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Lawyers give closing arguments in Derek Chauvin's trial | USA TODAY

Judge Peter Cahill told the 14 members of the jury that they should return to court at 9 a.m. CDT Monday and be prepared to hear closing arguments from …


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  1. I wanted to hear Chauvin tell the world why he thinks he is not guilty.

  2. Because I never wish to be on trial for murder. If the majority tells me I am doing something that I shouldn't be doing, I'm just going to listen instead of being a stubborn ass and keep doing what I'm doing.

  3. Not guilty, acquittal or hung jury. There's too much reasonable doubt even coming from the prosecution's witnesses.

  4. Good grief if this were my husband, my dad, my brother, my son in law, my friend. I’d be livid. To my limit. This was a smothering. They ALL not just Chavin smothered him to death. Only thing the others have going for them is a small piece of humanity. For asking the defendant to turn him on his side. The defendant declined. I don’t care any testimony. I heard and saw what I needed. No man should take another’s life.

  5. The prosecutions closing arguments where nothing more than vacuous claptrap and mostly irrelevant to the case, every comment about GF and his loving family and cuddling his mummy applies equally to Chauvin. Sure he didnt deserve to die but he died for one reason and one reason alone, from the poor choices he made, leading up to the incident and during the incident there were literally dozens of choices he could have made differently that would have ensured he went home that night.

  6. What a disaster the next few days are going to be.

  7. "Cop Clan"… Reasonable CHAUVIN looked at the CAMERA – SMILED – and Demonstrated to The PEOPLE that he was in Control of LIFE and DEATH… and So, CHAUVIN Chose to PUBLICLY EXECUTE Floyd, to Best ILLUSTRATE his Power and Perverse Spite for ALL to See – and the MURDERER has NO Regrets!… Strike up old Sparky… EXTRA CRISPY!

  8. Let this hateful human get off ..I'm sure their will be a wave OF deaths across America WORST THEN COVID…

  9. Didn't not the bystanders tell Chuavin they can see George Floyd's life was living him?

  10. Ugh! Why doesn't anyone refute the "his hands are in his pocket?" He had Dark Gloves on!

  11. Why are we portraying Robert Floyd as a "good Man," he was NOT a good Man. I heard the entire trial, not the video that we all were misled. Why do we have to be afraid of expressing what we really saw, our Freedom of Speech. Robert Floyd, died at the Hospital, Floyd resisted arrested and now for his 3rd time, he put his own faith to his own demise. Even after inside the car, Floyd kept fighting and fighting, had HBP, bad heart, 5 drugs in his system [drug addict], exposed to CO, and when you add all those factors and having CV-19, a time bomb. Too many factors that how can a Jury be 100% honest, and say guilty. The Police Officer did not do right, but cause of death, definitely no the actions of the Police Officer. Jurors, have to say guilty only when is "beyond a reasonable doubt," and "Under the preponderance standard, the burden of proof is met when the party with the burden convinces the fact finder that there is a greater than 50% chance that the claim is true." If I was a Juror, I would say can't decide..there were so many "if's." I also feel all races need to stop using the racist card and be racist themselves to achieve there personal agenda. Why do we have fear riots if not fount gulty?

  12. "You were told Mr. Floyd died because his heart was too big, the truth of the matter is that the reason George Floyd is dead, is because Mr. Chauvin's heart was too small" BOOOMMM🔥

  13. This will be a series on Netflix in 2-4 years

  14. Why is he allowed to dress like he came straight from his house?? If he was black he’d be dead or in shackles and a orange jumpsuit! Where’s the proof he’s really been in jail this whole time🧐👀 👁 👁

  15. GF – I can’t breathe,
    Officer- He’s under arrest for forgery
    GF- Forgery for what? What? What?
    GF- I can’t breathe.

  16. I won a brand new Ps5. I'm loving it ❤️

  17. Defense attorney’s closing argument was flawless

  18. Maxine W ruined the case, if not found innocent, a new trail will take place.
    Way to go Maxine 👏👏👏👏

  19. Did they not hear George Floyd’s himself telling Shoven he cannot breathe George Floyd himself told you who killed him the officer he was pleading to; he told the world before his death why he’s not here.

  20. This trial is going no where. Jurors are always dumb and scared to convict for no reason. Those videos are clear as the sky and watch what they do

  21. The prosecutors emotions don't fit. You have to acquit!!!!!

  22. Usa today. The title hides the power points. Please put the the tile in the description only.

  23. Defense did a horrible job and that makes me very happy 😁 get some morals Nelson, I know you're a lawyer but get some morals. You're BS is showing….u had nothing here And u knew it

  24. The police do this kinda of over escalated force on many an american no matter your skin color. They take a phone call someone looks suspicious or what have ya and the police go for the target no actual investigation into the validity of the supposed crime hell they prolly won't even talk to the person making the accusations until after the fact. They don't do an actual investigation until after the fact. And if you don't just do what they say and you question why are you here, why are you stopping me why are you arresting me….then your uncooperative and should be beaten, tased, and even possibly be killed.. all because you want to know why you are interacting with the armed men who have a badge on and approached you basically ready to draw a fire arm on you and did so. These police should not handle the day to day the way they do. Just go take a video on a public side walk you'll find out how quick you can be detained arrested etc. And if you ask questions you'll be deemed uncooperative. And all you wanna know Is why they are approaching you and such. The police state we live under today is disgusting! You as an American have rights that need to be obliged by leo. If you ask what am I being accused of they should give a low level indication of what it is and what they are investigating. You should be able to ask questions. Asking questions does not mean umcompliance, nor does stating the law mean noncompliance. Thing is police don't care about your rights or what you have to say they just want instant obiedence to their authority even if its unlawful. In this case they could had mentioned your being detained because we suspect you have used counterfeit currency. But instead they escalated it by keeping him in the dark and just throwing out directives all while he has know idea what's going on its ridiculous. You deserve to know what your being accused of and detained before. I hate when an officer says I'll tell you when we are done. It's all a hunch of bs of in any of these cases.

  25. Just listening to the opening statement from the prosecution, I guess when a suspect doesn't want to go in the car, it's his choice? We're in a new era folks.

  26. Not sure how the jury will vote but if there's any real justice they should find Chauvin Not Guilty, at least not for the crimes he's been charged. Either way its moot now, Maxine Waters has all but guaranteed a miss trial.

  27. Theeee land of theeeeee freeeeeeeeeeeeee………

    And a home. Of theeeeeee. Braveeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. But it wasn't reasonable or a authorized technique.

  29. When tempers flare-up during a resisting arrest, backup is handy, hand cuff and physical restraints carried out etc, it’s all part of a job wherein we as cops or ex-cops make fast paced choices with force and prioritized concern. Their is no fu$&jng room for Anglo ongoing intolerance. Tired of these low grade idiots and their bull, weak shit. Nor does this mean that a professional can cross the line into criminal action themselves. The bigger cop “professionally manages” it and takes it like the man he is, while the “weaker-intolerant” one remains prone to ongoing criminality. Get your crap straight before entering public service!!!

  30. 10 years of prison ✝️💙🇺🇸💙🦁🧬🌎🗺👑💵🤖💎🌃🆙🐍🗺

  31. I won a brand new Ps5. I'm loving it ❤️

  32. New body cam footage shows his knee was on his shoulder blade. His girlfriend testified saying they had drugs that day. His drug dealer refused to testify. He had high amounts of fentanyl in his system and had covid. The media used this to perpetuate a fake race war.

  33. The judge and everyone there are ignorant and They like to flex there intelligence more than anything else.

  34. To me it was 1st degree murder!!! He killed the man he was looking for and did with no remorse until the deed was done! 25 to life would be great!🙌🏾 Then he will realize what he has done and how his anger got him their…And I hope he studies each and every note he wrote down and changes his life.

  35. Well Mr Nelson I don't believe in that situation he shouldn't have been allowed to use kicks,punces, or elbows, so he decided to use a choke hold thats a bad defense theory.

  36. This doesn't cut it for me…
    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

  37. A Mechanic in the UK has recently been jailed for 3 years for making a Citizens Arrest where he knelt on the crimminal's neck for 6 minuites and killled him. He was still pinning the guy by his neck when police turned up 19 minuites later. Judge said it was unreasonable and unneccessary force that cut off the guy's oxygen. Just saying.

  38. George Floyd died from a drug overdose. Derek Chauvin rightfully arrested him for breaking the law and then resisting arrest. When he resisted arrest, Officer Chauvin used force as police officers are trained to to subdue Mr. Floyd. Floyd was a felon and had committed acts of domestic violence in the past. He is no martyr.

  39. I love how the media portrays and hides the truth. Yes this cop is guilty, but drugs and race have become a pandemic in America! The media is just as much to blame as the people who cause it

  40. I think l have been keeping up with Derrick Chauvin's trial from the beginning. And, I do believe I never heard Chauvin's lawyer say Chauvin didn't kill George Floyd. Derrick Chauvin's lawyer just kept throwing BS up against the wall. Hoping some of BS stick.

  41. He's walking. Get you guns ready people cause our peaceful protesters are coming back to burn our cities down.

  42. Floyd wasn't a threat during time cop has hands in his pockets. Cop had no care for black man and his hands proves it. Floyd verbally tapped out several times.

  43. Carbon monoxide didn't play a part if it was the officer would have been affected also there for Floyd would be alive today

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