other past great leaders , your time in office is short , before you risk going in tv and daring us to replace you ask yourself why you feel you deserve the great honor you were granted while you’ve only gloated and bullied , divided , you will be best by a major landslide and we smile because we know your too ineffective to see your reflection dimming in the distance, too self centered to see you’ve already lost . We know something you don’t know it’s what a loser looks like when they are too distracted and intelligent to see you can’t win anything looking down your nose at the people that let you in . Your too blown up by your own reflection you can’t see thedamage your presence and lack of value and character and lack of exoerience have caused only attempted success blind to reality and not smart enough to see what we see we know we are tired of your reality show trump parade and tantrum driven administration and swamp monster side show to know weve already won the whitehouse back . Your gone like a bad dream before you start bragging to your minions just don’t change the curtains , leave the valuable White House treasure in the safe it belongs to us and leave the light on when you leave and leave all the keys . Your gone

  14. Wait… people actually believe this? 😂

  15. After she got married she starred a little bit smiling

  16. I sure hope you win again, this country will be destroyed if you do not. Millions of us are rooting for you President Trump.

  17. Trump Screws with 2nd Amendment & we won't Need a President. He wants Jewish Domination by 2020 & that can't happen with Christian's still Armed. We know what your doing Trump. The Election will be rigged but if it wasn't you would lose because of your lies about being a Constitutionalist. Trumps an Imperialist. The Last President because he is now a Dictator. Trump will announce he's Jewish after the 2020 Election if he wins. He will proclaim himself Emperor.

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