Law Clerks: SCOTUS ‘tells everyone else what they can and cannot do’ … but rejects ethics pledge

Former SCOTUS law clerks Jennifer Mascott and Andrew Crespo join Meet the Press to discuss the internal dynamics and transparency of the Court.

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  1. The Supreme Court is broken when they ignore cases because there is a governmental industry like when both parent want to parent but the state removes one parent from the children 76% so the state can collect maximum payments from the title 4D program which funds judges retirement benefits At the expense of the parent child relationship but the Supreme Court won’t hear any cases about this because it will cost the states billions of dollars in funding be damned with the citizens rights

  2. This latest batch of coin-operated SCOTUS installations by evangelicals has turned America into a theocracy. For Life. The court must be rebalanced with additional seats.

  3. This is what happens when corrupt individuals have no morality or ethics!!

  4. what koolaide us the blonde drinking

  5. Omg, she’s insane and just lying like all republicans..

  6. All she said is I serve my masters

  7. Around the 6:26 mark Andrew Crespo mentions Texas and he’s not doing it arbitrarily. Currently, an anonymous plaintiff is filing a $1.8B lawsuit against Planned Parenthood in Amarillo,Texas where a federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, extremely conservative, appointed by Trump (R) will be overseeing the case. This is the same judge that tried to get Mifepristone, an FDA approved drug on the market for 20 years, off the market. Crespo brought it up for a reason 👏🏼. That judge is using these cases to get shot up through the shadow docket to the Supreme Court.

  8. Scotus is corrupt. They burned their credibility a while ago. It is pretty clear they judge based on if they are democrat or republican judges and if they judged based on the law that would not be the outcome. I am also quite certain that as more investigation is done we will find more judges are owned. Honestly we need to remove all of them. We need a code of ethics and some way to depoliticize the court. Maybe we choose 9 judges randomly from all federal judges and they serve a 1 year term or something like that. I don't know but what we have now is clearly not working.

  9. Unborn babies are not part of their mother's bodies. They are separate bodies who should not be murdered.

  10. When did they talk about ethics?

  11. This women is insane!!!! There's no ethics!!!! The constitution and rule of law is not followed!!!!! Trumpets Court!!! Sad for the rule of law!!!

  12. We have lots of news of civilians being indicted and imprisoned for various offences on Jan 6th. What civilian enquiries are going on into the conspiracies or incompetence within the military and their lack of action to protect the elected Government? I have not read anything explaining that silence.

  13. Supreme Court needs oversight as well.

  14. Thank you for your ridiculous take on the Supreme Court. You are now considered the Unethical Supreme Court Barbie.

  15. Sounds like Chuck Todd is undermining democracy by denigrating Separation of Powers. By his own rules, Chuck Todd is a “danger to democracy”.

  16. This woman is not living in a reality based world. Either that or she is an accomplished LIAR.

  17. That woman is brain wash

  18. Make them tell you there real names, call them real estate

  19. How about some challenging questions and some follow up, Chuck, especially to SCOTUS cheerleader Jennifer?

  20. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  21. Yeah, but shes pretty, so ….

  22. Which is why RELIGION has no place in the court. An atheist could easily allow others to live their own lives. Religious zealots cannot. Most religions forbid others to be free from that religion.

  23. JM used to clerk for Thomas. What a surprise that she defends the current SCOTUS.

  24. Fun fact from Wikipedia. The law school from which Jennifer is an associate professor was at one point named after Antonin Scalia. The Antonin Scalia School of Law or ASSLaw for short.

  25. “Justice Thomas received an award.” 🦉🦉🦤

  26. I wish she was my law clerk.

  27. Rember it's the REPUBLICAN justices who are the problem.If a liberal justice even got a Jaywalking ticket the republicans would be calling for impeachment.

  28. Can anyone believe Jennifer? Not being disrespectful but we all now how she got her job, no?

  29. Sorry the Constitution bothers you so much Todd.
    Maybe you should move to the ukraine.

  30. Shows ya' all just how far model looks can get you at SCOTUS! What a joke! A mouthpiece (no pun intended) for SCOTUS!

  31. YOU are being PAID to solve it-
    WE will not FUND you any longer
    Do YOUR job-
    43 yr nuclear power professionals

  32. Mascot is in the wrong job. She should be working for the orange PAB. She and Kaleigh Mac a Ninny are two of a kind.

  33. That gal has her nose up the right wing courts backside

  34. the Republican Christian Taliban…
    now run the U.S. Supreme court…
    so the war on women…
    and the LGBTQ folks will continue…

  35. I think the big takeaway is that what we were told were "checks and balances" are in reality "gentleman's agreements."

  36. The statements of the two ex law clerks clearly show the psychological difference between the liberal and conservative minds. While liberals prioritize fairness and prevention of harm over loyalty and ingroup identification, conservatives value authority, loyalty and in-group identification over fairness and harm prevention.
    Thus the liberal law clerk pointed out that the report showed who SCOTUS failed in the liberal values of fairness and harm prevention while the conservative law clerk focused on how SCOTUS was steadfast in the face of attacks, as well as her claim that the court is transparent.displayed the values of authority and loyalty (to the institution).
    See "Liberals and Conservatives Rely on Different Sets of Moral Foundations" by Jesse Graham and others.

  37. We need a law that says only presidents who win the popular vote shall be allowed to appoint judges including for the U.S. Supreme Court.

  38. She is funny😂😂 If it wouldent be about the Scotus😢😢😮