Wednesday , August 10 2022

Lawmakers React To Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

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Lawmakers React To Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade


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  1. SCOTUS Justices should be impeached for lying to get their jobs. I Also believe Justice Clarence Thomas should be impeached for covering up his wife's Tax Evasion that went on for SIX YEARS: It wasn't a miscalculation; he simply omitted his wife's source of income for six years!! Removing a corrupt Justice- a person we ENTRUST with the Laws of our Nation- should be as easily removed from his appointment as it was to LIE to get his/her job. At least allow "THE PEOPLE" the opportunity to DECIDE by vote. These people are TOO OLD, They're from a DIFFERENT PAST with PAST IDEALS/ THINKING/INTERPRETATIONS of the law i.e. [OLD SCHOOL] that do NOT CONFORM or EVOLVE to PRESENT DAY Technology, Science, Culture, Needs or Harmony/Acceptance…ANYTHING, Simply Anything modern. Also, the FBI should be allowed to FULLY INVESTIGATE the myriad accusers in the sexual misconduct of BRET KAVANAUGH. Justice Thomas had THREE ACCUSERS one of whom (and PARENTS) were relentlessly attacked and HUMILIATED by JOE BIDEN during Thomas's hearings.

  2. Legalized slavery stood for 246 years in the US before it was reversed – are any of us regretting the reversal of slavery since it was longer standing than Roe v Wade?

    Roe v Wade was only one-fifth of the precedence period of slavery – reversing a mistake sooner rather than later is better, not worse. 😊

  3. my question to anyone who's anti abortion: are you going to help ease the massive strain on the understaffed and underfunded foster care system by adopting several unwanted children? are you going to be fine with the massive tax increases necessary to overhaul our Healthcare system to make it viable for poor working class single mothers to support multiple kids? are you going to volunteer your time and resources to various programs that are vital to providing additional housing, schooling and other care to the influx of children?

  4. AOC would be fun to watch in a donkey show. Her eyes are bigger than the donkey

  5. The beauty to be able to have different opinions

  6. Guys don't worry you can still get a abortion you'll just go to jail if you do it. It's still your choice though. Don't you think this goes past your right to choose?

  7. Everybody always looks at the worst case scenario,How about taxpayers and other people who have to pay for those abortions? Why should anyone pay for some other idiots bad decision making? I didn't get between her legs so why should I have to pay for an abhorrent practice to begin with?Can't slam other countries for human rights abuses when this country has been murdering babies for 50 years.

  8. They just did this now to try to draw our attention away from the J6 hearings because they've seen how damaging it is to the GOP

  9. Whine Baby Killers we will be pushing back harder from here out get your pacifiers Ready STOP KILLING THE BABIES CLOSE YOUR LEGS OLE SKANKS or Get a Job and take care of your child ole sorry jokers

  10. Haven't seen democrats this mad since Republicans freed their slaves from them!!!

  11. It's time that Americans stand against national socialists like pelosi, cortez, shumer….It's time we hang these socialists in front of the capitol!

  12. Haha Taliban supporters

  13. You can only have so much freedom . Why would you want to murder a baby Yall need to chill. They said there is exceptions that you can still get one But not for the teenage girl that cant keep her legs closed sorry not sorry

  14. Why is it called „Pro-Life“? Completely misleading… Women and girls WILL DIE. Women and girls who are alive now WILL DIE – many many many many of them. From sepsis, from unsafe abortions, from suicide, from domestic violence. It’s anti-life. It’s against women and especially against poor women – PERIOD!

  15. Pro 1 percent🤣🤮🤮🤮🤣. Think people.

  16. While I am not against abortion, I am against all of the irresponsible procreation from those who have no business having children. With this option off the table, women will have to think twice before spreading their legs in order to manipulate men.


  18. Do you know you can get rid of any kind of disease with natural root and herbs,I was able to cure my HIV completely by the help of Dr Osaba on YouTube,he is a traditional man he has cure for all kinds of chronic diseases..

  19. I'm going to boycott the businesses. That are supporting Abortion. Let the churches in America boycott the businesses that are supposing abortion. Why do the black community, And Brown community. Have So many Abortion clinics. What is the purpose.??? To establish abortion clinics in the (Minority Locality.) I am Brown. I think it is a passive way of racism. To get rid of the minority community. This is the best decision the Supreme Court has made in 50 years. God-bless our judges and our military. Abortion and racism shouldn't be tolerated At any cost.

  20. It's truly astonishing to witness that our Federal Government, with all its obvious flaws, can still produce an incredibly courageous decision, the equal of the 14th Amendment striking down the Democrat's Dred Scott v Sandford, or Brown v Board of Education striking down the Democrat's Plessy v Ferguson.

  21. Meanwhile the Red Army is slowly advancing west…