Larry Kudlow: Biden is desperately trying to put out this political fire

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow slams the president’s border policies on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Democrats kryptonite is hearing their own words

  2. What a stupid thing for a president to say we're not going to build a wall to protect America oh, he's responsible for 100,000 Americans dying from fentanyl by leaving the Border open


  4. Love your show Mr kudlow unlike some one sided CNBC news channel out there an yes slow joe hippocracy Biden needs to be out let him go back to his nap an someone needs to step in an undo his Idiocracy him an his team has created let's make our country strive Mr Independent here saying keep up the good work

  5. When china invades and takes over they’ll build one hellof a wall there famous for it.

  6. The DNC rogues will "build the wall" now because the TRUE people they want to invade the nation and WAIT FOR ORDERS are already here. Blood are going to flow in the streets. This is what happens when we elect a DRAGON to be the president. Biden is a SCORPIO dragon and the DNC is the dark power behind it.


  8. I didnt start anything, I was caring for my late elderly cancer patent Mother for 10 years.
    You all attacked a personal care attendant volunteer for caring for a cancer patient.
    You all hate disabled cancer patients and the people who help them.
    I want all home invading of my apartment to end permanently now.
    I request that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress please circulate this comment.

  9. Wall + Combat Engineers+ Regular Infantry+ Fixed Bayonets= Secure Border

  10. Biden is a lying idiot.

  11. Biden is synonymous with Stupid

  12. I want Biden (and his cronies, including 3rd term Obama) to go on their knees and actually BEG FORGIVENESS and SAY they've been so WRONG !!!!!! They have caused a human tragedy, which will NOT be forgotten or forgiven by the American people !!!

  13. Geez he's clueless and useless

  14. Get rid of this guy biden? He is a big loser hurting our country!

  15. I think your statement, Biden, that there will not be another foot of wall built is not number one, but rather number two, much like you. This guy does an excellent job of leading from two years behind, pun intended…

  16. Bidens only doing it. Because someone told him it'll help his campaign.
    That old trash only cares about keeping his very part time job

  17. Everything he said were all lies all along, n he didn’t do 1 thing he said What about the 2,000 dollar stimulus n the 200!a mth for SS

  18. I say all the governors of the boarder states keep building that wall. I’d keep it low key and finish it asap! I’ll come help!!

  19. We don't need some old rubber lipped tv whatever to give advice for anything
    Republicans need to clean house like they are doing

  20. Seems to me they also cancelled the contracts to construct the wall and then sold the stockpiled steel sections for scrap.
    It ain't gonna get done quickly if they DO proceed.

  21. What about all the people he's flying in from around the world? THAT'S why he says the wall won't work. He's just bringing them in another way!!!!!!!

  22. My understanding is it's only 20 miles. It will do nothing but give them a talking point to say they are fixing the border.

  23. Mr. Biden is creating a shift from his & Democratic Party positions but it’s JOKE! Biden is lying AGAIN as he has his entire life. Biden demonstrates his valueless, principle-less, unethical “personality” by attempting to take a 1% or less by building NEXT TO NOTHING of the boarder wall.

  24. Thought I saw Mitch McConnell frozen on the screen again. Turns out it was just a different entirely useless person. Keep on going ba sheep. Hey Fox how is that 787 million dollar hole in your pocket doing?

  25. I don’t believe the American people are going to buy this. We won’t better than this for our country. We expect better than this from the elected officials.

  26. Your just going to focus on being corrupt and selling out America and the people…

  27. we're so screwed up the rest of the world doesn't even want to deal with us.

  28. This video is my bedtime story tonight. Goodnight, everyone!

  29. Biden build a $500,000. fence around his Home but We can't get a wall..What's the average I.Q. required to be a Democrat? U take Fetterman and Kamala and add 100 points..

  30. Dems are just building a funnel.

  31. Its too late for Biden . His useless Presidency is going up in smoke with all of the failed decisions he has made and caused so much chaos across our country. The majority of Americans hate Crooked Joe Biden and his criminal mobster family. The sooner their gone the better.

  32. It's a start! But knowing what's always been a nasty habit once a lie always. Seeing another robbery from the appropriations, money set aside for this purpose of building the wall actually allows them to get their hands lined with your tax payer money!

    Thank you Larry. God Bless

    Thinking every Citizen should pay close attention.

    Don't be misled!

  33. After you steal and lie about everything , Il lrevelent all sounds the same after sniffin too much jo u i ce . Sorry you cannot keep up just more of the same old If you cannot Still I Hear Give Thanks Would love to see you there

  34. Larry, While the masses and many younger news reporters are wondering what has changed within the Biden administration, you have most definitely shared a pearl of wisdom: Nothing has changed.

  35. What a sad way doing anything substancial to address the crisis at the southern border. Spite was the culprit in Joe’s weak mind.
    Anything anti Trump and this is the result.


  37. Brandon make Jimmy Carter look like a great person!

  38. WIDE OPEN…
    America is no longer a nation of laws.

  39. As stupid as he sounded in August 2020, he can’t even speak like that now. He’s just a senile bag of bones wandering around our White House

  40. Joe Biden master disaster in our borders… CLOSE THE BORDER

  41. So why am I doing this because I should be 46 yes president 46 not you president Joe bidin and yes I will bring that fence found and uniteboth America and Mexico as one nation. Got that michael

  42. And Trump had all those wall materials ready to go up and the democrats had them auctioned off! What a waste for the American tax payers

  43. Biden High Tech security on our Boarders turn into a wide open superhighway flood of Illegals. Add up 1 more total failure for The Biden Administration. Failures. 958638936179375921. Successful policies 0.

  44. "Never underestimate Joe's ability to F* things up." Barry Obama (allegedly)