Larry Kudlow: The Justice Department has failed to explain this

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow gives his take on the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. Next time, the FBI should take the pink Orang-o-tang himself.


  3. So the government wants to hire 75,000 IRS agents, who are willing to use deadly force. There are only 50 states in the nation how many IRS agents with guns do you want running around in your town. This needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped now!


  5. How about taking care of American s and deport all illgal freeloaders back to there country

  6. Garland should be impeached to

  7. Orange boys bungee is frayed he's getting ready for a Huge ORANGE SPLASH , he can turn out his lights his party is over.

  8. Three things are a problem with this raid. First the lawyer was not allowed in. Second the agents were wearing backpacks. Third they were told to turn off cameras. Sounds like they were going to do something they should not do.

  9. Why would the DOJ talk about an ongoing investigation? Why are you, Larry Kudlow, speculating and spreading mistrust? I thought your job was to report the news as a reporter, not a conspiracy theorist.

  10. I guess it's asking too much for Trump to get us out of Ukraine

  11. A Trump insider ratted him out on the classified documents he stole. The DOJ had to seize them before they were stolen or divulged. Trump can’t be prosecuted for the same reason Hillary wasn’t prosecuted. The 1941 Supreme Court Gorin case requires actual intent to convey them to an unauthorized person. The court added that gloss to the words of the Espionage Act.

  12. I have more faith in the DOJ than I do in Krudlow…….Fox owns Him and the Republicans own Fox…….Wake up Folks…….Bully, crybaby Tramp is still crying about losing two years after losing………We probably need better than Biden…..But never Cry Baby Tramp………Paul

  13. They did it to try and make him look like he's committed a crime so people won't vote for him in 2024.

  14. MEANWHILE Evidence is all around us about our CORRUPT COMMANDER IN CHEAT..BUT STUPID PEOPLE WHO VOTED for BUCK FIDEN keep their heads in the sand…wake up America

  15. If it were possible, documents in Trump's possession could perhaps implicate him in Jan 6. but!! FBI and others had already examined them, and found nothing incriminating. SO WHY THE RAID??? UNWARRANTED, IMPROPER, and nothing more than political subterfuge!!!! TO COVER THEIR FAILURE OF BOGUS HEARINGS

  16. Dismantle the biden administration, get rid of the FBI and DOJ.Restore America!


  18. Most law abiding citizens don't think in the same manner as law breaking individuals. These actions taken are done with the law breaking mentality and are being done because of the cooperation that had been provided by Pres Trump and his team. The FBI/DOJ law breaker mentality people specifically WANT the Trump team to STOP cooperating so they can make a big deal out of it. Whenever dealing with the current crop of DOJ employees, people need to evaluate their actions without paying much regard for the concept of justice and due process. THAT'S NOT WHAT THE CURRENT DOJ IS INVOLVED IN. Neither is the Biden Crime Family. They operate in secrecy and darkness because their stories won't stand up to even minimal scrutiny.

  19. The FBI doesn't need to explain everything when they are investigating crime and criminals.

  20. If they think this is going to prevent me from voting for trump, they're crazy… I'm gonna get to the polling place a week early and camp out there to cast my vote for trump….the democrat communists gotta go! 😡😡

  21. Itr's friggin' WRAY! – The smirking Richard Widmark-created character that throws old ladies down the stairs to their deaths in wheelchairs. The epitome of COVERT, ABSOLUTE EVIL.

  22. This is what our country has turned into lies crime haters why for a bad democrats they will answer to God and country it's time for a real change red white and blue love our country

  23. It's a long time until November 2024, but at the moment, Trump could be in jail or in a pine box and still win the presidential election.

  24. 😁😄😁😄😁

  25. Cow Guy (Scott Shelaby[sp?]) just implied a meat market implosion (more than 50% of females scheduled for slaughter), and china just purchased the entire pork market — what's going on?

  26. Don't listen to Kudlow. He killed thousands with his yapping abt covid, which it turns out will be around for at least two more centuries.

  27. I thank God daily…
    that Merrick Garland
    never made it to SCOTUS!!🙂

  28. I'm scared of Democrats. They follow the book of DICTATORS !!!!!

  29. Thank you FBI for nominating Donald Trump in 2024. Totally awesome job pissing in your pants!!

  30. Hey larry…What cooperation??? Really…Chump has NOT been cooperating with NOBODY. I'm surprised at you for this…It is about time that this resident chump be somewhat held responsible.

  31. Im sure President Trump updated that so called Out dated National(Li(e)brary)Archive act, which is not a law? President Trump hire BlackWater as your personal security cause 1 or more agent smith(s) are on your service detail???🇺🇸

  32. Dem biased DOJ & sleazy FBI "Crossed the Rubicon" by raiding a former US President's home!! Disgraceful FBI “Gestapo” – CIA & DOJ & Dems & Fake News all colluded in crimes & spread phony Russia story against Republicans & Trump… and Dems & FBI, CIA & DOJ are ALL totally CORRUPT! Where was FBI when Hillary deleted 33,000 US Gov’t emails! Where was FBI when Hunter’s laptop proved bribes & collusion with China & Russia??!

  33. That garland is a dam liar he's worked with Wray coming from bidens criminals.garland pissed got not getting into SCOTUS. Now you see this true bum and he will pay .


  35. Why is Epstein's Judge involved with raid? CREEPY!

  36. I don't care what anyone says, something tells me these corrupt criminals went in to plant bugs or to say they found evidence that they planted that makes Trump look guilty of a crime that ties him to the capitol 6 BS agenda . They want to make sure he cannot run for office ever again !!!! They are capable of anything.

  37. President Trump God be with you 🙏🏻

  38. The FBI and the Democrats are trying to jam things up as much as they possibly can because they see the November midterms coming which is 90 days away and they're terrified. The January 6th is a joke Trump called for the National Guard to come and protect the Capitol Building and watch the place but Pelosi her having the power called that off it's a joke just so they can jam things up. All this is going to do is embolden Trump to run for president again in 2024 it's not helping the DOJ at all. Even if something happens with Trump and he won't be able to run again in 2024 there are many Republicans that are eyeing the position of being president in 2024 like Ron DeSantis. And I think it's hilarious that Biden thinks he's going to be around to run again in 2024 he's 79 going on 80 he'll die of a heart attack or stroke before that time even gets here. Over the past few months over 100 million people have switched from the Democratic party too Republican. I think if the Republicans win in November they need a total reboot of the FBI and permanently fire Garland and Rayh.

  39. Fair play, peaceful competition, the US President is no one's enemy. Those days are over.

  40. Question , rumor United States, Japan& natio , mexico , canadaVS China & Russia will be draft in the United States in coll e ge & high school to the UNITED STATES MILI TARIES !!!??