Larry Kudlow: Government has gotten bigger under Biden

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow calls out the expansion of big government socialism on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Yep and it will continue to get bigger so Washington can get richer!!!!

  2. The fake president is driving our country into a true depression on purpose. Why would we fake vote for this?

  3. Can we not go there with “Big Government”

    Government had gotten bigger as I’ve grown older

    It never stops

    I wish Government had a Department of Engineering

    Just so we don’t lose basic high tech skills

    Being a machinist is a skill

    We can’t lose these skills and trades within our own society

  4. Raskan, Moses law broken beared a false witness against the TRUTH of GOD chosen President Trump wishing evil upon personally curst Almighty GOD a terminal sickness America last providence a domestic enemy.blasphemy.

  5. When i was a kid. My dad taught me that republicans = less government less taxes democrats = more government more handouts to people who wont go earn a living and more taxes.

  6. Thank you, Mr.Kudlow!

  7. I wondered why in 1948, my dad said that he would sell Roosevelt dimes for 8 cents.

  8. I will say this I don't care what has to happen to get inflation down but it needs to happen sooner than later prices on everything are completely out of control everywhere

  9. Someone explain how these Looney people get into our government and why there not stopped from being in there and why nobody figures out a way to remove them?????

  10. So hospitals and doctors got all this covid money and now all this other money then why are they charging people ridiculous amounts to see a doctor

  11. "Government has gotten bigger under Biden" Is it any wonder why so many federal government employees vote Democrat? 🤨

  12. 0:02, Let's go back to 2017-2019 under "Trump" Larry Kudlow. His record and reckless spending and failed tax cuts for the rich! created the worst inflation we have had in 40 years. And he appointed the Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, with your blessing, that completely fell apart. And is recklessly raising interest rates to boot! Powell is trying to sabotage all the job gains under President Biden to help "Trump". Powell is trying to tank our economy. President Biden needs to force Powell to step down.

  13. Hey trumpers! Your boy's being charged with another round of federal crimes this week!! Winning!!

  14. The democrats is the disease,we the people are the cure.Trump 2024.

  15. Lol, didn’t trump add 25% to the national debt in just 4 years?

  16. The contest between Trump and Desantis has become a race to the bottom of the MAGA Republican sewer, the filthiest in America. Trump is leading but that is no surprise: not only did he create the MAGA sewer but he’s been living in it for years. Desantis tries to be more deranged than Trump but it’s not working: he’s getting more desperate by the hour!!

  17. Government needs to be decreased by 90 percent

  18. Convention of States, convention of states,convention of States, why are the media and decent people in Congress publicize what it is, and what it does, or can do?

  19. Larry come on smile you can do it

  20. Fire all the extras and fire Biden. He is the main problem along side Obama. They both need to hit the road!.ain't welcome here no more!😅

  21. Larry Kudlow, when he was Trump's Economic Advisor, said the Trump Tax Scam Act was paid for when it wasn't. That added 25% to the National Debt but they don't want to talk about that on the Fraud News Network! Here, all Kudlow is trying to do is to rewrite history claiming "Creeping Socialism" is the down fall of American when actually it's the "Creeping Greed of Capitalism that's afflicting this country. After WWII American saw it's largest growth in prosperity. It's quite obvious after the Reagan Administration, as the poor and middle class workers got more productive, they saw less prosperity and the cost of living got higher. When they asked ask for higher wages the Capitalist respond with wages and inflationary pressures to keep labor in check while they increase their profit margins. So here we are…higher cost across the board, from energy to housing to food cost to healthcare cost to higher education cost and if they could add the air you breath they would charge you for that too!

  22. Hey larry, the rethug lies got bigger under tRump. And faux is a joke!! LMAO

  23. I'm concerned with our Elected officials carbon footprint. They all need to start taking public transportation.