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Larkin leads the way for Stars with fighting knock | KFC BBL|10

Nick Larkin led the way for the Stars while wickets tumbled around him to give his side a fighting chance, scoring 70 off 44


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  1. Leads the way or edged the way! 😀

  2. Watch andrew tie warried shot in my channel 😳😳

  3. Larkin should be selected for NZ t20s because anyways top players would play in the sa tour

  4. Maxwell changed the match one side

  5. This time Stars will choke before finala

  6. Larkin plays well every game from last season

  7. He smashes them through first slip like no other

  8. Larkin will very quickly make his debut in International Cricket.

  9. 💯% that NCN will go unsold . 8crs last year 😵

  10. Again alone hand innings by Larkin. Gave his team a great chance to win but other teammates refused that.
    Anyway superb innings 👌👌

  11. "" Any school and college students here..

  12. gotta feel for Ahmed. repeatedly caught him off guard with the googlies but only for the ball to go the fence

  13. Edgey innings 😂😂😂

  14. Now some desparate fans will come and say : He should be picked by RCB or CSK, if he enters the IPL auction.

  15. Viewers on bbl videos
    98% Indians
    1% Australians
    1% Pakistan's

  16. Bbl me sabse kam run finch ke hau

  17. So accha here also first view boy came

  18. So nicely played 😇😴😉😆

  19. Harsh on Melbourne Stars They Gave Everything They Have But Still Didn't Won The Match

  20. """"any+ collage+& +school students+ here """"❣️💞😘

  21. First view and comment let’s go

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