Thursday , January 20 2022
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Larry Kudlow: Trump didn’t take tax cuts 2.0 off the table

White House Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow on tax cuts 2.0 and the U.S.-China trade dispute.

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  1. They are desperate to stop the ppl getting more money.

  2. The President understands that what is good for the little man is good for the economy. Why is it that democrats cant figure this out?

  3. Payroll tax cuts for the working man? "Hahaha no no no no ha ha blah blah blah" This idiot is so dumb

  4. Safe to say this didn’t age very well. Now we know revenue dropped, spending went up, deficit skyrocketed and treasury yields plummeted. Those 2017 corporate tax cuts went to stock buy-backs and the economy went to crap in less than 18 months! Now Trump thinks a Walmart-dependent nation that relies on cheap imports is going to survive after forcing those companies back home? Prices will double! This has to be a record for screwing things up, even for Republicans 😂

  5. cutting tax is for the riches, raising tax is for the poor. if the government cut 20% of tax for all people, the rich(1000000 dollar) will save 200000dollar, the poor(1dollar) will save 0.2dollar. then the government will lose 199999.8dollar to help the poor. the rich will become even more richer. the poor become even more poor.

  6. Larry Kudlow said in December 2007:
    "‘There’s no recession coming.’
    ‘The pessimistas were wrong. It’s not going to happen. The Bush boom is alive and well. It’s finishing up its sixth consecutive year with more to come.’

  7. Trump said he would have tax reform in two stages: first, bring business and manufacturing here, and, second do more to relieve the taxes for the people.

    Question: Larry Kudlow, why don't you just say so?

  8. the lefty's want a recession…they will lie lie lie…there are no bubbles….the country is steaming…don't buy bank stocks..and you will be fine…energy…commodities…oil is dropping….even the Mexicans are going to Disney world…stock market short drops are designed to make money …buy low sell high…500 point drops are reactionary…and temporary..and the money is rolling in…low interest rates still…Trump has kicked everyone off the table….they all want to plat follow the leader…and he KNOWS it.!!.

  9. Stop giving federal grants to non profits and to foreign countries. Its our money

  10. What about the deficit and the amount tax cuts 1.0 added to it… I thought you guys were all about the deficit. Maybe that was a different Republican Party

  11. dump the income tax and I will go back to work and I am 68!
    set up business again!

  12. the bad news is that the personal exemptions were taken away and they hurt the working class, this means fewer votes for Trump from those who struggle and may pay more to the Third Reich IRS.

  13. I don't know how our economy could possible get derailed with such a stable genius like our gameshow reality host senile diaper wearing moron in the white house spending 9/10th of his time golfing and the rest tweeting! Cuz Kudlow is probably the smartest ex-coke addict drunk from a Canadien network who can run our economy like i dunno, what, a clown car, or something super awesome! Where do i invest all my money! MAKIN IT RAIN!

  14. Kudlow was just named to the Swervy Commission on Come Sit on Uncle Larrys Lap and let him mansplain what our fearless leader is doing for the billionaires! Oh GOD YEH!

  15. The bad news: KUDLOW IS DRUNK AGAIN

  16. more tax money for his rich buddy's? how are we going to pay for it?

  17. If United States doesn’t change the rules on international trade deals with China and other country its economy will go down the drain due to past mistake.

  18. Another thing people the tariffs wont impact on our economy. Get out there & spend money geez

  19. There more concerned with time to answer then to hear the answer🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. All I have to say was that stocks were up trending today in the morning. And then it crashed because of a tweet from Trump and trade wars. I know that's not all correlated to the economy, but that's all I have to say. I wonder whose bad for the economy….

  21. how are they going to do tax cuts when democrats hold the house?

  22. American stop spending and start saving, pay your debt off, depression is coming

  23. This guy work bush in 2007 he were head ecomey break down. In 2008 Aug what happen break down Ecomey. He yes man

  24. Frank Suarez Hillary's Collusion with Russia – YouTube (1)

  25. One day it's a good idea, the next day it's not. Worst administration ever.

  26. Just get rid of any government running your life we don't need government

  27. Top left guy is a joke and should be fired from fox he makes fox looking stupid

  28. I love Mr Kudlow. I have followed him since 2006 all through his cnbc days until now. He is a very good negotiator to boot

  29. If this guy thinks the China Tariffs have had a negligible effect on the US consumer then this is the guy I will never go to for financial advice.

  30. what about lower/middle class?? NOTHING? After 40 yrs? btw lower middle class bracket is 45000 to 75000 a year for those who care

  31. The word "truth " is alien to this administration.

  32. I sure hope we get more tax cuts. Not enough of the money the institutions, management, and corrupt politicians have defrauded the American People of for the past four decades has been returned yet. It's not like the big businesses have allowed much trickle down to us of what they got the last time. It's time the People were given the advantage.

  33. What we have here is a truly mentally ill president……Similar to a cancerous growth that needs to be removed

  34. Larry Kudlow has gift for explaining economics.

  35. In Tax cut 1.0, I had to pay more in tax. I wonder what tax cut 2.0 gonna bring

  36. How would any tax cut get through the Democrats in the House?

  37. he needs to just flat tax and be done with it. 15 percent flat tax for everyone.

  38. Larry has turned into the promoter and chief for trump. Who cares about responsible fiscal policy. Stock market is propped by govt debt. Let’s have a 2 trillion deficit each year

  39. Let’s get this money – Trump 2020

  40. Delivering tax cuts 2.0 two months before the election would bury Democrats in 2020. When people see an immediate pay bump, people will be mad Democrats have been screwing them for so long.

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