Larry Kudlow: This is complicated

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reflects on the consequences of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Joe helping out the Chinese

  2. WE had a rebound, because God favors HIS people in the world. The govt needed to stop spending and stop spending, so many things caused this but nothing was so bad until the oil supply cut, man-made! that is what pushed us over the edge now we have a bond price crisis, and it is affecting the banks….. economists bankers business people need to get their heads out of climate change, brainwashing, and get their heads into left brain, finance and logic! let's go!!

  3. distractions, Distractions, DISTRACTIONS … NOTHING the LEFT does is BY ACCIDENT! Down with the UNIPARTY!

  4. The Fed will acknowledge that they were late to the game, that inflation has been more persistent than they were expecting. So they probably should have tightened sooner, Some analysts believe that the larger banks are resilient and are more worried about the smaller and mid-sized banks. Well, I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $138k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  5. Well the recent events with SVB make it unlikely for the market to make significant gains soon, so it's wise to manage expectations and prepare for a potentially long recovery period. It's recommended to avoid making significant investment decisions until the economic environment stabilizes in areas of concern. It's best to exercise caution and avoid engaging with the current turbulence.

  6. The present issues of bank collapsing is a very good time to get into good digital business, since Elon musk has decided to buy SVB

  7. It isnt complicated…..the monetary system is unethical and based on fraud. 2 main flaws are Fractional Reserve banking and controlling the money supply. Its that simple. All complications are just noise designed to distract and trick people and to justify the lies. Not complicated

  8. The GOP passed TWO huge COVID bills to the dems ONE huge COVID bill and the GOP in 2018 loosen the mid size banks regs. The 2018 bill to loosen bank regs was championed by SVB CEO Greg Becker. Becker had pressed lawmakers in Congress to lessen regulation that placed higher scrutiny on certain banks, claiming that SVB had a "low risk profile of our activities and business model." By 2018, his bank had spent roughly $500,000 to lobby for the changes that Trump ultimately signed into law, according to The Lever, an investigative news outlet.

  9. How come they always talk about going green but they never talk about the cost humanity. There is an excellent documentary right here on YouTube called the toxic cost of going green I challenge anyone to watch that and then defend electric vehicles

  10. I'm so happy I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I'm a single mother living in Melbourne Australia, bought my second house in January and hoping to retire next year at 49 if things keep going smoothly for me

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