Larry Kudlow: Biden keeps blaming Trump for this

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow calls out President Biden’s economic agenda on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Trump has no policies. He’s clueless

  2. Joe Biden is a weak leader and the world knows it

  3. When all of the Trump drama is over, Donald should give a master class on mind control

  4. This is what I'm seeing, not what David Muir and other propaganda based msm outlets are reporting.

  5. Obummer was still blaming Bush in his 8th year. DemocRats don't have the spine to own and correct their mistakes.

  6. Joe Biden would blame his great great grandmother on his uncles aunts sisters side if he can

  7. Oops. Where is trump s healthcare plan nearly eight years later?


  9. Bidenomics? He's just the puppet It's Obozonomics

  10. Now that the dress code is gone ….. I want to see world famous "stylists" getting hired and promoted by these government officials…. but they better be careful in choosing the correct party to work for 🙂

  11. USA is finished. Third World USA

  12. Trump wiith moron Kudlow caused an $8.2 Trillion deficit . More than any administration in history.

  13. Thank you President Joe Biden for showing your genuine concern for America’s veterans through The PACT Act. Thank you for Bidenomics and the many ways in which it has improved the American economy. Thank you for keeping your promise ensuring that America now has an infrastructure plan in progress after previous years of empty promises.

    Thank you for leading the effort that has resulted in lower drug costs for our seniors.

    Thank you sir for restoring confidence with our allies abroad and strengthening the bonds with those nations that oppose authoritarianism everywhere.

    Finally President Biden, thank you for your decency and your resolute, thoughtful, principled, and compassionate leadership on behalf of all Americans and the free world!🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. I support Trumponomics and America first policy.

  15. The Dems plan, if Trump did it, change it. How's that look America? Worst Prez ever! Lets go Brandon!!

  16. The puppet approvers are either hopelessly ignorant or simply evil!

  17. Biden, spoken like a true liberal democrat, once a victim, always a victim.

  18. The only one making money under Biden is Biden.

  19. With all the fires that have been happening with EV vehicles caused we are told by battery thermal runaway? These vehicles, will have to be phased OUT they are a danger to anyone who parks next to one , and if your an owner how are sleeping with a car that may catch fire while your sleeping and burn your house down , Please check all the online stories, starting with the ship in the English Chanel , which burnt out with 3000 vehicles on board, many if not all EV types. Also the fires in the storage area in FORD works in DETROIT where a work truck Brand new in a row with other trucks caught fire. saw this on channel 4 Detroit.