Lawsuit alleges school administrators ignored warnings before student shot teacher

The lawyer of Abigail Zwerner, who was shot by her 6-year-old student at a Virginia elementary school, announced a lawsuit against the Newport News school district in her first public statement. NBC News’ Yamiche Alcindor reports on the main points of the lawsuit and about how Zwerner texted a loved one that the student had a gun. 

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  1. We can't bash the school. Looking at the ratios of race in that school combined with the media lack of reporting or interviews of the mother (firearm owner), we can reasonably assume the race of the criminal.
    That being said, the school is terrified of a lawsuit.
    Choice A… Search the kid, get sued
    Choice B… don't Search, don't get sued. Gamble kid don't have gun.
    They went with plan B

  2. DeSatan hates teachers, he thinks they are indoctrinating your children, because they have slightly better benefits than a GOP corporate slave. Imagine that, while the GOP calculates the profits of Chinese manufacturing of your expensive apple phone… Just look at the facts of rush limburger and his recommended investments.

  3. Imminent danger from a 6 year old? Alrighty then.

  4. better teach such kids online

  5. Kid needs taken away from parents and parents need to go to jail along with the school administrators!!

  6. The kid with the gun, his parents will also be suing the school

  7. How about a law where when you are on public school property, you automatically consent to a random search of your bag, purse or coat if deemed appropriate—just like entering through airport security, entering Disney World, or entering a government facility such as court? If you want to be there, it is just understood your belongings could be searched.

  8. 6 years old?! How man. Now I am avidly against guns. If a 6 year old can get a their hands on a gun theirs a problem

  9. People get shot all the time why this lady getting all over the news,😒

  10. This is why public schools are failing, why would you leave such child to interact with other children? – rampant organizational failures in a bloated institution with no safeguards or controls, shabby and misguided performance metrics, and administrators dealing with a new generation of very troubled children that shouldn't be in school. Some needs to investigate the rise of a growing number of aggressive, violent, bullying children in America and what's being done about it before they grow up to do more harm.

  11. >>>>>>>> Increase Your Satisfaction By Understanding Your Existence … sea rch EXISTNC

  12. These Administrators are known to ignore dangerous behavior, as they are worried about attendance, it’s all about numbers with them. They are also scared to address parents so they IGNORE. Sue and send a message to all of them.

  13. Early retirement Enjoy you deserve it

  14. Have the "administrators" who were informed of the situation been named??????

  15. A little over a week ago, there was a young boy who was found waving a gun around at an apartment complex. He didn't sh00t anyone, but his father was arrested and charged with a felony that night. Also despite being a minor, that little boy's image has been all over the news.

    Contrast that to this case where the media is being very careful not to identify the attempted mvrderer or his family and no arrests have been made. One guess what the difference is.

  16. A lot of school shootings have red flags and warning signs ignored nowadays.

  17. Why whenever a white BOY shoots up a school, or does some terroristic white nationalism type of stuff that gets other kids killed,
    Why isnt the parents or their upbringing never brought into light? Somehow tho they'll blame lebron for this

  18. Karens are so dramatic How are yall getting bullied by a 6 year old😆

  19. Is this American dream?

  20. sending Thoughts and Prayers in advance to everyone lives in a G un In fested count three…

    its only a matter of when gonna be your turn..

  21. I’d take her bullet for what she’s going to bank after this lawsuit 😂

  22. In a country awash in guns always assume there is a gun around. Like the cops do.

  23. 6-Year OLD ? ? ? ? What is wrong with this world ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  24. Either this was a loaded gun lying around where it should not have been, or if it was not, how would a six year old know how to load one? There seem to be many unanswered questions here from home and school.

  25. Has nothing to do with gun laws either.

  26. Parents don't parent today.

  27. sounds like the cops letting all the kids in Texas getting shot before going in, why let this keep happening? they're playing us

  28. its true i work for a high school and we are not allowed to look in boo bags , scary

  29. Of course the administration ignored issues. This is always the case. I am sure the teacher informed parents of the issues too, yet most parents and administrations do nothing. Then, they wonder why these kinds of things are happening on a daily basis, across the country! No one is disciplining this generation of kids. Kids are being raised by technology. I am always the bad guy, when as a teacher, I am the only one who is giving these brats a good talking to. That is all I do, and I get called in to see the principal every other week! Today, I was informed that two brats, who are never in class to learn anything, were taken out of my classroom because parents complained again. Good, those are two less brats I need to discipline because their parents won't! The kids who remain in my class are always the ones who have good parents who actually spend time with them and discipline them when needed. It is evident! I am happy to have a classroom full of kids who deserve to be there, because they have good work ethic, manners, respect, and kindness. I just feel sorry for the teachers who now have to deal with those parents and kids! Moving the kids around to different classrooms and schools is not the answer, they just become a problem to someone else.

  30. Just keep in mind that this child will be returning to the public school system. Would you want your child in the same class?

  31. Liberal Administrators failed, go figure. Never take threats seriously.