Larry Kudlow: This is goofy

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reacts to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. I don't know if everybody remembers and 2008 when the stock market did its thing if you remember correct prices if everything went up and if you remember right yeah they went up high but they never came down all the way this is how they get us to pay more and it's a joke they will keep doing this unless we do something about it.

  2. I wonder what each state can do as individual states to combat this inflammatory oil..what if they drilled anyway? may come to this and for sure this'll be a conversation starter..

  3. Politicans have enough Money they don't Care

  4. Why Biden iss still in white house. This s sick

  5. Keep in mind that inflation functions like compound interest does. It gets worse with time.

  6. Don't pay attention to food and energy since they fluctuate. The two entities the poor can not do without.

  7. All those items listed as being affected by oil prices are also made using petroleum chemicals

  8. The price of everything goes up when production and shipping prices go up. There is no bigger factor in inflation than energy.

  9. Kudlow is suggesting our government control oil prices again? Nationalized oil production? He never talks about us Stockholders are getting rich beyond inflation 12 months plus. I love Opec

  10. You can lead a horse to the water…
    you know the rest.

  11. Biden Ruined America . The worst President in History.

  12. If a person starts a fire in a forest that person is liable for the damage so should Joe Biden be liable for the damages incurred at the border?Not with tax payer dollars!

  13. If you trust kudlow, your a fool

  14. When you ask a idiot a question, you get a foolish answer.

  15. What the hell did he say???! 😡😡😡

  16. 5:37 if high fuel prices buries fingerrapin’Biden’s popularity, let the Ds keep going with lyin’Bidenomics.
    Fail Joe Fail

  17. This guy has always been incompetent as all the puppet regime!

  18. I would characterize Mr. Kudlow's commentaries as pathetic, not goofy.

  19. Inflation is at least 100 percent. If you think about it, oil effects the medicines that traitor Joe Biden has to take. As a matter of fact, everybody in Washington DC.

  20. What a liar, perfect for democratic party.

  21. Wow, powell is really good at giving a clear, understadning, response to the question. too bad his answer was prepared ahead of time and is complete BS



  24. They need to STOP using core inflation and look at kitchen table items that people spend money on everyday, those are the numbers hurting families.

  25. You make so much sense all the time.