Lawyer for Griner: Russian court extends pre-trial detention of Griner by 1 month

ABC News Political Reporter Brittany Shepherd discusses how the relatively short extension of Brittney Griner’s detention indicates her trial could begin soon.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. She been in Russia and knew what there laws are. What the hell was she thinking? The Russian government has no since of humor when it comes to drugs and gay rights.

  2. Poor Britney, she refuses to show her American pride at the Olympics. How's it feel to be Russia Britney? She may get tens years to think about that. Good.

  3. What happened to Griner is a prime example of what can happen when you fail to read the pamphlets telling you that what may be legal in the United States is a crime in another country. What may be a misdemeanor in the United States is a felony in another country. What may be a slap on the wrist in the United States may get you years in prison in another country. Brittney Griner is paying the price for her ignorance and stupidity.

  4. Think she still thinks America is “trash”? How about disrespecting the flag and national anthem?

  5. How did the US government and the players expect Brittany to get home detention, in mother Russia, after the Biden administration accused the Russian government of illegally detaining her. With Biden on her side, Brittany can expect a full show trial for the world to see. Every organization is going to make money off Brittany starting with the liberal media. Why didn’t the players and the WNBA ask Barack Obama for help??? The WNBA says they are going to pay Brittany a full salary for this year. That’s good because her family will need the money to travel to Russia and pay hotel and food expenses. Where on earth do these people think Brittany is, a resort? Behind the scenes work is always a good thing but this overt challenge of Russian integrity is senseless and counterproductive. No one is doing this time but Brittany and her immediate family. Did you notice she never looked up, that’s a message to everyone that for now she’s at the mercy of her jailers. Imho her so-called supporters shouldn’t poke the bear for it can turn a bite.

  6. Do the crime spend the time ,

  7. Let her rott in jail. God bless America!!!!

  8. What a dumbass. Why should the country waste time on her? She broke the law and she should pay the price. Feel sorry for her but not our problem.

  9. Once she is out,, the wokeism nation will be greeting her (them) with the Nike deal, Netflix show, a book deal, Hollywood hall of fame, 2022 survival guru awards, just watch.

  10. She did the crime and has to do the time ~ NO ONE is above the law ~ right??

  11. Keep the trash in jail

  12. This is the result when a certain group feels like they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Russia doesn't accept the race card over there.

  13. She ain’t getting out.

  14. Well, I suppose the mystery of her true gender is certainly known by the Russian's by now. Maybe she will think twice about knelling for the U.S. national anthem when she eventually returns. A harsh reality check will do that. A good lesson for the WOKE crowd. Life ain't too bad in the U.S., despite having left wing radicals in office (will be changing in a few months), led a president who clearly needs to be in a nursing home.

  15. Every black person is wrongfully detained or innocent sick and tired of that don't do the crime if you can't do the time simple

  16. In a world full of inflation, stagnation, crime, war and avarice… It's nice getting news like this to start a weekend. Hot dogs on the grill everybody and God bless America where the toilet bowls are clean.

  17. 1:05
    Russian and US authorities could just read the comments sections as jury opinion on the matter.

  18. Exporting American values to Russia. One thug at a time. This one is lezzy too.

  19. She’s not being detained. She’s just enjoying not being in the racist U.S.

  20. Good. Let's see if this woke dummy wakes up and realizes how good she actually had it in the US.

  21. Liberals just don’t understand what illegal means . It’s all about feeling’s

  22. Why would she want to leave Russia?She's home.Enjoy your stay you ungrateful ghetto bastard baby.

  23. I hope she's enjoying her stay in Mother Russia since she hates it here so much 👍

  24. She deserves this punishment