Lawmakers Praise Police Officers With Congressional Gold Medal For Jan. 6 Response

Congressional leaders praised officers, including those from Capitol and Washington police, after presenting them with the Congressional Gold Medal for their response during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Congressional leaders and police chiefs honored the officers, including those who had died during and since the attacks. 
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  1. So let me get this right.
    They happily shakes the hands of the people who opted to defund the police, which could have played a role in Jan 6th with a lack of police force there. But then don’t shake the hands of the guys who consistently wanted more police funding? They had nothing to do with Jan 6th and blamed for it? This sounds more like those family members of the fallen officer are trying to get some notoriety or have their anger misplaced.

  2. It traumatized me to watch what happened that day – to my country, to my Capitol and those officers and any agents. I sobbed watching them fight. Godspeed to the brave! I offer little but this Irish Gaelic song, "Mo Ghille Mear – My Gallant Hero."

  3. Lollololol. Medals for allowing people to enter with no police to stop them. Lmao!!! Over exaggerated

  4. The statement made by the families accepting the medals of honor couldn't have been louder if they'd shouted from the rooftops. It was eloquent, succinct. I can only imagine how they felt knowing they would be part of the ceremony.

  5. HISTORICAL LEGACY – Great Thanks
    J6COUP HEROES CAPITOL POLICE SAVED DEMOCRACY & the Lives of V.P. Pence & Congress. ANY POLICE Officer's Heckling these HEROES Should be FIRED.

  6. NBC ignores the most significant moment… go figure… line yourselves up with CNN, FOX, etc… clowns.

  7. just like T- ball..a medal for showing up..opening doors..killing a poor girl..can i have one too? i did stuff..


  9. This administration gives away metals like candy They have watered it down Is that black cop the one that murdered Ashley Babbitt the veteran Air Force Woman !!!!

  10. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  11. They didn’t show the part where the police officers refused to shake the hands of GOP lawmakers.

  12. Can we also honor the cops that Pulled drunk Paul Pelosi off the streets 🤠

  13. FYI some supreme people are don't agree your justice they gonna do the nihilism again at you.

  14. As they should. The capital police are heroes. They need to make a national holiday. Capital police day.

  15. This is bullcrap!, they didn't show the parts where the families of Brian Sicknick wouldn't shake hands with McConnell or McCarthy!

  16. Not one medal for David Dorn for losing his life to a thug who tried to steal a TV during the BLM riots. This is a political act 100% – sad you people buy into it.

  17. So why didn’t you show the award recipients walking past the Republican leaders refusing to shake there hands? Show the whole truth, quit hiding it.

  18. The audacity of Kevin McCarthy to get up and say words which he had denied the doing of Trump's BS.

  19. And now our nation is in a bigger mess then ever before.

  20. i wish everyone had stood up & turned their backs on the traitors & cowards who stood there and lied through their teeth!! america is so very proud of all the heroes who defended us against domestic terrorists who want to destroy our democracy!!

  21. Yes these are the true heros NOT the people raiding the Capitol! F/@%%@ MAGA

  22. They give out participation trophies at our little league too.

  23. What an insult to those heroes to have McCarthy and McConnell there.

  24. What a joke. More theater from corrupt Democrats. If they cheat again, I fear Jan. 6 will look like a block party compared to what might happen.

  25. Republicans, you cannot treat people like crap and expect them to forget it. Currently, many of the republicans taunt and laugh at the officers. I will never forget how many republicans responded negatively when the officers presented testimony regarding their experience. Republicans, your constituents may accept your lies. However, please know that the rest of us do not believe or trust you.

  26. Thank you guys ! You save our democracy !
    Jail trump 2024 yrs in prison

  27. why didnt they show that the families refused to shake hands with the repubs?

  28. mcconnell and mccarthy are hypocrites, to the ten thousandth power.

  29. Respect for the blue on this one!!! All heros!!! Shame on those insurrectionist, shame on them!!!


  31. God bless all of the capital police and their families we Americans are eternally grateful for all you did on January 6. Never let the hypocrisy of McCarthy and McConnell diminish our appreciation and respect for all of you.

  32. What spineless hypocrites McCarthy and Mitch are,they are totally shameless.

    📜2 PETER CHAPTER 3 ✍️

  34. Cue the Violin music.. and bring out the fake tears

  35. An appropriate snub of two DJT sycophants.

  36. Love seeing Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy there and that makes me happy 😊.