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Lawrence O'Donnell apologizes for unverified Trump story | USA TODAY

Lawrence O’Donnell says reporting on unverified Trump story was ‘simply not good enough’.
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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reported that he’d been told that Deutsche Bank had documents showing that Russian oligarchs had co-signed loans for President Trump.

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  1. Instead of using lawyers to make threats, Trump could have just released his taxes to prove without doubt that the source was wrong…. idk, if I were POTUS and everyone was worried about my business dealings with Russians or Saudis, I would simply release my tax returns to reassure all of my country’s citizens that there’s nothing illegal or shady going on.

  2. He looks 104 years old, must spend 10 hours in the make up room before going on set.

  3. Doesn't America have defamation laws?

  4. Libertard demotard antifag sjwshit msnbcHIT never learn… Bunch of loser

  5. Lawrence O'Donnell reported a story based on a single source without going through the standard MSNBC verification process that turned out to be complete BS…why has he not been fired?…wasn't Dan Rather fired for essentially doing the same thing?

  6. O’Donnell has been dead wrong about anything about President Trump from the very beginning! This ass hat has not been right about anything Trump!!! Either O’Donnell hates the President and will say anything to damage the President or is a Complete MORON. I’m leaning on the side of both!!!

  7. *LAWRENCE O'DONELL IS A LIAR*! He fabricated the story about Trump and the Russians and now we all know he did! He will say anything for ratings and as a result of his Trump Derangement Syndrome. Anything he says should be treated as suspicious, at best. He was forced to go back on the air and retract his lies.

  8. And they complain they are called FAKE NEWS and blame it on Trump. He knew it was uncorroborated. He may have even known it was an outright lie which he would have let continue if Trump's lawyers hadn't threatened to sue him.

  9. Lawrence O'Donnell………………..AKA: Larry the Liar…………………a news prostitute. Made a living on Russian Collusion, now can't let it go. He is Clown Exhaust

  10. Lawrence O’Donnell can be distinguished from Fox News “journalists.” First, he qualified his comment by saying very important words: “if true.” Fox News reports things as fact when they have a shady source, or no source at all. They don’t qualify their BS. Second, he owned up to lowering himself to Fox News journalistic standards. Fox News people will never apologize. PS. Are Fox News viewers dumb enough to think that there is a “deep state“ that is made up of poor or middle class people? Do they not know that “deep state“ is the worlds billionaire oligarchs who Fox News is intended to serve.

  11. this is what happens when your a hack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lawrence, does trump apologises for all the lies that he spits everytime he opens his orifice and start spewing his parasites…

  13. Journalism Malfeasance…you must pay the price Larry! Apology NOT accepted!

  14. A single source has informed me O’Donnell is full of $hit!
    This is verified daily.

  15. That wasn't an apology and you people know it. You all disgust me. You're a disgrace to humanity.

  16. why does this a— clown have a job

  17. Liar, you would repot anything to damage donald trump and his family.

  18. MSNBC: Trump drowns kittens on his golf course.
    Plebs that hate Trump: I just knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I will address the issue on my show tonight so tune in to help my miserable ratings.

  20. Now MSNBC is saying Trump kills illegals that have cancer.
    And people BUY IT!

  21. Rigorous verification??? He expects us to believe that all their lies go thru that? LOL!!

  22. Unidentified sources have provide information that Trump is a robot controlled by Russia. Oh, sorry, I apologize that is not true and has not been verified, but it really boosted the viewer ratings. Stay tuned for tomorrow's headline, Trump is an alien from the planet Neptune.



  24. Bastard , your dealing with the a real president! You have been doing this for a long time because of your hatred for trump.

  25. Seems after that Russian collusion delusion they misled their audience with for two straight years, they’d avoid the subject of Russia all together

  26. What standards, oh the standard of a potential liability lawsuit.

  27. Watch all the trump trolls come out to gloat. A journalist made a mistake and had to retract. It happens now and then. Trump has told 12,000 lies in less than 1000 days. Every day, it’s a new scandal. The Presidential propaganda machine is in hyperdrive. All fine, cos it’s their guy. The hypocrisy is rank. The “fake news” bs is trump discrediting journalists who (mostly) get it right. But, as you people say “there’s nothing he could do that would make me not want to vote for him”. I wanna know the truth: “why is he fighting like a demented alley cat to hide his taxes and other financials?” The Democrats are gonna find out – in black and white.

  28. MSNBC proves once again to be FAKE NEWS!

  29. The reason why the media is the enemy of the people. Not gonna be surprised one day when another world war started because of spreading fake propaganda news.
    Most of these media outlet are playing a dangerous game.

  30. I think Donald coined a phrase for this type of reporting.

  31. Dan Rather resigned for doing the same , will Lawrence O'Donnell ? I bet not !

  32. libtards are liars nothing new here…

  33. “rigorous verification and standards process” BAAAHAHAHA OH YEAH RIGHT THATS RICH

  34. Let me guess, grade school CHEATER, middle school CHEATER, high school CHEATER college SAT CHEATER, paid GIRLS TO WRITE HIS PAPERS. Job as tv reporter. CHEATER AND ADULT LIAR just like all the years before. !!!!!!! Prove me WRONG

  35. You know it's to much when even crazy Rachel wasn't buying lying Lawrence's bull shit.

  36. Trump sucks anyway always Lies!!!

  37. He's just another extreme left wing mouth piece. If msnbc was a real news channel he'd be fired

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