Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Lawsuit Alleges 350 Victims With Child Sex Abuse Against Boy Scouts Of America | NBC Nightly News

Accusations of child sex abuse have plagued the organization for over a decade, but a new complaint — filed on behalf of one anonymous accuser — alleges 350 new victims have come forward this year, and that the Boy Scouts of America hid the scope of the problem for decades to protect its reputation and the alleged abusers.
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Lawsuit Alleges 350 Victims With Child Sex Abuse Against Boy Scouts Of America | NBC Nightly News


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  1. So why not sue the pedophile, oh that's right they have no money

  2. The BSA, immeadiately reports any such action by leaders to law enforcement and sends a report on the individual involved to National. This report is used internally to prevent the individual from moving to an different council and regeristing as a leader there. The BSA did a good job. This is a money grab by lawyer who is using the public forum to attempt a settlement.

  3. That organsition must to be close down, evil abus is too much , government have to do some about it .the're abusing me /my children every day and night .

  4. It’s easy to be hated hard to be loved
    Wake up from a dream and see the currents dodging from life under a frozen pond
    Schools of Fish seem to be looking up frozen solid I Eye looking around
    I Wonder who am i i am just the same as you are Sep looking down

  5. That’s The TYPE OF AMERICA YOU WANT ONE THAT HATES CARTOONS888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888burn88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888burn8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 NOT IN OUR RELM CARTOONS ARE REAL Burn

  6. Tim Kosnoff, attorney; BoyScouts
    “Largest Pedophile ring on earth.” No.
    NO! Catholic Church is largest. 900 years all around the World.
    Est. 300,000 thousand in USA since 1950. 1900-1950? 1800? 1700? 1600?
    Disgusting Catholics are a bigger problem.
    Boy Scouts may be the second largest Pedophile ring. Are you Catholic? Is that the reason you are lying, Tom?

  7. And W A is worried about illegals when their own White men are committing evil against kids. Imagine that! The abominations are committed by white men, the killings too ! Wake up bigots!!

  8. Scouts isn't inherently bad it is just some people using it for immoral purposes

  9. So basically what do the Boy Scouts of America, The Vatican, Hollywood, Clinton Foundation, Haitian slavery rings and The Royal family have in common? Yup. nuff said. NO MERCY FOR THOSE THAT ABUSE GODS INNOCENT!!!

  10. It's when you allow men who refuse to follow God's laws set forth in the Bible to watch your babies, that these things happen.

  11. Herbert the Perv: You won't mind you boys as I peek inside the room for a second?


  12. so many cover-ups – US Gymnastics, Boy Scouts, Tobacco Industry Denies Health Risks of Smoking, Pedophile Priests, what makes good people not do the right thing, lots of white men involved

  13. The Catholic churches have 60% of the priesthood in California alleged of pedophilia while this article is accusing 0.03% of the leaders. That's quite a difference. The average of pedophilia in institutions is 3%. We do need to stop this problem but the boy scouts is not close to being deserving of being condemned like this.

  14. Don't mention the fact all pervs male all victims male.

  15. Woaah Woaah Woaah, they all should go to jail, Including Jeffrey Epstein for life

  16. Why would they publically come out to speak about this

  17. The BSA has been a Pedos Paradise for a long time.

  18. "The Boy Scouts of America hid the scope of the problem for decades…"
    — just like the other PEDOPHILE org: the Catholic Church ⛪️ 🌭 🏩

  19. That explains all the MAGA people, they were all in the Scouts. lol

  20. The Boy Scouts & The Catholic Church , safe havens for perverts.

  21. Pedophilia is not in Boy Scouts it's everywhere in the United States and all over the world it's an Epedemic and it's Sick

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