Thursday , September 16 2021
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Larry Kudlow breaks down what a Biden win would mean for the US economy

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow discusses his outlook for the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic and Joe Biden’s call for higher taxes.

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  1. Kudlow was spot on predicting the Biden Pesidency.

  2. Straight talking from Larry Kudlow 👍

  3. Democrats still picking the pockets of the people! They have no mercy or conscience!!!

  4. Trump's mismanagement of the virus caused the disruption of the economy in the first place! Like a child, he chose to ignore the virus in hopes that it would go away! He wasn't smart enough to admit the virus was a problem until it was too late! Had he managed the virus early on, the economy wouldn't have suffered as it has! He's still too stupid now to realize that attacking the virus is the best way of saving and reviving the economy! Trump's an incompetent moron!

  5. Larry Kudlow truly understands Economics he knows his stuff.

  6. Not even about the money it's about where they want to spend the money. the American taxpayer doesn't need to prop up a bunch of badly run Democrats cities. Trump won't sign thatand you shouldn't you know it's just Democrats trying to cover up for a fact that they don't know how to run a City without running it into the ground. This pandemic should not be an excuse to hand money to bad money managers

  7. United States is doom with these crocks

  8. It would be wiser to hand a loaded sidearm to a three-year-old.

  9. Has everybody heard the Amish are immune to corvid 19. When asked how . Amish leader's said it because we dont watch tv.😏

  10. Happy Birthday Larry we love and Respect You. Keep on keeping on.We need You

  11. why british accent? irritating!!!

  12. liked him right up to pushing nuclear . what a idiot nuclear is way to dangerous in so many ways .. the benefits of it does not outway the risks by any means we need to get away from nuclear power period..

  13. …on the other hand, covid not destroying a lot of US families would be a really positive boost to US security and confidence.

  14. Businesses are in business to make money for their employees and themselves. The fact that they make more is logical because the owners take all the risks.

  15. He could send money to the seniors who are definitely in trumps corner on this election ! ! ! ! The $25 we get every year doesn’t begin to offset the cost of living for us.

  16. Pure witchcraft! satanic dribble and propaganda lies!

  17. God given gift called “CAPITALISM”

  18. Oh …. He must be time warped in a period back before the COVID19 pandemic, before the 180000 deaths, massive unemployment, and now massive debt!!! So…who's going to pay the bills for the mess we're in????🤔

  19. All hospital ect must be checked. False information!!!!!!

  20. Yes Trump for the second term

  21. Biden an his son r criminals n should b treated as such not rewarded with tryjng 2 b president. After selling america 2 russia n china 4 crazy financial gain.

  22. I am not for biden, however, kudlow is NO BETTER…He stands there while people are being stolen from, what they were promised. It's sick. I wonder where he is in the evil chain of people. Trump needs to say " YOU"RE FIRED" !!!

  23. Listen to people that have been in this job for years not the ones that are there for a photo look at me job

  24. American citizens (poor, middle class, disabled, vets, etc & families not receiving unemployment or PPP) should have been receiving monthly checks of 2k or more during Covid Pandemic, draconian mandates & shut downs.

  25. I never seen such debauchery from a so called run away demo reaction to a do nothing politician effort in su h a disaster program of the far left is just insane thay need to regroop the notsy party and rebuild the democratic disaster its a inbaresment to man kinde

  26. 🤑 Second stimulus check would pump up American's with much JOY!!!!!

  27. Hey China you're on your own with the Democrates No matter what they promise you and don't deliver to you will be your own fault when you never see again from the Democrates!! We have our President and he'll be here in the United States for awhile so I wouldn't count on them using Liar's for Democrates that we have here. So Don't say I didn't Warn You People in China. Good Luck

  28. Up your's buddy that's all you people want is more money after you just got it from President Trump there can't be any more for awhile. People like us are fighting to working full time again and we have not gotten yet!

  29. America and China needs to watch our Democrates who lie and Steel from the American People. So we under stand all the arguments in our country and China. We the People hope Cai -xia will get her people to under stand what is going on in their country!

  30. You were there 7 decades ago for Reagan????? Really Larry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Government has been raising and lowering taxes for 100's of years… TAX CUTS BENEFIT THE ECONOMY
    It's been proven over and over again.. It's not a new idea…. It's almost a guarantee…
    Tax CUTS actually increase revenue to the Government …. That's a well known FACT….
    Democrats don't care… Democrats don't want the people to be successful..
    They want you dependent on Government…. PERIOD !

  32. Just the fact apple is a 2 trillion dollar valuation means there is a lot of people doing well
    To tax either would topple it
    The ones that dont know the stock market are misinformed

  33. If Biden wins the wuflu pandemic will end suddenly. How many will vote for Biden just to rip the masks off?

  34. Many people that are being paid are not going to work until that drys up.

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