Thursday , January 21 2021
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Larry Kudlow gives his 2021 economic predictions

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on how coronavirus lockdown policies are impacting economic growth, potential stimulus, President Trump’s economic policies and why he expects a roaring U.S. economy in 2021. #FoxBusiness

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    Please, if you are registered to vote in the elections on January 5th, please vote BLUE! EVERY AMERICAN that  needs stimulus depends on your vote. We need to win BOTH RACES to get meaningful stimulus payments. Encourage family, friends, neighbors, lovers, and ex lovers to cast their ballot for the Democrat tickets. VOTE, and stay safe, my friends

  2. Larry is the best of the best! He did so much for our President and our country!

  3. ole larry's been hittin' the sauce again. guy needs rehab.

  4. Its a very strong economy? Larry Kudlow is on crack.

  5. Merry Christmas Larry Kudlow we will certainly miss you! I will have to take a break from news as I know it here on YouTube, as I'm barely able to stand it as it is. I don't care if I every hear another word Biden Says!

  6. You guys haven't made any of your promises…
    Come on, you know your either in reality or you've been manipulated

  7. All politicians are worried about is Wall Street! Period!

  8. At this point any help for small business will only pay their off the hard money they borrowed! No fkin way! Profits are booming for the 1%

  9. Joe Biden: Raise minimum wages and the kids will say vote for Biden he's going to raise minimum wages, and what they don't know is the Rich raise their prices and pick their pockets so the price on their Real Estate will goes up. What a scam and from PEe Joe/someone who doesn't care. Also, raise those wages so we can tax it away from entry level workers too. Best to lower prices, so people will buy more and pay more taxes. Example. 6-Pac vat goes on sale for $2.00 per pac. The store gets flooded by soda consumers. More revenue to the Government. Truth: One other note: Unemployment under Obama got better towards the end of his final term, but they were all 20-hours a week jobs so employers would not have to pay for health insurance because minimum wages went up. The worker never go a penny of it. Example: Wages up, hamburgers and everything else up at the same time. Don't get fooled by all that talk/lies. Obama was/is/ will be a loser forever and a "bad word" once you learn who he truly is/was and will be. Wash your hands before going into the store and when you again come out and wash your products, every single piece. Use sanitizer before gassing up and after gassing up. Don't forget to Sanatize before getting our of your car to enter a business/store/gassing up/ help an old lady across the street. Try to avoid people in close quarters. Enjoy life and know it'll get better soon, wash your veggies~

  10. its ok joe biden says hell vaccinate 100 million americans per day

  11. Obama: 4% , no way, where is Trump going to get these jobs, waive a magic wand? What a loser Obama was/is/will be.

  12. “We have contained this, I won’t say airtight but pretty close to airtight,” -Larry Kudlow in reference to the US response to COVID-19.

    Pretty sure this is the last guy you want to ask for a prediction on 2021.

    But then again, this is Fox "News"…

  13. The California economy is dying! You SOB democrat leaders need to be dragged out of your homes and hung from the highest California oak tree.

  14. The nightmare RESET wants zero small businesses…they want Amazon to do everything and no shops to meet up in.

  15. Profits are booming for the rich!!! The people are still standing on food lines!

  16. 5 days after biden's $10,000 stimulus package….

    i'll trade you this wheelbarrow of cash for that bag of onions

    no, these onions can be made into soup/stew are you crazy?

  17. Balance has to balance.

  18. This sheet passes more so than China sheetrock.

  19. Wash your hands so it don't eat your skin, yes?

  20. This guy praising Trump, that’s when I realized I was watching FOX! This guy is saying ‘ it’s just like Trump says’ ???? He’s all but destroyed this country!!. He and his boy Putin! Ha! Ha!

  21. Yeah well battle is battle. Poison from space is poison. Oh well we shall live.

  22. Recall governor gruesome of California!! These lockdowns are immoral! Crazy things in California. There is a place in hell for these evil leaders!!


  24. Economy is booming??? Stock Market is booming Economy is dying !!! Please be real.

  25. Remember when Kudlow said the virus was contained. Dude has zero credibility, couldn’t balance his checkbook. I’m sure he was pissed off about having to sober up for this interview.

  26. How I hope Kudlow has access to the President's ear…be courageous,

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