Thursday , August 11 2022

Larry Kudlow: This undermines our democracy

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow reflects on the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade and protesters trying to influence the final ruling on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. You and the Wall St banks.

  2. Every Weds nites Blue State workers turn ACs on hi to shut down grid so Elites can't charge their cars. Make them feel our pain

  3. Everything I say get removed from YouTube, that undermines our democracy.

  4. Say a 🙏of thanks for the unborn. Also pray for an end to Biden Regime rule.

  5. Biden’s regime looks more and more like Stalin’s.

  6. How about Trump undermining our democracy…anything on that larry K?

  7. I'm blessed by 👆👆☑️ he got me 3BTC thanks dude.

  8. I'm blessed by 👆👆☑️ he got me 3BTC thanks dude.

  9. Arent we actually a republic and not a democracy?

  10. Don't think this inflation is understood. Just like before COVID the lack of inflation wasn't understood.

  11. Hey, Kudlow, you idiot: you forgot the INVASION at the Southern border, you moron !!!!!!! I & I: invasion & inflation !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Biggest untold story in the last 8-12 years: the COMPLETE corruption & weaponization of DOJ/FBI. Chris Wray (& others before him like Comey) is a coward, traitor, & political hack. C. Wray’s “head-on-a-pike!” P.S. – AG Merrick Garland has a face like a rat – he should resign IMMEDIATELY, in disgrace!

  13. Best way to damage China CCP is to review all your 401(k), pension plans, employee stock option plans, retirement plans and look for the category ‘Emerging Market Asia.’ This mean 95-98% of this segment’s money is invested in China CCP. They try to hide this fact. Again, Emerging Market Asia = China CCP! Move ALL your money to other segments or categories that do NOT invest in China CCP. And, of course, buy as little as possible from China CCP!

  14. So these people fired a coach for acknowledging Almighty God and Jesus the Savior of all mankind. The same God who wants to give His children ETERNAL LIFE free from all this madness and evil. Makes sense.

  15. Larry: Is it possible that fentanyl in their common use drugs are the incoherent drug not only addicting everyone who uses it, especially in pot, but also quite similar to the Russian drug onslaught of the 60's and 70's with heroin, speed, and the infamous 8 Ball! You look back at the many cases of public insanity, stupitity, and political suicide! sm

  16. Low interest rates do not necessarily spur inflation, not if credit is justified by productivity and deregulation and smaller government debt.

  17. Another unconsentual transfer of wealth.

  18. It is surprising how many humans do not feel they have the divine right to experience an abundant life. This is so sad, when you consider that true abundance isn't something bought, or given, it is something that is shared. Till at last we rise forever in the arms of perfect love.

  19. November 8th Is Election Day This Fall

  20. The Income Tax Are Way Too Low At This Point In Time

  21. Good morning Mr. CutLow. The US does not have democracy. Democrazy thats it.

  22. Hopefully there will be some criminal trials after the Nov. Elections, and some imprisonments, impeachments and punishment for wrongdoing by the Biden criminals.

  23. Biden and his stupid appointees are all pitiful…and stupid!

  24. It not the workers wages that are driving inflation it's poor policy and government meddling in energy markets and overall vindictive attacks on American energy. Clean tech is not perfect it needs to be tried but we cannot ween ourselves off fossil fuel until thier are viable alternatives and then the free market will do its job as long as large corporations and government don't interfere.

  25. The 3 who dissented are enemies to our constitution. Plain and simple

  26. Leftists Democrats,, move to Cuba!!.

  27. Larry Kudlow: This undermines our democracy
    me :good because 🇺🇸 is a Republic numb nuts

  28. Time to clean house…..

  29. Dems have the Executive, Congress, and Department of Justice in control. Something I learned a long time ago, its not what is legal or illegal, but what they are willing to enforce. Currently the DoJ is in the Executives pocket, therefor the Executive can do as the Executive pleases until it is deemed illegal through suit.

  30. Abort all democrats.