‘LAWSUIT?’: Leo Terrell takes aim at Deadspin writer for playing the ‘race card’

FOX News contributor Leo Terrell joins ‘The Evening Edit’ to discuss new developments in the story of a young Chiefs fan who gained national attention for his face paint.

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  1. I am more black than Leo Terrell

  2. Carrion promoted himself to White House speaker to replace Kringe Pierre's Savegery !

  3. Deadspin is ALL racists. All of them. Simply pay attention is the only thing anyone has to do to see all deadspins racism.

  4. IF "DEADSPIN" accused the 5-year-old of "MA-RACIZM", Then they're only HALF RIGHT, at best. I HOPE THE PARENTS SUE: Slander & Mis-representation. Perhaps the 'DEADBEATS' can cough up $1 million for the BOY'S Higher Education Fund. OH DEAR – AM I ALLOWED TO SAY "BOY"?

  5. I love when Leo gets fired up. Get them

  6. This vile, race baiting marxist mindset is poison to a free society.

  7. Carron needs to change the spelling of his name to Karen.

  8. Everyone should just start ignoring all people who cry racism and when 80% stops listening to them big dummies an they will have to shut up

  9. WOW, you go Leo. Dana was just saying the same thing, also this patriotic little boy IS a Native American, to boot. The news organization will Belly Up After the lawsuits, they are Responsible, PROGRESSIVISM isn't very accurate when it comes to this level of fascism and bigotry.

  10. It wasn't just for his face paint. It was for the headdress too. Look at his grandfather's tribe website. They do not endorse anyone wearing Native regalia as a costume. A tribal member said, do not embarrass my tribe. The young man's parents should have known better. The writer was wrong for the blackface comment. However, there is more going on here as started my grandfather's tribe. By the way, his grandfather is a tribal council member.

  11. I know this is a petty commit, but I think I heard is 9 years old.

  12. Will you spineless weak white liberal men condemn your race baiter for picking on that 5 year old kid?

  13. The head dress is beautiful and majestic. If anything we should promote this attire

  14. Leo is so passionate about civil rights and he speaks the absolute truth here the kid is not a racist what the kid's father should do is reach out to Leo and see if he will represent them

  15. To those that do not how to enjoy life, just allow others to enjoy it.

  16. Thank you, Mr. Terrell! You showed how upset we all showed be! Thank you for defending this little guy.

  17. This is a race case
    The only reason the boy was slandered was because he is white (mostly white)

  18. Karin Phillips Moron of the year award winner. Duh dah duh da dada duhhhh….. Moron

  19. It's so easy to know, see and hear who the real racists are.


  21. Dear Woke, Shove it up your Arse.

  22. Mr. Terrell is ready to take it to the octagon. Lol

  23. You keep calling the 9 year old child 5 year old.

  24. You only have to look at the kids face, to see he is happy in the moment, enjoying/loving, watching his team.
    Racism hasn't even entered his head, those who wrote the 'blackface' thing should be totally ashamed, and made to pay for what they tried to do to this 'innocent' kid.

  25. Hey kid, hope you get enough that, you never have to work a day in your life.
    Ignore the ignorant and enjoy life…

  26. put deadspin out of exsistsnce

  27. Take their money. It's the only thing they understand.

  28. I hope, I hope, I hope deadspin and that guy get sued into oblivion.

  29. I love the way people act like wearing black face as a crime people shouldn't be so flipping hypersensitive

  30. Correction: He is 9 not 5.

  31. Your lisp is a deadly weapon.

  32. "Carron" sounds alot like "Karen"

  33. So what if he’s 9 ,still just a little kid,moron.

  34. Love Leo Terrell! New Orleans here ⚜️❤️⚜️

  35. Karen needs to be sued, even the smart people on the left know that he wrote the article to sell BS and hid behind 'race' so no one would go after him.

  36. Imagine this young child, excited to go see his favorite team play, gets dressed up to support this team (like so many have done for decades), even has the players having fun with him and then gets called out for being racist! A CHILD!!!!!! This reporter knew exactly what he was doing! What a POS!!! Sue his pants off!