Larry Kudlow: This story is too weird

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reacts to Powell’s new backstops on U.S. banks on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. "If the people ever allow a central bank, through deflation and inflation they will wake up homeless on the shores their forefathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson
    IT IS HAPPENING. Have you ever seen so many homeless on the streets?

  2. Lock Trump and Putin up!

  3. The feds haven’t yet sold SVB because they WANT to crash the markets. That’s another critical step to the destruction of our republic. Just ask Klaus Schwab. Barack Obama has almost finished his work of “fundamentally transforming the US”.

  4. Larry, you are very bad, not for me, not for most Americans, but you are very bad for the establishment!!!. not only you call it, like it is, but you are incredibly knowledgeable!! when it comes to finances, and policies. But you are a threat to them the establishment may God bless you!! and keep it going.

  5. Rainbow hair hiring tactics didn’t work so good, did it?

  6. Biden puts low income people at high risk. Feeling sad for you. Grow food. There numbers are so high. Is everybody playing the stock market in congress? Thanks Larry for getting the word out there. Homeless people can't help to good.

  7. Fire fighting here, Fire fighting there and Firefighting all over America First…

  8. As much as he wants this to spread .not happenin'

  9. The GOP passed TWO huge COVID bills to the dems ONE huge COVID bill and the GOP in 2018 loosen the mid size banks regs. The 2018 bill to loosen bank regs was championed by SVB CEO Greg Becker. Becker had pressed lawmakers in Congress to lessen regulation that placed higher scrutiny on certain banks, claiming that SVB had a "low risk profile of our activities and business model." By 2018, his bank had spent roughly $500,000 to lobby for the changes that Trump ultimately signed into law, according to The Lever, an investigative news outlet.

  10. Why 2% inflation is “OK” is beyond my poor brain to comprehend. Without any compounding effects, that is cumulative of 100% devaluation over 50 years. Try planning for any kind of future with those numbers especially if when inflation is 2%, try getting much above 1% (if!). Our privately owned Federal Reserve (which have no reserves unless the printing press is fired up) has been shoving the shaft up our collective rears for over 120 years. It was started in 1913 and by 1933, our country was bankrupt. A 2023 dollar compared to a 1913 dollar is worth less than 3 cents and that includes adjusting for inflation! The games at a traveling carnival is honest compared to the Federal No Reserve system.

  11. The FED rolling out FEDNow and trying to implement CBDC. Never go along with this

  12. It's weird because you're not looking at it for what it is. It's a Trojan horse to the United States economy and part of the globalist reset agenda trying to force digital currency tyranny.

  13. San Francisco Fed was busy cleaning feces up off the streets and collecting money for reparations

  14. These “woke” policies and fearmongering propagandists are not just wierd, Larry, they are evil; wicked if you prefer. These are the opportunities that anti-Christ narcissists exploit to justify their delusions of grandeur and hatred for God Almighty, Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and His Bible. The result is the judgement of God Almighty on all wickedness. You are looking at this today.

  15. Another I hate students loans forgiveness

  16. Corruption is holding them up

  17. A problem with the vacuum is vacuum ing up loose change destroys most vacuums . Only the shop vac can survive.

  18. For you to claim they do not know banking is in the realm of fake news . They understand to ruin is the perfect disguise while they vacuum up the loose change.

  19. Did you ever notice that Greenspan rarely read off paper, he had his notes but always looked congress in the eye

  20. So the majority of the funds (“donations”) that BLM received were from this Bank? Interesting…

  21. Masonic Democrats took down two banks to burry the evidence of their dark dealings.

  22. Larry the stock market is perverted

  23. Absolutely no taxpayer bailout. Sell the bank before any bailout.

  24. This is a domino effect after China's "banks" went through many scandals and China tried to cover it up. It's obvious senile Beijing Biden followed what his boss Xi told him to keep mum about it. Thus, no one in the world took precaution and countermeasures with the banks in their own countries to prevent prevailing meltdowns following it.
    What is more critical is that the senile Beijing Biden only made matters worse by speeding up inflation with hikes to taxes and fed rates.
    The US Treasury and FDIC along with senile Beijing Biden and his administration are in cahoots for this crisis.
    What's more ironic is that senile Beijing Biden and hilarious Harris are planning to run for office in 2024.

  25. How do you back a bank with a loan???
    So now it's broke, and owes 54 billion!
    If that was my business, I would be considered bankrupt!
    Politician's are the Problem!

  26. It is so heartening to see how well Larry is doing, and how far he has come in his fight against addiction, and his battle with alcoholism. One day at a time Larry! WE don’t care what everyone says about you!

  27. So sad. No competant people to work anymore..hire people on basis of culture instead of work ethic and knowledge

  28. Who thought BLM was liable for anything? 😂

  29. My great uncle was John Taylor, 10th president of the US.
    He was against the government having control of banking back then.

  30. Well done as always.

  31. New money laundering for the DNC.

  32. sounds like nip and tucking