Sunday , November 29 2020
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Lara Trump talks Nancy Pelosi, Ellen defending friendship with Bush

Lara Trump, a Trump 2020 senior adviser, discusses her hope for a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill to lower drug prices.

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  1. Wait a moment. If someone has a different idea as Trump, guess what will happen????
    And who makes nasty, very mean comments on Twitter to opponents? C'mon! Don't play Angel when you're the Devil.

  2. Nancy MUST DO SOMETHING. She knows people are sick of the Dems BLOCKING EVERYTHING

  3. Bush is a war criminal no wonder she likes him, when will America wake up??

  4. Lara is exactly right. To me, the MSM has fomented more lies, slander, hatred, violence, and even the killing of police officers. They all have sold their very souls for a paycheck. Not a good epitaph. Lara's a great woman, wife, and mother. Eric is blessed. And so is America's DJ!

  5. When we Americans have tragedies, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes tornados terrorist attacks, and other things that bring this country together we don't look at religion we don't look you color we don't look at political parties we Unite and help our sisters and brothers through all tragedies, here or abroad, and it's sad that it takes these tragedies for us to unite and stand together.
    God bless America!!

  6. Does anyone care if the rockets are broadcasted in china ? Yay, nay?

  7. I grew up on social media’s , ppl are looking for a zinger comment but lack the ability to convey their message. It must not feel good being pent up

  8. All this stuff is phony. Blah… blah….Work together. Ah lets have Bush and Ellen be friends Awe…so sad. The report today found Bush Administration didn't have any evidence of WMD. Also Nancy Pelosi should be in jail! Only Tuckers words truthful. PHONY.


  10. o mind you look at how much bigger of a giant Laura Trump is then that other female

  11. wake up you f**** idiots Ellen is related to George Bush just like they're all related to the trumps

  12. Funny how the dummycrats created the environment we live in and it's the dummycrats attacking other dummycrats that are creating the anger..

  13. Drugs are 60% to 93% silicon dioxide, calcium chloride or gelatin. They are just placebos passed on as medicine. "Civilizations" are spreading diabetes and distributing salt as the cure!

  14. Pelosi wants to replace our beloved President. She is dreaming. Leftists will never be in WH again. This is a capitalist nation and American people will fight for our President elected for us. God bless America and our President. Please pray for him.

  15. Lara Trump is freekin AWESOME!!


  17. Imagine an America where your doctor chooses to treat you based on your political view. Or an ER that determines your treatment based on your political view. Or a restaurant that refuses to serve you based on your political view. Or being allowed in a movie theater based on your political views. Or a store allowing you to purchase things based on your political views. Think this is nonsense or exaggeration? Wait till five years from now and tell me I’m wrong.

  18. President Trump's election didn't create this venom and vitriol online. It merely exposed it.

  19. They have done NOTHING. Just lie to the American people, and wasting money our tax money, Trump has the victory 2020trump

  20. Lara certainly has alot more depth than Eric. Eric is always like, "my father" this, and "my father" that. Dude, who the hell talks like that?

  21. A Christmas present to America: A Trump resignation or put behind bars

  22. A great journalist and host!

  23. The treasonous left have been taken over by socialists and communists. It is an attack by foreign governments.

  24. Ellen is a venomous snake. Bush let the snake in and he will get bitten.

  25. When djt refuses to start a war they try and impeach him, so pelosi, schiff and schummrr are snake people.

  26. The Democrats are dividing the country with their fake impeachment and will be punished by the American People for that with a landslide RE-ELECTION of President Trump and Democrats LOSING the House as well.

  27. When are humans going to become human?!

  28. This is Al Gore's fault. He invented the internet and educated patriots across the world. The conservative are smarter and that scares them.

    Dismantle the CIA & THE FEDERAL BANK
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 GOLD STANDARD 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. That's wishful thinking the Democrats are singing if I only had a brain i would be happy

  31. Mix emotions about Ellen. Glad to see her sitting with Bush and defending it. On the other hand comments she made about Trump. Hypocritical? Pelosi is spineless and condescending.

  32. Trump is the biggest spender to inhabit the office in the last (50) years. In the last (90) days the net debt of the federal government is up by (600) billion dollars. In 90 days, not a year, not a presidential term, in 90 days. That's how out of control this thing is.Trump has increased his four budgets, I'm talking about spending now. I'm not going after the tax cuts that didn't work, which were a bust. I am talking about spending, (185) billion per year in the (4) budgets he has put into place. If you put the same dollars in purchasing power, that is 2019 dollars, the numbers for Clinton 40bn a year, Obama 75bn year , & Bush 120bn a year.
    Trump is just in a league of his own. The national debt is now 22.7 trillion.

    Americans on average spent more on taxes in 2018 than they did on the basic necessities of food, clothing and health care combined, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey. In 2018, according to Table R-1, American consumer units spent an average of $9,031.93 on federal income taxes; $5,023.73 on Social Security taxes (which the table calls "deductions"); $2,284.62 on state and local income taxes; $2,199.80 on property taxes; and $77.85 on what BLS calls "other taxes."

    The combined payments the average American consumer unit made for these five categories of taxes was $18,617.93.

  33. Ellen sold her worthless little soul a long time ago, just like Oprah. .

  34. Thank You Laura Trump ! PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT…TRUMP 2020…

  35. Both of you live in a bubble surrounded by armed guards. antifa attacks people and in some areas people cannot wear their MAGA hats without fear of being beaten up (as many others have been) There was a guy in NYC just the other day who was beaten u;p because he wore a red MAGA hat.

  36. Pelosi wont work with Trump or share credit.
    She wants to be president by impeaching everyone.

  37. Does anyone here think even a little bit that the Bush cartel was not the same as the Clinton cartel? They shared Comey all the time and the Bush family's roots are neck deep with the Nazis. It's all easily researched yet never talked about. Why?

  38. Talk about hypocrisy, LOL.

  39. Nancy needs to shrug off the socialists, then work with Trump, otherwise, there wont be another Democrat in office in decades ir ever. As a Democrat that turned Republican. Wont stand by the crazy.

  40. Both of them are proven liars..I will never trust another Bush unless its burning and talks.

  41. Bush is a murderer. Trump 2020

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