Sunday , October 24 2021
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Lara Trump: It is 'absolutely terrible' to see this

Fox Business contributor discusses the president’s immigration plan on ‘Fox Business Tonight’ #FoxBusiness
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  1. This is for judge Jeanine you are so sexy

  2. If laughter is truly the best medicine then Biden has probably cured cancer in Russia and China!!

  3. Don’t worry Joe has it all under control

  4. And again I Say Stop the ability to Let Congress do anything Let. The Military Stop 🛑🛑🛑 the INVASION

  5. Lara would deport JESUS for invading the us with no papers.

  6. Send them back immediately !.
    They trying to push Texans patriotic Comiunity by sending ilegal immigrants.
    This Administration is completely failure and ilegal to the bone !.
    We still believe and love legitimate president of USA Donald Trump.

  7. If they can't work or eat. They will steal.

  8. Let's face it. Our government is trying to breed out white Americans.

  9. They don’t care until their gov money is cut off!!!

  10. Taliban Joe is doing what he does best… Killing people!

  11. All of this illegal surge and illegals entering our country is due to the Biden regime in the puppeteers. They are destroying our country deliberately. We need President Trump back in the White House!

  12. It does not help much if you hold Biden accountable. He will be in a nursing home soon, anyway. Who made Biden the president? Who told you to vote for Biden?
    Do not let liars slip.

  13. It is time to get “Project Veritas Methodology Approach” to start getting in the Biden.Administration and every elected Congressional member, including republicans, faces and start asking the real questions. The Regime Media will hide it forever.

  14. So true. Shameful. Joe Biden is useless. Please get him out of playing President. That is all he does.

  15. some shove a dirty sock in that one's mouth…just shut up crazy no morals grifter

  16. Everything this Biden Harris communist regime has done is antiamerican, corrupt and filled with lies. It's horrible what they've done and continue to do and with the support of the communist msm that airs daily on tv, radio etc. To promote their actions against our country and people

  17. Lara Trump we were all so happy when your father was president now we're sad mad confused worried and even depressed of what is happening God bless us all God bless America Amen

  18. They are trying to create new Americans because they know they lost the support of the American people !!!!

  19. They should have an early cinco de mayo if they're going to cluster at the border like that….Biden is creating future democrat voters.

  20. Who really abandoned those children ?

  21. Joe Biden, the most incompetent president in history. He is the worst American leader of all time. Joe Biden is incompetent. He has never had his own business where he had to actually make money.

  22. I cannot wait for the 2022 and 2024 elections to vote against every Democrat.

  23. Laura Trump did not engineer the Coved 19 virus. Doctor Faucci did.

  24. Those are Haiti's citizens and it's all strategically planned by the Globalist who are running America into the ground

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