Larry Kudlow: V-shaped recovery, 20% second-half growth is ‘very much intact’

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow tells FOX Business’ Stuart Varney his V-shaped recovery forecast ‘needs some help on the safety part’ and ‘some help on the investment part.’ #FoxBusiness

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  3. Speaking economics to democrats is analogous to teaching a cat French.

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  5. Hey Trumpers how that wall holding up? looks like you need Chinese to show you how to build it, Maybe stop the payoffs

  6. The business already got investment incentives with the TCJA. They also got more incentives with the Cares Act.

  7. Just stay home you don't need to pay rent have some money and STFU!

  8. No it will not help rents in our area are from 650 to fourteen hundred dollars twelve hundred dollars does not come close we live in a tourist area restaurants are failing and shops depend on locals and visitors to buy there goods without jobs there is no money

  9. American media has blood on their hands. NY, CA, IL …leaders who cannot provide a safe streets for its citizens, need to go to JAIL. They have EVIL agenda and these are corrupted leaders who has no concern for this country. We need to respect conservative views on both sides, not just let one side rule. This is why we elect politicians so they can come up with good plans, but instead we are just shoving one view on our media. THIS IS WRONG!

  10. FBN : Larry the economy sucks, why?
    Larry : lets talk about covid instead

  11. I'm a contracted mammographer and there are no real contracts out there; clinics post fake openings to test the market. While Democrats fight to keep industries locked down, they are driving wages down.

  12. My uncle is a landlord in FL and these guys 'moratorium' on evictions is killing him. He is not getting his rent money, but he still has to pay his mortgage. He is out lawyer fees accrued in attempting to oust the bad renters. When the moratorium is over, the bad renters just walk away without paying anything…even though they got all kinds of government money.

  13. Most of this people will not use 1200 to pay their rent.

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  15. Yeah we will get a V shaped recovery with a crash in the usd

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  19. The ONLY thing bad for COV19 in CA is our Gruesome governor!

  20. I can understand where Kudlow is coming from but I agree with his later especially with the civil unrest and the need to schools to reopen and Americans to get back to work

  21. The reason that Trump lost so much in the polls , all the polls, is because too much lies from those guys in the white house, people have no ideas when are they telling the lies or truth and lost confidence completely on these guys , and they just did not learn the lesson , and now the mentality of the voters is vote anyone except Trump , and and Democrat candidate can easily
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  22. This Larry Kudlow just talk nonsense on TV, how can it be a V shape recovery if people are so afraid to be infected and may lose their lives and left permanent conditions ?

  23. No matter what every American open up go to church go to the gym go

  24. Every American open up your job and your business now

  25. The investment incentives could be totally destroyed by the activities from the Democratic party they destroying businesses in this destroys Commerce and they're supporting it

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  27. Larry is not stupid. DAVE

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    While Main Street BURNS 🔥 ! ! !

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  32. What is going on with Export, & GNP?
    Bring down the National Debt next year please! End the Fed. Reserve!

  33. I thought the Republicans are always pushing for home schooling?

  34. Kudlow is an a-hole. He said the epidemic will end back in April. Why does anyone listen to this jerk. Yes close the GOP convention but open the schools.

  35. What about the unemployment compensation? They didn't say

  36. Why do we listen to drunken wife beaters?

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  38. Great interview! ECONOMY a is on the MENDs 🙏🏾🇺🇸🙏🏾

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