'Lefty crazies' are going to get 'whooped' by Elon Musk: Kudlow

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow weighs in on his ‘hero’ Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover and the left’s pushback on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. these are liberals you know theyre liberals and yet you continue to label them as far left lmao what a joke.

  2. OFF with the Communism in America!

  3. We aint just tired of it, were ready to fight!

  4. God bless and protect Elon musk

  5. We all better hope like hell that the GOP takes control of SOMETHING in November or we the People will be seriously screwed!

  6. Yall better wake up he's not on your side

  7. The leftl can't handle the truth because they have been lying so long

  8. Spiritual Advisor would help you more then financial advisor this days. Mr Musk is my Spiritual Advisor 😃

  9. Mayorkas, born in Cuba, raised in Beverly Hills, his family fled Cuba for the safety of America and his thanks is opening our borders, helping the cartels and getting Americans killed.

  10. American people want free speech, go Brandon

  11. Joe Biden is the biggest purveyor of miss information

  12. God bless Elon..we love you!!!👍👍😇😇🇺🇸🖕💙❤️❤️🎖️🤗

  13. Once Elon takes over people on Twitter will cancel all Liberal loons.

  14. I really hate when guests are interrupted when they're saying something important

  15. Hell is this old news? "His going to raise the money?" He did, dome time ago.

  16. Then Elon goes in jail because of underpaid taxes 🤠 Left and Wild West 🤙🏻 Let’s go Brandon 🍦

  17. Elon = Trump = hair surgery

  18. I have an idea 🧤 you have no idea what is next

  19. Larry stop talking about free speech democracy. We need to be talking about our free speech Republic. We are not a pure democracy. That's what the Democrats want so they can trample the little guy.

  20. He should buy CNN. And frie everyone.

  21. Idk man I just got banned for 12 H for telling someone that posted a video asking what you would do… Their was about 12 people smashing a car and trying to attack them and I said I'd run them Tf over lol which would be self defense but 🤷 hey I guess when you have an angry mob destroying your car trying to get in you just let them.

  22. Leave it to an African Canadian to bring back free speech to the states. You're welcome USA.

  23. Whod a thunk. What an illeterate twit.

  24. Good luck stopping him. If they dont like it, leave.

  25. Really!!! News just came out this he is asking for investors to the tune of $7billion dollars. One of the investor groups said, he has no plans. This a joke. If you're someone on the left you have nothing to worry about.