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Lawmakers under pressure as mass shooting death toll rises, China trade war escalates l ABC News

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  1. About the Lady that got trapped in the luggage compartment under the bus. why on earth was she under there? its against the bus policy for passengers to even take down any luggage. that's why they have their own employees do this when you dismount the the bus from your trip. this is senseless behavior of the passenger. not following the rules. so i don't blame this on the bus driver i put the blame the passenger. she had no business under there without permission. beside when the bus driver closed that hatch she could have miss seeing her inside the luggage storage. beside why would anyone crawl deep inside a luggage storage to look for non sense if it wasn't life or death meds. and why would they arrest this woman for just doing what's she's paid to do. have you ever just think for a moment that the bus company's may just do a mind check on their passengers before boarding them? i myself have travel on buses in the past. and people's let me tell you there are nuts that board these buses on your travel in these cities. so i certainly hope this woman be release and return to her job. because this is uncalled for. and should have never happened.

  2. Stricter Laws.
    More Guns Confiscated.
    Means More Government Control.
    All Makes Citizens More Vulnerable To A Government Dictatorship.
    Don't Fall For This Slight Of Hand.
    None Of These Shootings Were Random.
    Research The "MK Ultra" Program.

    Stay Away From Infra Red Saunas.
    Over Use Of Infra Red, Is Extremely Harmful To The Human Body.
    Whereas Natural Saunas i.e. Heated Water Vapour, Is In No Way Harmful Whatsoever, If Used In The Correct Manner.
    Wear Nothing But A Towel & Slippers When Entering The Sauna.
    That Also Means Definitely No Jewelry, As Common Sense Should Tell You That. If You Heat Metal That Is Attached To Your Skin, You'll Surely Be Burnt.
    Carry A Large Amount Of Cold Mineral Water In With You.
    And Do Not Stay In The Saunas, For More Than 15-20 Minutes A Session.

  3. My condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the mass shootings at El Paso and Dayton. When incidents like this happen Americans and the government have a tendency to blame Muslims and immigrants. What do Americans and the government have to say now. Mind you I'm not a Muslim.

  4. This is what drugs do to the mind it destroys your mind. I blame the pharmaceuticals company's are the cause of many killings in this country. Your doctor is only educated and schooled to use presciption drugs on what have been found on your diagnosis. If your patient has this problem you give them this drug. They never get to the root of your problem what caused it. They right presciptions , while you develope more problems. And get sicker . Stay away from tap flouide water, buy yourself a good water filter that removes flouride from your drinking water, stay away from Bugerking, and mc donalds fast food restaurants. Your super markets are a sugar markets , apple juice is not natural, your juices is all sugar . Corn on the carb is genetically ingineered G.M. O. Stay out of super markets. This food is not healthy for good living and healthy people, Go Organic , read labels on everything before you buy . The devil is in our presence and he out to destroy the hunan race by depopulation , its the devil . Man's number is up and Jesus is coming to destroy evil men and women from this earth. Only those who have faith in prayer will be saved . John 3: 16,

  5. If the poor lil "victim" is scared to go out bc he is targeted, why tf is he out?

  6. They should be pressured as they are not doing anything to mitigate such incedents.Making laws that require psychological tests prior to getting guns should be a requirement. Aside from that making homemade explosives ammunitions and guns should also be strict. Since the 9/11 no one in the congress made such laws.

  7. Right Take Guns Like They have Taken Away Drugs Same People Supply Both And A Myzer That's Stealing Christmas Large National Corporate Retail That Buying in Low Cost Markets And Sales In America's Inflation Markets Can expect Shareholders, Employees And most importantly The Consumer WILL Be Paying for it Now Since They Have Squeezed out The Small Retail Companies Over The Last Decades!

  8. No sympathy for the Mexicans here, now you know how Blacks feel when you Mexicans be shooting us randomly. Until Blacks in America are free America will suffer Satan's wrath.

  9. NRA owns the US Government, politicians won't do anything against NRA profits, part of the money they make selling guns ends up on these same politicians "campaigns" The Blood of All shooting victims, is on politicians pockets.

  10. NRA, if you're bribing congressmen YOU are politicizing the issue.

  11. People in El Paso should reject Trump from visiting. Trump says it is one of the infested areas, so why come ?

  12. Why tf you ignoring the Kashmir issue? You all always jump to reporting stuff on India when it’s about the poor or how dirty it is. Show a balanced report for once.

  13. What a cowardly thing to say!! " we're scared to go out because we feel we're being targeted "

  14. Shootings peaked in the 80s. These shootings are just more bizarre. There's far less shootings now. What slowed the shootings of the last century down?

  15. Now we need to go buy guns to protect yourself from the stolen guns on the street

  16. Australia fixed this problem years ago

  17. The shooter was a far leftist all for warren and hated trump this is the way the democrats do there rally’s

  18. President Donald Trump responded to the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings by insisting Monday that “mental illness pulls the trigger not the gun,” but shortly after taking office he quietly rolled back an Obama-era regulation that would have made it harder for people with mental illness to buy guns.

    Trump did so without any fanfare. In fact, the news that Trump had signed the bill was at the bottom of a White House email that alerted the media to other legislation signed by the president.

    And it came after the House and Senate, both of which were Republican-controlled at the time, passed a bill, H.J. Res 40, which revoked the Obama-era regulation. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Sam Johnson, a Texas Republican who retired at the end of 2018.

    NBC News has reached out to the White House with specific questions about whether Trump is signaling a change of direction in the wake of the latest mass shootings that left at least 30 dead and horrified the nation.

    In a statement, the National Rifle Association said it "welcomes the President's call to address the root causes of the horrific acts of violence that have occurred in our country."

    "It has been the NRA’s long-standing position that those who have been adjudicated as a danger to themselves or others should not have access to firearms and should be admitted for treatment," it said.

    But two years ago, the NRA insisted the Obama rule infringed on Second Amendment rights to buy guns, even though the regulation specifically targeted people who were diagnosed with mental illness.

  19. You know what else is on the rise automobile deaths, way more people die in automobile accidents but I don’t see anyone doing anything about that

  20. I really wish she would sit up straight in her chair. Seriously, you're at work.

  21. Law makers are only interested in protecting their lobby money and political carriers. they have no interest in protecting the people that voted them into office.
    They Make Laws To Protect Guns NOT PEOPLE.

  22. The Only Reason You Own A Gun Is Because You Want To Shoot SomeOne.

  23. The only way to protect your self from a shooting is to shoot the bad guy. Liberals Making these law ideas to abolish guns is like the equivalent of putting up a sign that says “its illegal to be a criminal”, words and fancy laws aren’t going to do shit, their are black markets, dark web sights, and many other illegal firearm suppliers out their, where criminals can obtain assault rifles and ammunition in planning of a public massacre. The reality of the situation is that these anti 2nd amendment laws, tho with good intent, Actually will backfire, as Every single CCA and permit carrier would be rendered defenseless in the event of a mass shooting giving the shooter a major advantage leading to a drastically more devastating outcome than if guns were allowed.

  24. Lawmakers have been under pressure to fix the “infestation” of illegals but so far… nada… except daca…b

  25. This woman reporter is hilarious. She leans in her chair like she's at home on her lazy boy. 😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Mental illness DOES NOT pull the trigger. Anyone or anything is to blame but the cheeto eh?

  27. It's time to abolish all gun free zones and for constitutional carry in all states!

  28. Nobody cares about the 300 murdered in chicago every year

  29. Under pressure …Now ? Too fkin late don't you think ?
    You fkin dumb ass !

  30. Obama had 24 mass shootings ! Funny that wasn't a problem ! Was that Obama's fault? Hold a copy of any gun law they make up in front of a criminal and see if it stops the bullet ! It's ilegal to rob a bank murder someone rape someone. Funny it still happens ,it's against the law,. That's where I want to be when attacked by a mental person under a table with a cellphone ,. How ignorant is that,. If you don't defend yourself ,that's your stupidity ! Fake news. Dayton shooter was a Elizabeth Warren supporter,ice facility bomber ,quoted AOC ,baseball game shooter ,quoted Bernie,. So most of the violence has been from the left ! Fake news ! And people are ignorant ! Virginia tech 32 murdered by hand gun ! FBI statistics less then 3% murders done by semi auto riffles ! It's not guns it's people! Till you want to acknowledge the truth ! Nothing will change ! Your all fake !

  31. Laws don't fix nothing. Arm yourself and be prepared to take down those seeking to murder you .better be prayed up

  32. Awesome. I can actually watch more than a single news segment on YouTube. They must be dying on TV with their ratings

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