Lawmaker sounds alarm over Chinese-owned mill: ‘Significant threat’

Grand Forks, North Dakota Mayor Brandon Bochenski tells ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ why he wants to stop a chinese-owned corn plant from being built in his city despite its economic benefits. #foxbusiness #cavuto

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  1. no to chinese building anything in north America

  2. They own land near Lakeland AFB, farms, schools and more than we know. Between China, Joe, Hunter we’ve been sold out. Need help to save our country.

  3. People need to WAKEUP. The Chinese Communist Party wants to buy up all our land and businesses and by the time people open their eyes, America will be owenrf by China and people will become SLAVES.

  4. If people were smart and everyone knows that If the Chinese start buying up land in America

  5. We already know China is all in our business anyway. Let's knockem out one by one

  6. "A long process" that should not be, if it is China no deal.

  7. GREAT move to PROTECT the USA!! DEM'S R DEMON'S!!!

  8. Cut ALL ties with China.

  9. China doesn't own America! Make it in America! Our Country is not For Sale!

  10. Let's go ask our founders if they would be okay with the British wanting to purchase land for "business opportunities". WTH are we doing America!?!?!?

  11. What part of our government thinks it's a "good thing" by selling our land to communist controlled countries??? Talk about a national security issue!!! WTH!!!

  12. 🛰was looking for another mill farm 🚜 in main

  13. how can the CCP own any thing in the west if we cant own land in china ?

  14. Screw china…any US citizen or business that tries to sell US land to china or any other country should be charged with treason and citizenship stripped.

  15. stop selling our land to chy-nuh! we cant go over there and just buy up land.

  16. Don trus China, China is Assho! God bless these men standing up for this country and their states/ people! 👏👏👍💯🇺🇲💪


  18. american hero……it needs to be illegal for non citizens to own an inch of america.

  19. We have enough of Chinese influence in our country enough is enough we knów how much spying and stealing of intellectual property give no more to them period

  20. The CCP also bought farmland near a military base in Texas wow this is a coincidence and China Joe isn’t going to be loyal to US he’s going to leave us in the dark as to what is happening all over the country

  21. I don't think ANYBODY could enlighten Neil .


  23. China has large land in China. But its great to stop the creep

  24. Finally someone with a brain thank you love you keep it up trumpster

  25. Absolutely no foreign investment should be established on American soil.

  26. He know about those chinese things balloons over the northern state and who know
    where else. That will give them bases, for spying. What should be of greatest
    concern are all the electronic made over there and in 100 percent of our homes.
    You know spyware is embedded in all that stuff, people better wake up. They finance
    grampy poopie pants, that should answer all right there

  27. Communist China wants our land, our property, even OWN Smithfield! Half of the USA gradually belongs to communist China; Biden has cooperated & in the cahoots with Ci Jinping. We've sold land to Chinese, it's getting ridiculous. Will China let us buy their ShangHai? Tony Blinken this Sunday probably will dump billion $$$ on Ci' laps (green deal) so we;ll be POORER.

  28. Let's not forget the CCP transnational police are also in several locations in the U.S. WHY?

  29. Right near an Air Force base. How convenient.

  30. Who allowed them to buy the land in the first place? Biden?