Sunday , January 23 2022
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Larry Kudlow talks China's currency manipulation, market reactions

Larry Kudlow speaks to press outside of the White House.

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  1. Trump should try to get someone with an economics degree. Kudlow has no clue

  2. Now now now.. Now Cave man now let me explain what happens now when you add and decide rural africa is the way to go WITH TONS OF MONEY MAN WOOOOO!!!

  3. SUPPORT USABILITY 🇺🇸👍🏼💪🏻✊🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    China uses America's satellites to mass surveil its citizens. It's impossible for China to achieve this without our help, as the China Academy of Space Technology satellite can only achieve speeds of 20 gigabytes per second, and the U.S., 260. It's not legal for U.S. companies to sell China its satellites, but the greedy traitors of America have a work-around loophole for this; they rent out data usage to China. This is also the only way China is able to operate its illegal invasion of the South China Sea, by building up a military force on the man-made island. Our satellite technology enables them to have the very important real-time feedback from the mass and complex spy, I mean, surveillance systems.

  6. The bought off globalist political people of the last 30 years, both sides have sold out manufacturing
    To 3rd world countries, they have taken down the protections of the same countries from shipping these goods back into the g5 countries tariff free enabling to decimation of the manufacturing sector in trade off for cheap goods! We where warned by Ross Perot “The "giant sucking sound" was United States presidential candidate Ross Perot's phrase for what he believed would be the negative effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which he opposed.
    How true Mr Perot’s words are! Manufacturing “disappeared “ cities “decimated” everyone working 2 S—-t jobs to raise there families? The Chinese need to feel the economic hardship they have been allowed to wreak on the rest of the world as factories begin to return to the USA and hopefully Canada!
    As has been quoted endlessly “ you can not run an economy on Service sector Jobs”! Keep up the fight to bring back manufacturing to Canada and the USA!

  7. President Trump has the best of the best in key positions. This Patriot and brilliant economic mind Mr Kudlow is an example of the President’s ability to surround himself with people who could write the economic books that we can only read and try to understand! The World economy is a tricky interwoven complex set of factors. To understand this deeply and be able to cut through the crap to where as Mr Kudlow says “ the rubber meets the road “ is fantastically encouraging for everyone who is concerned about thier families and thier businesses, worldwide! The man is brilliant, kudos for Kudlow and the President’s ability to have the quality minds at the control centre of the World Wide Economy! Great work President Trump!

  8. No deal with China is a good deal for US. We need to cut the tie with unfriendly country.

  9. The problem is that the Chinese government is negotiating in bad faith. They don't honor existing trade agreements and rules, and it will be hard to make them honor new ones. They say one thing and do another. I praise the President's efforts, and it is necessary to address this, but it is very tricky since China is so stubborn and doesn't seem to think it needs to comply with other nations.

  10. If President Trump isn't reelected CHINA WINS, vote Trump 2020.

  11. Do you guy's even know what currency manipulation is, we are it's biggest user, this how we control world markets. China is only using this to counter these stupid tarrifs. Trade wars are no good for both sides. Especially our farmers, we just lost a 30 billion soybean trade with China. They just buy it from our so called allies. Some people are so galacticaly stupid.

  12. God bless Mr. Trump and the American people. The world needs a strong America.

  13. Trump….Putin…..Kim….Xi, International Criminals

  14. Farmers back Trump on the trade war ???? LOL the guy has some nerves to lie live on TV. Strong $ is a good thing ??? Sure thing, means that US exports will be more expensive. Thay guy is Trump economy advisor ???? Where did he get his degree ? In a cereal box ?

  15. trump is playing with fire when he recklessly blacklists and imposes tariffs willy nilly. He is blind to the plain fact that pulling out of the TPP isolated the US and gave China an open field to play in. Any decline in China GDP due to trump ill-conceived shenanigans, they'll more than make up elsewhere. Playing "tough guy" reckless trading games like this with america’s largest debtor nation with considerable global financial clout is perilous stuff. Already Chinese investment in the US has plummeted by nearly 90 percent since trump took office (notice how FOX news ignores these things). As these developments mount a consequential disastrous effect on the economy at some point is imminent and will be well beyond the grasp of the stable genius to manage let alone control.

  16. Turn Up The Volume Mine Is All The way , Cant Hear It , But WHEN I MAKE A PHONE CALL WOW IS IT LOUD Hmmmm !!!!!


  18. Great job Larry!
    Watching these globalist hack "journalists" go into bat on behalf of the totalitarian communist Chinese government is SICKENING.
    Time for patriots to take back control!

  19. Larry you are a Godsend to our President. Thank you for all you do to make America great again. Remember the Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life. Watch it see what this administration is up against. I believe its prophetic. Shalom.

  20. Bad sound! What’s up with Fox?

  21. 7:39 Larry KNOWS the Chinese won't stop stealing. Theft is integral to their power and practices.

  22. How do you like the press? Hacks

  23. China is a bicycle playing chicken with an 18 wheeler. They maybe can win if they pedal faster?

  24. America has come along way but their is still a lot of work to do.

  25. Toilet Paper from Walmart made in China Great Value has sharp micro plastic in it. Do not buy it cuts your
    lower anatomy up.

  26. This is so-called free market, right? If China kept on defending currency, that is currency manipulation. Larry just made no sense.

  27. Pres. Trump should know better that the Chinese, under the CCP, don't have any word of honour. They agreed on the terms of the initial trade
    negotiations and then reneged on that agreement. They also promised NOT to militarize their reclaimed artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago,
    but have already installed surface to air and anti-ship missiles on those islands. There is an old saying "You fool me once, shame on you. You
    fool me twice, shame on me".  Pres. Trump should now proceed to slap 25% tariffs on all Chinese exports to the USA, and censure China for
    illegally claiming sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea.


  29. Without America China will collapse for sure years of robbing America have come to an end under Trump

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