Wednesday , August 10 2022

Larry Kudlow: Everything in Inflation Reduction Act is 'phony'

‘Kudlow’ host Larry Kudlow joins ‘The Evening Edit’ to discuss China’s threats to Taiwan and the Inflation Reduction Act. #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. Americans are not blind or stupid in 18 months Benedict Arnold Biden has destroyed the U.S. economy…..Go Red🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  2. The cavalry will chicken out.

  3. Some "progressives" keep pointing out that there are no new taxes. I keep pointing out that the additional 304 BILLION in tax revenue comes from businesses that will be all-to-happy to pass that increase on to us – the consumer. 😨😡😡😡

  4. If the DNC had any input into this bill, then it is dangerous and dishonest to the citizens.

  5. Being loud doesn't mean you're right, but we people hear you Larry. Too bad you have to be so political, it was nice when you just did the stocks and economy, ah, the good ole days. Go play golf with the President, enjoy life you've earned a long vacation, take a whole weekend. Take Maria with you, she's the secret to winning New York in 2024 ~ We all know that the democrats are going to pummel which ever republican runs, but with her history with MSNBC, CNN and Fox she's "got friends in low places" and make AOC look like a barbarian doll.

  6. So how bad do things have to get before we, the people, decide to do more than whine about it on social media?

  7. I hope Sinema holds out, but after all, she is a Democrat.

  8. "As long as I'm doing my part to help the Hedge Fund Managers while destroying the US economy, I'm happy."–Sen. Kristinha Enema. "Our secret goal is to decimate the Middle Class. I think this bill will help do that job."–Sen. Joe Womanchin.

  9. Even if Republicans win both houses, bumbling Biden can veto everything they pass, and
    Republicans still won’t have a filibuster proof majority n the senate. All they can do is stop the bleeding—which is certainly helpful.

  10. Shoot Liz & Kudlow squid game

  11. Larry Kudlow butfuked in prison Kristy Lake decapitated

  12. Republican PRO Putin nionazi party Congressman

  13. Quit sending money to the foreign countries and take care of your own the one you are to represent that you were elected to do, other countries would not help our country, Sorry that's how they roll, Shameful Representation of the ones in office, vote all new people in let's just shuffle the deck come election time is our only hope ,term limits and age limits are badly needed in our government with no lobbiest in Washington and no insider trading in the stock market or you will go to prison for years and years is the only way to turn this thing around for the people of this great nation that is falling to it's knees from our current leadership from both parties very few good ones left in this world ,we are in serious trouble with our leadership.

  14. Both parties of our government are phonies, liars and a majority of them you just can not trust, most of them are in their for their selves and the financial gains they receive In representing us, such a shameful representation for the people, we need a third party the people's party the new party called the publicans who stand for honesty truth transparency and the people of the united states' of America .

  15. Rule of thumb: Whatever the Democrats name their bill, it will perform the direct opposite as a law. ie. The Affordable Care Act. Is neither affordable, nor does it give care, totally ruined healthcare.

  16. Fox has been screaming recession week yet consumer spending, the market, and job creation are through the roof.

  17. We have a President who does not care about the Middle Class, who will ultimately pay for this nonsense.

  18. Larry I love you man but don’t be so confident remember massive voter fraud exists and the Democrats love using it

  19. Will any ethical politicians stand up and say no or will they all be cowards and sheep. whatever they do never forget who stood up for us and who stood against us

  20. West Virginia will be proud of Manchin, I'm sure!

  21. I try hard to Not buy things made in china. Its nearly impossible! Our country Has to take back our manufacturing! And our Medical supplies! Good God, why??

  22. As phony as a $3 bill.

  23. Expecting the Democrats to reduce inflation is like expecting an alcoholic to cure alcoholism. Not likely to happen

  24. Every body has to come back from the rest of the world and think 🤔 for your self control and life will never be able to get to you anymore. God’s word will be the truth and the final judgment will be God’s judgment and we will never be able to stop it . God’s will be done ✅

  25. 16 Hours later….. we find Sinema rolling over like a trained dog! If you are a middle class worker or low income worker, a gig worker, an artist or small business owner………… GET READY! The IRS is coming!

  26. It is By Design. The Left hates the county. When it is destroyed they believe, for the first time in their lives, they will be happy. Delusional

  27. Go get em IRS agents! Get those rich people…lol. Being an IRS agent is probably not a fun job. One of my coworkers quit that lousy job.

  28. Why is FBN not covering anything on China's economic crisis? So many others CBN, Sky News are covering the tanks in the streets, people not paying mortgages, runs on the banks, protests. Why are you not covering this?

  29. 'Green' energy or 'climate change', 'human rights' or 'public health'? It's all about geopolitics, control and prevention of losing massive foreign (UN/IMF mediated) financial 'aids' or investments by an upcoming transformation of the current monetary system . . 🙁

  30. where is mr. biden ? biden is hiding be cause he is compromised and afraid it's all going to come out and he will go to jail

  31. They will putting even more burdens on the middle and low income people but they don't want to tax the rich so they plan on taxing the hell out of the rest of us while they continue to get all of the benefits, this is treason against the American people.

  32. Are the additional IRS agents going after the underground economy? Speaker Pelosi said in an interview that she pays her lawncare provider in cash, commenting further that she understands why business prefer cash. Didn't she admit that she's aiding and abetting tax fraud? Why isn't the IRS looking into hat obvious ax fraud now? Editorial note: isn't it marvelous that age addled Nancy can open her mouth and expose herself ND her crimes?

  33. If there was to be a fifth face on Rushmore Larry's would be a good choice.

  34. The blockade is not a simulation; it is actual. The only question is will they maintain it after their "live-fire" exercise is over. Assume for the moment that they do. Will President JB help Taiwan?
    How long can Taiwan last? They don't have food, fuel, or manufacturing resources without importation. We will not get the products from Taiwan. If this is not actual war, what would be considered actual war? We need to recognize that CCP is our actual enemy and treat them as such. You don't buy from your enemy. You don't let them buy your farmland, factories, and utilities.

  35. Do not underestimate the Chinese…look what the lives lost between 2020 and ongoing 🥹

  36. Spend money to shore up spending money…really? And nobody checks if these politicians are getting massive kickbacks….really? System is breaking itself…

  37. Ches zin pig is the problem.
    He only raises hell. Peace & Prosperity is what's needed. Maybe he's a warmonger to lower population numbers….. eh!

  38. Don't be fooled. Look up what this bill will do. Do your OWN research.

  39. From Canada ciao ace hardware kudklow

  40. Why are we so dependent on China for our goods in the 1st place?

  41. Good morning America ciao kudklow from Canada