Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Lawmakers to split $908 billion relief bill into two proposals

A bipartisan group of lawmakers to split $908 billion COVID-19 relief bill into two proposals.

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  1. AG Racine Leads Coalition of 23 Attorneys General and the following representatives who are perceived

    to be the heads of the 126 representatives who signed into the AMICUS to OVERTURN the WILL OF THE PEOPLE in the ELECTION for PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.

    In so doing, they violated Section 3 of the FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT stated as follows:


    No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES, shall have engaged in insurrection or REBELLION against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California’s 23rd Congressional District

    Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio’s 4th Congressional District

    Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

    Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida’s 1st Congressional District

    Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas’s 1st Congressional District




  2. Joe Biden will not be in the White House-You will see!

  3. Should have done something months ago

  4. This is money for all Democrats,

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  6. Cavuto the Tool lol.. how'd I end up here?!… oh yeah, free money…

  7. we'll already knew it wasn't gonna be the miracle on "$3400 street"

  8. The time is ticking when you guys realize we are suffering for everything past the bill for the whole country you deserve it

  9. People is suffering about rent bills car insurance when you guys can realize we need some help the whole country need help

  10. Who gives a rats about funding the government when they won't even help us but we can still pay their paychecks can't have that stop their million dollars have to keep on coming in when we can't even get a stimulus check to the people that need it you know a lot of the public won't be able to get the vaccine until 3 months from now so we need something to get us through I mean heck Australia and other countries they're giving out stimulus checks and they're not as wealthy as us but at least their government is not being so greedy and actually taking care of their people

  11. Yeah I believe our Congress as far as I can throw them I mean come on they've been saying they're passing stuff but guess what they'll pass bills to make sure they stay and get paid Congress is greedy little f** I mean sorry to say we have a rough time buying presents paying the bills buying food I mean sorry to say you might have made more business cut but powers companies are jacking prices up like no tomorrow everything that's Central is being jacked up but we can't make the money to pay them maybe if our Congress can pull their head out of their a and their greedy pockets and get the job done or hit the road

  12. Californians go to recallnewsom.com2020….lets get rid of this fool

  13. Pelosi hates the true American people. PERIOD. She will be voted out.

  14. But stimulus check are not going to be on the bill

  15. Screw government relief…open the the economy, stop the oppression NOW!

  16. We all know this is lies at the lies why continue coming in are to lie to us to me look stupid out here midnight. Stop, we are eating yourself and as reporters you should all just stop giving them time to come in beer to lie and lie j'mon the reporters they continued reporting such BS

  17. This is laughable, two bills that will die in a vote. They have shown their true colors. They do not care about the people whom elected them. They don't care about all the hardships. They care about power and lining their own pockets. One side is just as guilty as the other. However technically the house holds the purse. Meaning Democrats control spending and we all saw how well the first "stimulus" was. They couldn't have add much more pork to it. So now we have 2 separate bills that will need to be voted on in both chambers and signed by the President.

    Well I guess we shall see what happens, One thing we know for sure unemployed will keep getting more than those working thru this sham. Follow the numbers, do your own research the information is out there. If you think covid is really this deadly disease I feel sorry for you. It's all about money. The hospitals get more money for covid deaths. Think for a second have you heard of anyone dying from cancer, heart disease, stroke, aids, ect… NO, No you have not.

  18. All about sending States money instead of standing out stimulus check you know that's not going to happen in 2021 we all know. That package is never going to come with Joe being on that seat because all you Democrats and Republicans get together and denied the people that money it's already starting me or know that

  19. I worked in the World Trade Center what stimulus package did Obama send out because I didn't receive a penny since I ended up with our job after that so what are they talking about they're always talkin about a stimulus package that Obama sent out what package because none of us out here record a package ever been sent matter fact he started cutting down things on everybody

  20. Funny they can’t pass one bill now they want pass two bills. Maybe they can split the bill into 50+ bills, one might stick.

  21. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. God bless America! Stay strong americans!

  23. Fake news fake bills and fake election

  24. Assures my pack of tortillas beans and rice for Christmas

  25. Biden will not be our president Trump 2021

  26. everybody is so happy… the republican roll over, and give everything up… business as usual – noting to see here.

  27. These SCUMBAGS need to be in handcuffs. See American Thought Leaders, Exclusive: Sydney Powell on 2020 Election

  28. This would have already been done without Piglosi and Mitch

  29. With BUMBLING JOE BIDEN coming in and stock markets soaring through the roof all America is in terrific shape – NO STIMULUS NEEDED

  30. One of them better have a check for families…..

  31. That couldn't split a stick of gum; without saying its racist!!!

  32. Seriously, Americans 🇺🇸 can sue Xi Jinping and the Chinese 🇨🇳  government for their coverup and mishandling of the Wuhan outbreak.
    – The suit is to compensate for the damages and suffering  that they have caused to millions of people.

  33. Succession by 39 States.
    The point is, that the world today is NOT the 1860's — it's vastly different. The Federal government would use many means to prevent the secession of a State — primarily withholding Federal funds. In the end, however, if there was a vast groundswell of support in a state , or a group of States(especially a major State like Texas) there would be little that the Federal government could do if the State were willing to take the short-term economic hit. 44 States can do this Legally.
    Succession is not illegal. It wasn’t in 1776, when the States ratified it. The New United States of America is Legal.

  34. They can give the banks trillions and argue and debate for months on throwing crumbs to the people. Why? If you do not know already – go back to sleep. The two primary barriers to the NWO are the Constitution and the middle-class; both are a shell of their former selves.

  35. No direct stimulus checks no deal let these bills die on the floor

  36. Democrats laughing have a After noon fake news lies Pelosi Schumer go go he'll coruption

  37. Nancy Pelosi = Skeletor.

  38. Joe just lost.nevada just went to TRUMP. Other states are going to follow.

  39. These crooks have blood on their hands! Treasonous!

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