Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks + Tips & Tricks! | Fashion Mumblr

These little tips & tricks might just change your life / blow your mind! I hope you enjoy my easy peasy Beauty Hacks 🙂


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Bobbi Pins // http://bit.ly/1QpDKsE
Hair Spray // http://bit.ly/1JRTJ1S
Vaseline // http://bit.ly/1bAjp46
Liz Earle Perfume // http://bit.ly/1c54rEg
Charlotte Tilbury Sexy Sienna Lipstick // http://bit.ly/1yqi6Qs
Antipodes Translucent Powder // http://bit.ly/1EciQWd
Tweezermen Brow Brush // http://bit.ly/1IR9c0y
Bodyshop Peppermint Foot Lotion // http://bit.ly/1P3fmQp
YSL Mascara // http://bit.ly/1EcibUB
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray // http://bit.ly/1F0izcP


Neon Green & White Jumper by Karen Millen // http://bit.ly/1c9UpRT


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  1. Just watched this and then saw the date lol xx

  2. Great tip with the bobby pins! I have been upside-down all my life! (hairspray tip is awesome too)

  3. Omg I also always put the bobby pins in my hair the wrong way round !!!:-))))

  4. you deserve a million subscribers! you're adorable and so great at making videos!

  5. omg I didn't know that about bobby pins ahhh

  6. I love your channel and am working hard to produce my own fashion blog too! Check it out for new fashion trends and style tips!

  7. Hey girl! LOVEE ur personality ! Jus checked out ur channel and Subbed <3 awesome video, ur sooo pretty! Can't wait to see more!! I have a channel too, and would love it if you check it out maybe? 🙂 Stay in touch, XOXO !

  8. Such great tips! Deffo going to try the vaseline and perfume trick tomorrow morning!

  9. So glad I found your channel you're literally my fave 🙂 xx

  10. Oh my gosh, never knew that about bobby pins – amazing!!! Lovely video Josie <3.

  11. Loved this beauty hacks video! And I know how u feel with the bobby pins, when I found out I was using them the wrong way round recently I totally understood that it made sense using them the right way round 🙂 x

  12. Love the perfume & Vaseline tip! I found your channel through Twitter and I am so happy I did!! You are so cute!! I subscribed! xoxo

  13. Great tips Josie! What nail polish are you wearing :O xx

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