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Larry Kudlow on July jobs report: Was a pretty solid report

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on trade negotiations with China, the Federal Reserve, the July jobs report and the U.S. economic outlook.

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  1. China is a communist country, what do we expect? I live in Europe and yes the situation over here is dire to stay the least. After having taxed us the money is gone and our economies are basically slowly contracting month after month. Only Brexit may give us a break and hopefully convince other countries do either leave this monstruous thing that is Europe or change it all starting from scratch as a union of independent free nations. When I see this $15 / hr wage dream I want to remember that here in Italy we are officially at 8 euros an hour. Yet our economies are tanking. Figure it out.

  2. Yet massive stores and chains are shuttering and a recession is coming along with a massive increase in the debt/deficit. Good job dorks.

  3. I'm sick about people blaming Trump for the stockmarket going down. That's B.S. the recent, and most of the negativity is based on pure emotion, and bad computer programming. Look at the facts genius

  4. Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  5. Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world.

  6. Anti christ among us realize the fact that you don't trust. Only see if you can. Take a look

  7. Larry,,,🖕my,son,,wipe, your, mouth,🤐🖕,bit,of, orange,cum,pas,on, your, mouth 🤐🖕and, stop, sodomizeing,trump,🤐🖕 seighell repablicans voters, seighell 👹

  8. Moscow Mitch !!! Moscow Mitch !!!

  9. Free market capitalism is what brings countries from their slumps, not controlled and bound economies. Europe is too socialist.

  10. Lowe's letting go of thousands
    Lowe's is letting go of thousands of workers at roughly 1,800 U.S. stores. The company plans to outsource its maintenance and assembly jobs to third parties. The home-improvement retailer told CNBC that the shift is to allow store associates more time "serving customers." Since Marvin Ellison took over as CEO in July 2018, Lowe’s has been closing stores to cut costs. According to a recent study, more than 7,000 U.S. store closures have been announced this year, with 12,000 expected by 2020.
    Updated 3 hours ago. LinkedIn.

  11. Our job rates would grow further as woul;d our number of businesses by throwing out all of these unnecessary and inherently socialist regulations.

  12. Europe would do well to listen to Larry Kudlow to fix their economic crisis.

  13. I wish, I wish, I wish that high national labor participation rate, real earnings growth and low unemployment would translate to noticeable decreases in government spending. Where is the contraction in the various forms of welfare spending? We just keep blissfully driving into the public debt abyss.

  14. Larry in his pinstripe suit talking about the numbers like no one else can!!!!!

  15. Negative Europe it's sloping towards origins 0. So Europe buying buffalo-cows stakes. It looks Europe hungry for stakes!

    Low jobs. But have 164,000 jobs still. It's loosing jobs when hour rate increasing and business effects and the labor have to leave to get operations on another desk.

    Increase home production rate and raise the stocks of Make In America for Q3. Farmers make good agriculture and harticulture.

  16. The job report is total BS job participation is a reflection of MUTI-job taxpayers that have more than 3 jobs just to make by its a reflection of the DOLLAR dont be ignorant to the facts without a sound monetary system the debt based notes will collapse on itself …1971 is when the dollar lost ALL of its real power and is nothing more than a "PROMISE TO PAY" opposed to a "PAYABLE UPON DEMAND" these 2 phrases both sat on the face of the dollar just in 2 VERY DIFFERENT SYSTEMS

  17. The Fed has Caused Every Recession/Depression in U.S. since its Inception in 1913! Powel should NEVER have raised Interest Rates last December!

  18. China is holding out for a Democrats to become president. China is probably donating hundreds of millions to Democrats campaign.

  19. Keep drinking Kudlow! lol, 165k jobs is solid and good? lol If the economy was doing GOOD, it would be more like 350 thru 500k jobs a month! The whole jobs numbers is totally fake and anyone with a brain knows it's fake.. The reason for the supposed low unemployment is because retired workers cannot afford to retire and they're working many of these part time and full time jobs.. Part time jobs are counted as full time jobs by the U.S. Labor Dept. Everyone should know this by now.

  20. Illegal immigrants and children should be returned to the Mexico given a form so they can apply legally and processed h
    Their request, do not holding anymore so The detained facilities are not crowded

  21. The criminal cabal in the military industrial complex are thirsting for a war. Its that simple!

  22. A 25% tariff on $250 billion Chinese goods in addition to the latest 10% tariffs on $300 billion leads to almost $100 billion from tariffs freely flowing to the US treasury. Deal of no deal, nobody really cares because China keeps paying the US for nothing, instead of getting tons and tons of soy beans, cotton and oilseed for the people of China if the trade deal was done. Trump is in deed doing A GOOD JOB.

  23. Larry knows Brokahontas is a loose cannon so he won’t answer a question that will end up making him look like an idiot.

  24. negative interest is already 25 years in South Africa….a perfect secret formula devised by a South African discovered this in March 2000…..Isaiah 55:1 discribed this negative interest rates mentioned this 2700 years ago…

  25. More fake news from a dork

  26. Get they raptors in the air and let’s see how good they are

  27. So let me get this straight China is demanding that the United States correct the path lol fuckers what China and its people need to stop stealing and forcing companies to give up technology. What do they think were Europeans.

  28. He said there could be martial law in Hong Kong this weekend. We will see how it will turn out…

  29. Yes. Trump in his 30 months is about a million jobs short of the number created in the last 30 months of Obama but the economy is still making progress. So far so good.

  30. Remember Larry has that magic wand Obama was looking for so when he speaks you better listen !

  31. Great job by MR Kudlow….big part of President Trumps All Star Cabinet.

  32. The touted Trump economy.
    Current GDP growth advance estimate 2.1% GDP – GDP growth advance estimate 2nd Qrt 2015 under Obama 2.3%

  33. With thanks to Conservative Treehouse for the link to this report.

  34. kudlow used to have a clear mind about what a sound economy is. To tell an objective lie that the expansion is not based on debt is beyond comical. And to say theres no inflation is SO misleading – inflation is living entirely in the stock market and real estate, hence the higher prices, but as soon as those markets collapse, all that cash will flow into the real economy and cause inflation to hit consumer goods in a very real way.

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