Larry Kudlow: This is the definition of Bidenomics

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow calls out President Biden’s economic agenda on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Bidenomics is what we had in the early 80s under Carter

  2. Bidenomics: Inflate the economy. Inflate wages. Inflate the economy. Inflate wages. KABOOM! The balloon 🎈💲🔥has burst on Old Joe's out of control spending. 😳

  3. We need to stop using the Democrats term Bidenomics, as we know this need to be tied to Demonomics.

  4. What an idiot. Kudlow has zero education in economics or finance. His degree is in history and international relations. His record of stock advice is the worst in the business. He as Trump’s economic advisor caused inflation. Trump borrowed 7 Trillion dollars to pay for Trump’s ludicrous programs and tax cuts for billionaires and increased the debt by a third. A debt your kids are going to be paying for for the rest of their lives. And he has the gall to attack Biden to distract from his massive incompetence. What a joke. On Fox when did he actually give advice that made investors money? Never. Neither did Trump for that matter.

  5. Joe Biden has sold out the interests of the people of the United States of America in exchange for millions of dollars in bribes from hostile foreign powers.

  6. Anybody with oil heat will freeze this winter Thanks for nothing Joe

  7. Bidenomics is problematic. nomos greek for law Biden plays fast and loose with the truth and law. The english word economics is taken from greek words for home and law, oiko-nomos runnign your home and Bidenomics are problematic at best for families which are suffering under a problematic economy. Stop waiving a victory flag over a problematic economy.

  8. Don’t know why they say inflation is going down every time I go to the store everything is noticeably higher😮😮

  9. Somebody should tell liberals that dog and cat food is so high that people are abandoning animals, shame on you lib-tards to vote for these frauds and clowns.

  10. Bidennomics is nothing but theft

  11. Here's the math:


  12. Bidenomics has a 35% approval rating, thats why Biden is in office, massive numbers of America is STUPID. 😂🎉😂🎉😂

  13. Perspective/honesty:
    One can control memories as much as one can control rapid eye movement when unconscious and dreaming.
    Sometimes, when thinking about all of the people that my sister Denise has done bad things throughout the decades I recall the reactions and comments of some of the people, and the recall is random – not intentional.

    You see, my sister Denise has severely wronged alot of people in her life, and I'm one of the many.

    I have no ill will for my sister Denise, and I try to forget those unpleasant things because I deal with enough hardships every day at work while servicing vehicles all day.

    My perspective is that people should try keeping their own doorstep clean instead of making false claims all of the time.

    Whoever did the mind reading of me is once again wrong, but they'll get a free pass again as always because you people hate the fact that I'm right about this and everything else.

    Also, yesterday's comment on YouTube wasn't an explanation, it was perspective, and I sought the truth – which I was able to find it.


    I request that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress please circulate this comment.

    PS. I can't help that it hurts to walk, but I bite the pain and if I can come home and have a small bit of Kratom for physical pain management, well then I'm lucky is all. I'd rather live like most people and not be in pain. But you all are bent on labeling me, and I'll keep producing evidence that proves my innocence, and me and the truth will be selectively ignored until people have to face the music eventually somehow.

    And no I wasn't siding with Biden the other day when I stated that he worked hard to win in 2020.
    All presidents work hard to win.
    Now people can back off with the stalking and harassment including the monitoring of my apartment, and try getting your facts straight before opening your mouth.

  14. Bye Bye the American Dream drove my Tesla to the charger but the price was to high saying this will be the day… The church bells all were broken and the good people words unspoken, for fear of repercussions. Bye bye the American dream ….

  15. Bidenomics is working

    – says no one

  16. Mr. Kudlow is fortunate to be functioning within the Faux News fantasyland.

  17. Biden and bidenomics suck

  18. With romney going means the democrats have even less people in the senate.

  19. Help me money 💲399 billion us dollars support money every months support money every years support money Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim please

  20. Abject failure government and media because tonight the planet is being jerked around just because a psycho cult leader in SF using military technology believes that I misused $10 of my General Assistance money.

  21. Mitt will run against trump as a third party with joe machinan to try and keep the deep state in power

  22. Bidennomics ; I heard of it. We're paying off Bidens bribes; Bidennomics.

  23. Sounds like out of control! But control on Citizens!Thank You Larry. God Bless.

  24. Sir this is the only way make u do the right direction follow Biden policy and watching it like LaLaland fancy , approved by Kamala and Obama😂

  25. why no acknowledgment that inflation is a world issue?

  26. Thank you Larry. You are a common sense genius.

  27. Get rid of Biden period, he belongs in the ground

  28. Dementia Joe doesn't get his 10% for oil he gets from the U.S., so he gets oil from other countries!

  29. And of course everyone cheers on lying Larry Kudlow for giving his slanted version of economics. What is the GOP solution for Larry's bad economic news? Tax cuts for the rich?

  30. The Average Family is spending 700-800 more per month total

  31. 7.8 are you kidding me…really these are not even close try 18%-20% total Trump 2024 No other !!!

  32. The impeachment makes it look like Bribe-o-nomics, with SBF as a huge donor across the board too.

  33. 35% of the people in this country are not rich! Anyone that is not rich should hate bidenomics?!? Who tf are these people? Potato heads just like joe!!! Low IQ…..

  34. It’s hard to believe the residents of New York aren’t revolting since their standard of living is rapidly decreasing.

  35. Biden and his administration are all guilty of treason, along with his many supporting agencies!

  36. Nation can’t take another 4 years of this disaster.

  37. It is my prayer that you receive your just deserts, hey mitch what country are you moving to???

  38. You do alcohol kudlow we can see you are a alcohol leave biden alone he is sending Palestine weapons to beat the terrorists of Israel the scum Zionist

  39. I refer to it as BidenComics , sad part is the jokes on U.S.